My reviews about 8 schools i visited so far for admission in 2017-18

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am36889 2020-02-19 10:32:36


Hi Vijay,

Welcome back :-). I have said this earlier, board is just a framework for the schools to teach the kids. I have personally known kids who passed out of cambridge in 12th and qualified for IIT last year. So, its all a myth, when you say Cambridge is for outside the country and CBSE is for competitive exams within India. In CBSE, you have a defined syllabus from NCERT and you are bound to complete that every year. But Cambridge is a framework. They have 4 levels (pre - primary, Grade 1-4, Grade 5 - 8, Grade 9-12). Schools can choose to complete grade 2 stuff in grade 1, if the kids are able to cope up. In my daughter's present school, in grade 1, they have started topics of grade 2. There is no hard and fast rule in Cambridge.

If Cambridge kids cannot qualify for competitive exams within India, why are more and more schools with Cambridge curriculum starting in India now?. This is purely my thoughts Sir. 
Also, till grade 5 or 6, if the base is stronger and you feel Cambridge is tougher after grade 6, you can opt for CBSE. For a Cambridge kid to jump to CBSE in Grade 6 will be more easier than vice versa.

All the best sir.


Vijay80 2020-02-20 18:07:45


Hi Archana,
Thank You so much for your inputs which really helps.

i will attend farm day event this Sunday at GIS Nallagandla so that I can have a look at the campus and will take it from there.

Will Stay Connected....!!!


Ank13 2020-10-11 00:54:31


Any recent review about Sadhna Infinity and Samashthi International?what is their current fee structure?

Smilu234 2020-10-16 21:33:49


Can you suggest me schools in kondapur with this Please select a school that is stress free, less distance, less ratio of student to teacher, different methodology of teaching, decent hours of school with a good infra and affordable fees(varies parents to parents).

Smilu234 2020-10-16 21:41:59


How is Sanskriti Kondapur. Anybody have any idea about this school


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