DPS hitechcity and Chandanagar(upcoming)

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maddymadhu 2016-10-28 11:38:59


I see that there is a branch in Hitech City of DPS. Also heard that they are going to start another ind Chandanagar.  Is anyone aware of these?
Are these a full length schools?
Are these also alliance of DPS khajaguda?

AnuV 2016-11-01 15:28:27


Any update on DPS chandanagar branch?

maddymadhu 2016-11-03 09:52:24


I called up the DPS hitech city branch. The chandanagar branch is true. It will commence from 2017. In a rented building near to Aparna hill park.
It is not in alliance to DPS khajaguda.

To be frank it sounded to me like a play school. Have to see how it will turn out to be.


Starwar 2016-11-03 23:51:20


Yah it is true .they started issuing form for chandanagar unit but I think its a franchises of DPS .I am also interested for my son in std 1.micky can help us to brief regd school .

maddymadhu 2016-11-04 21:56:36


Did they told anything about the fee structure?
Did you get a chance to check out the rent out facility?


Starwar 2016-11-07 23:52:13


fees for std1in dps chandanagar
 aprox 120,000(applica fee+admin fee one time+caution refundable+annual fee+tution fee+transport) 

 Former member 2016-11-16 00:01:40


In hi-tech city they have PG TO 2nd grade only, admission fee 15k, from 3rd grade they will send to chandanagar, if one got admission at hitec city admission fee will be 15k now, in few months it will be 25k, we have visited hitec city DPs, it's like some local play school, not at all dps

123sowmi 2017-02-06 21:30:19


Any updates on dps chandanagar New building. Anyone has taken the admissions. Way is d fee structure. Please let me know if any one have an idea

ruddu 2017-02-07 13:05:57


Hi I visited the Dps Chandanagar branch last week. As I stay in aparna HillPark, need some school close by for my son and daughter. The campus of Dps Chandanagar is very small. It's a 3-4 floor building with 1km of rest of the area. Where they will make ground, skating ring, basketball court etc as they said. Still the building is under construction. So I could not see the classrooms. The are starting the school till 5 grade here. And seen a 3 acer land for 6 to 12th grade near aparna HillPark and 2 more areas in the radius of 8kms(as they said). Things are still need to be finalized, will take 2-3 years to get building ready. Fee- approximately 1.20 first year. And 80k for next year with hike of 5 to 10% every year. This is for grade 1 and above. For KG is little less. My verdict for the school. Nothing very impressive. But you can't say anything until the school begins and one can see changes in the child. ( I am saying this Bcoz, my son is studying in Oakridge international school, till PP2, he learned so much, I could see a change in him. But in grade 1, I am not happy at all. I can't see that he has taken some further step. Nor in academic or extra curricula activities. But he is a very very smart kid. He has much more potential to do, but teachers are unable to take that out. ) My question? Anyone's child studying in Birla Open Minds. I want a review on that. I have seen the campus, very impressive. But what about teachers? Thanks

thirumal 2017-02-17 13:38:11


HI ruddu,
can you help in finding the address of the DPS chandanar or atleast phone numbers, Is the admissions started for Ist grade for the 2017-18.  


ketankokil 2017-02-17 13:58:33


For chanda nagar campus admissions you need to visit HITEC City campus only.

Hitec city branch is I guess upto  2nd standard only. The infra is too small and its like a play school running in a house.

Chandanagar branch, its comparatively little big, bt as small as like a play school only. Its under construction only. It will be there I guess upto 5th standard only. They are going to complete the entire infra by June 2017 (as claimed).

Hitec city and Chanda nagar branch belongs to same franchisee.

Khajaguda branch franchisee is separate one.

Ketan Kokil

123sowmi 2017-03-14 18:06:51


Hi all, Did anyone tookk admission in dps Chandanagar ?

sree4131 2017-03-27 11:56:10



Its starting very near to my place. Play School is at Deepthi Sreenagar and higher classes are in Aparna Hill Park road campus. They have just leveled the land for higher school campus. Its a 30 feet road leading to Aparna Hill Park from KSR enclave. Its the only way in and out of the entire Aparna Township. Approach road will be a major challenge as its very small and lot of construction activity around with high speed heavy vehicles passing through the school lane which is very scary and noisy. I suggest parents to ask the management if they are planning any other alternate route. Parents staying in Aparna and planning to get admission for their kids, please check with Aparna Management if they are coming up with alternate connectivity to main road which can reduce the traffic near the school. I will keep the group posted if I get any more information.



SoumyaBodhankar 2017-04-07 19:00:54


Hi everyone Reg: DPS Chandanagar I paid 26k as admission fee but unfortunately we have to shift to Bangalore . We spoke to Aruna she gave us the option to get any new admission so that it can be refunded. If anyone who is planning to join their child please contact us so that we can provide you the fee receipt. Any help would be much appreciated. Call me @ 8341040244.... Thanks....

KrishnaT 2017-07-05 11:53:22


Hi Everyone.
Would like to share our experience with so called DPS ( but actually it is Delhi Public Secondary School in fact) Chandanagar franchise.
First be clear that this is not any franchise of DPS, it is just a franchise of Delhi Public Schools Pvt Ltd which is no where related to DPS Society in any way. We realized it much late as all efforts put by the management to mislead parents by keeping original DPS log and name initially during admissions, signboards all over Chandanagar, and thus we also fell into their trap believing it as DPS franchise.
Later when actually school building is ready and about to start in June , everything is changed right from the school name to logo and what not.
Even if we keep this brand fraudulent scheme a side and think from shoes of kids, its pathetic.
There is no proper planning which is very much evident during orientation day itself. Nothing is properly organization, not able to manage parents crowd on orientation day itself. In later days is the most awaited experience to be shared with everyone.
No preparedness in the class teachers and school management to handle students especially kindergarten/Nursery kids during their settling time as it is the first time kids are starting schooling. 
Class teachers are not trying to build comfort level with students to ease their transition difficulties, rather they are they are much keen in completing their syllabus as per curriculum. Also, always trying to make kid to be seated in that size bounded class room even during settling time. How a kid going to school for the fist time would be expected to be seated right from the first day?
If the school is not ready to handle kindergarten/Nursery kids and focused towards completing the syllabus, giving more and more home works for those who just started how to write , they should not have offered pre-primary at all in this campus.
Parents are not informed/shared about how kid is doing inside the class room, there is no way to communicate with principal/class teacher while dropping /picking kids as kids are picked up at the gates.
Class rooms are tiny with no colorful/fancy things to get engage kids and kids are feeling as if they are imprisoned. 
No easy way to get interacted with class teacher/principal for any correspondence, lot of formal process to send mail to get the appointment and so on.
Parents are not allowed to sit in the waiting langue while picking up kids. They have to wait outside on the road, where road is too narrow. Think about grandparents who are waiting outside to pickup their grandchildren while parents are away for work, what a piteous situation is this for them in that age?
Many more like this, but the gist is that its not at a good decision to join kids into DPSS Chandanagar. 
We have to regret to make kid life this way as ultimately kid is going to be suffered at the end.


KrishnaT 2017-07-14 15:51:14


Hi All 
Please be aware of fake schools running with the famous school brand names.



Hansa1485 2017-11-29 23:08:44


Hi GVS Reddy, Even I have the same feeling.. Ÿ˜ every single day I am also cribbing y did i put my son over der. he is in pp2 now but no other activities and I feel like dey r not doing anything extra for kids better development. I am not happy with the class teacher as well.. they can't even speak properly in English god knows how dey r teaching.. smart classes and A.C. classrooms field trips n all they had promised us also. how to really overcome from all dis.. Ÿ˜

SADHVIKREDDY 2018-02-25 21:17:36


Hi,  As per my survey I felt academics, text books and their syllabus are very good. I have seen lot of improvement in my kid in studies communication development  and very happy to see and this is what i really expected from DPS .if the management concentrate on the other activities like Sports, Ground, field trips....etc and have to stand on the promises like smart boards, AC classrooms they made at the time of admission time. then it will be one of the best school  to join for a good future Expecting that its going to happen soon as they have already started a new building construction at PJR enclave. lets see how it goes!

Aruna mam is the right person where we can see a good approach and addressing any concerns in a very good manner, If any. Thanks mam!


rambo1 2018-07-12 06:14:07


This school is a sheer waste of money and spoiling your children's future. First of all it is not under the Aegis of Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi, secondly it's managed by a business family. There is absolutely no discipline, children come out class rooms any time of the day shouting without any line, without any uniform and wearing slippers. Staff are under qualified mostly house wives from the family tree, students are controlled by contingent staff likes cleaners, drivers, aayas. Even no proper facilities for toilets in spite of the academic year has already begun. If you want a bright future for your child, please please do not admit here. Think of other good better schools in and around this place.


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