JGS (CBSE) or St. Andrews or Sarathi School

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satishnara 2016-10-24 22:46:51


Hi All,
I am looking for a good School for my Son for LKG 2017-18.
I shortlisted three schools, please let me know which is best school among Johnson Grammar School (CBSE - Nacharam - 7.3Km), St.Andrews (CBSE -Maredpally - 4.5km) and Sarathi (CBSE -Habsiguda - 5.5km).


 Former member 2016-10-25 12:44:01


I Aldo want to know the same as above.

mickey 2016-10-25 12:58:20


JGS followed by St Andrews and Sarathi would be better.

satishnara 2016-10-25 18:54:24


Thank you Mickey for the quick response.
One more question, should we join in CBSE or ICSE?
I heard that ICSE is good, but it will be different for Indian competitive exams like IIT, IIM etc.
Please suggest.


 Former member 2016-10-26 12:36:47


Yes satisnara of u r looking for competitive exams in future u should opt for cbse . plz let me know when registration starts for next year as I'm planning to get her into class 1. Do they take class 1 admission.

mickey 2016-10-26 21:00:39


Hi Satishnara,
CBSE is better for competitive exams.
You could see my reply to Aamvi in the below thread about CBSE Vs ICSE.



satishnara 2016-10-27 00:06:57


Thank you Mickey.
@Panda1 I called up JGS (CBSE - Nacharam) today, they said, have started taking applications for admission process for LKG and probably for Class 1 also. You can call them @ 040 2715 3343. You can fill the enquiry form online in their Website: www.jgscbse.com (or) do it by visiting in person.

 Former member 2016-10-27 11:57:44


Thanx satishnara for ur valuable information. I called to nacharam branch n got west meredpally branch no. Nacharam has started registration but I'm interested in meredpally as it is nearer to my place so they will inform me later. I've already filled up the form online they told they will call me. Thanx once again.

singh12 2016-10-27 15:26:39


Johnson Grammar school (cbse) nacharam is a good school.

 Former member 2016-10-27 15:33:53


What about west meredpally branch is it good too singh12.

 Former member 2016-10-27 15:35:56


Hi satishnara should I opt nacharam branch instead of west meredpally as there is no feedback about that branch n everyone talking about nacharam. Plz suggest registration have already started. I don't want to loose a better school otherwise I'll opt for west meredpally branch.

 Former member 2016-10-27 15:39:10


Hi mickey plz suggest what branch I would prefer jgs CBSE or meredpally. I'm confused and a little worried too.

satishnara 2016-10-27 18:36:46


Hi Panda
JGS (CBSE) Nacharam is better than Maredpally, as it is well established and might have bigger campus. 
I too stay nearby Warasiguda, but i am prefering Nacharam one.
Mickey too may comment on this.


mickey 2016-10-27 18:45:01


I hv no idea about the West Marredpally branch Satish. The ratings however seem to be good.
4/5 stars rated by over 70 parents. 

mickey 2016-10-27 18:50:18


Hi Panda, 

Pls don't worry. Deciding the right school takes a toll on parents.

Did you visit the school today and talk to the students of JGS- Marredpally? You mentioned about this in the other thread. It's better to take feedback of Marredpally branch and if not satisfied, opt for Nacharam. 

 Former member 2016-10-27 19:30:09


Thanx to mickey n satishnara

 Former member 2016-10-27 19:32:57


Hi mickey No I've not visited the meredpally campus. I think I should opt for nacharam one if everything is good there. After all she has to go there after class 7. I think I would go on Monday.

 Former member 2016-10-27 19:34:13


Hi satishnara, Have u visited the nacharam campus n collected the form. Plz let me know about ur visit n feedback. What about their current fee structure?

 Former member 2016-10-27 19:35:38


Satishnara r u opting for transportation. What's their transport fees?

Faizan1 2016-10-27 19:39:24


Hi satishnara, i am also needed information about the same question as u are asking.is jgs agood school.what is the last date for applying.pls let me know.

 Former member 2016-10-28 09:11:04


Hi satishnara any updates regarding jgs nacharam. Have u got the form plz update. School is open on Monday or not?

satishnara 2016-11-03 19:50:09


Hi Panda, Faizan,

Sorry for the late reply.
I visited JGS (CBSE) Nacharam, the campus was good, I filled the enquiry form. I heard from friend (who is a parent of student there) that Registration is started, I do not know the last date. You may contact them about the process (040-2715 3343).

They do have transport facility, i think distance below 5 km is 24,000/year payable in 3 terms and below 10 km is 27,000.

(Dont want to confuse you, but after speaking to ICSE parent and other friends, now i am thinking of JGS ICSE, Habsiguda.
Reason, ICSE standard is better than CBSE, better English, better basics learning, more practical knowledge and teach better analytical skills. But student need to work harder than CBSE due to vast syllabus and examination pattern.
as CBSE is better for competitive exams. So they say that for 11 & 12 we should opt for CBSE/ State. Take your decision wisely).

satishnara 2016-11-03 20:13:27


Survey done by NCERT, who prepares syllabus for CBSE:
ICSE outperforms CBSE and state boards:

 Former member 2016-11-03 22:00:07


Good job Every child is special. Depends on guidance. Board matters above all quality of education too.

 Former member 2016-11-03 22:06:00


Thanx satishnara, I agree ICSE has vast syllabus but CBSE is also good for competitive exams. I think children should b focused. To study ICSE up to class10, then to shift CBSE is confusing. And after all ICSE school took only lkg admission, so it is fortunate for u to opt as u r looking for lkg. Every child has something special they need only guidance. Best of luck to u.

 Former member 2016-11-04 08:52:33


Hi satishnara Does jgs ICSE has class 1 vacancy. Plz tell.

satishnara 2016-11-04 18:55:02


Hi Panda
I just saw in the JGS ICSE website (http://www.jgschool.org/) that admission for Classes I to V will be started from 10-11-2016, at Nacharam Campus. Contact them for more details.


 Former member 2016-11-04 19:24:39


Thanx satishnara for ur valuable information. I've decided earlier for CBSE, so I don't want to b confused. Best of luck to u. Finally u r opting for icse. Good for u n go ahead.


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