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gvipul 2010-07-14 23:25:46



I just moved to Hyd from Noida and taken up a place in Malaysian Township. I am seeking admission for my son (5 yrs. in Aug ,10) in PPII. He is already attending Sr. K.G. in Noida.  I thought of two options for him: 

1. Try and get him into a regular (Nursery to class 12) school

2. Put him in a pre-primary / play school and look for admission in a regular school next year in class I.

I contacted a few regular schools and found that some of them like Chirec, DPS, BVB, JHPS have either closed admissions or not offered any forms this year in PPII. I tried some other well known schools e.g. Meridian, Oakridge, Gelndale etc. but was horrified to see their fee (appx. 1.5 Lacs in Ist yr. including admissions and caution money). Is this the normal fee charged in PPII or is it just because I am here in the middle of the term and these schools are seeking donations from me ??? 

Working on the second op visited EuroKids and Kidzee in Madhapur area but did not find suffiicient infrastructure at these places. Not even a proper play area or no outdoor physical activities.

Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced regular school which is still taking admissions. OR a pre-primary school with basic infrastructure. I* am OK for a distance upto 6-8 kms. from Malaysian Township.

Thanks in advance,

- Vipul

mickey 2010-07-15 17:03:56


Hello Vipul,

Yes, schools like DPS, BVB, JHPS ,CHIREC have closed their admissions.  Meridian, Oakridge and Glendae Internatoinal  have high structured fees.Its  the same for everybody whether u take admission now or in mid term, there is no difference.

Right now I would advise you to take admission in Sentia-The Global School in Miyapur. It is a nice school with good infrastructure , playground , audio visual aids, reasonable fee, and less students:teacher ratio .(25:1). My friend's daughters are studying in this school.  She is quite happy with the school and its activities. Many NRI parents are also opting for this school. The fee is 55K excluding transport. There is no donation. You can speak to Mrs. Sunita on +91 9985188821

Mummidi, a parentree member has recently admitted his son in Sentia. He and his son are quite happy with the school. You can also get in touch with him through parentree inbox.

You can also try in The Creek at Bachupally. Their school bus comes till Malaysian township. It is comparatively new school. But i have heard good reviews about this school too. 





gvipul 2010-07-15 21:20:36


Hello Mickey,

Thanks for your response. I have heard about "Sentia" but with the word global attached to it was a little apprehensive after other experiences :-) Will check it out.

I checked "The Creek" on its site. The problem there is the timing of pick up and drop at Malaysian Township is 0720 and 1650 hrs. respectively which is too much for a 5 yrs old kid.

I am also planning to check "Silver Oak" and "Keneddy Global" over the weekend. Let me know if I can have any references for these schools. 

Once again, thank you for your time and effort. 


- Vipul 


mickey 2010-07-16 14:28:42


Hi Vipul,

It will be difficult to get in SilverOak now. Kennedy High Global at Bachupally is good but the stength of students per class is more. Hence  my friend didn't opt for Kennedy and finalised Sentia instead .

Kenndy High Global is also good.  I spoke to one NRI student from this school two months ago She was quite happy . May be after you come here, you can have a look, talk to the parents from these schools and take a decision. I am sure you will like Sentia.



gvipul 2010-07-16 21:36:26


Hi Mickey,

I am in Hyd. since 8th of July and went to Sentia today. I pretty much liked that school as it has alomst all what I am looking for primarily. I still have my apprehensions on a couple of things.

1. The fee is extremely low as compared to some well known branded schools I mentioned in my previous discussions. In fact it is so low that it forced me to think that with such a huge infrastructure, why are they charging so low.

2. I have read some really contradictory experiences here on Parentree about Sentia. One member talked about corporal punishment used at this school while a few members highly appreciated the school. So I am still confused.

Anyway, all in all this school really tops in my list at least for this academic year. I also plan to visit "Silver Oak" and "Keneddy" sometime next week and then take a final call.

Is it possible to get the phone no. of your friend whose kids are studying in Sentia. My wife was of the opinion of speaking to some parents before depositing fee at the school. You can check with your friend if he/she is comfortable doing so.

Once again, thanks for your time.


- Vipul


mickey 2010-07-16 21:58:58


Hi Vipul,

You can also have a look at Euroschool at Madhapur.  My neighbour's daughter is studying in that school.  She is commuting all the way from Somajiguda to Madhapur daily. They will be shifting the campus of Senior kids very soon. Its pretty good. 

I will check with my friend whose daughters are in Sentia tomorrow and send the contact details in your parentree inbox. She is a doctor. I will have to see if she is at Hyd or abroad.

Euroschool  phone numbers




You can also have a look at Manthan International at Madhapur. Their curriculum is very good. I don't think their fees is as exorbitant as Oakridge or Meridian.

It consists of CBSE taught using international curriculum frameworks of IPC and CIE (Cambridge ). The Pre-primary is affiliated to IPC. You can get the details in the website.







gvipul 2010-07-16 22:12:19


Hi Mickey,

I have visited both Euroschool and Manthan at Madhapur. Though Euroschool has a good curriculum and Manthan has a different way of teaching coupled with an international curriculum, they still do not come ot my expectation of a minimum infrastructure facility. Manthan has total 75 kids from Nursery to class IV with 10 -15 kids in PPII.

Please see if your friend is available and let me know.

Thanks and regards,

- Vipul


shailajakaranam 2010-07-17 03:49:27


Hi Vipul,

I have been to Manthan to help one of my friends find a good school. I found it very good on the teaching curriculum front. They have a separate team working on curriculum development. Their main focus is on the Cambridge International curriculum which is totally activity / application based. but are integrating it with our existing curricula so that a child who studies there gets the benefit of all.

Individual attention is high.

Check out chirec at Kondapur. Heard they are accepting admissions into the Cambridge curriclum.





gvipul 2010-07-17 08:23:42


Hi Shailaja,

Thanks for your inputs.

I Agree with you that the curriculum of Manthan is very good. But they only have 10 - 12 kids in senior KG and total 75 kids in the school right now as the school is in the first years of operation.

I am looking only for CBSE schools and Chirec has no seat in that.


- Vipul


itskalyanihere 2012-09-06 15:33:15


Hi Vipul,

Just wanted to findout where did you join your kid?    Any feedback on Sentia-Global?



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