My reviews about 8 schools i visited so far for admission in 2017-18

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Kashyb 2017-04-04 17:48:35


Hi All,
Can anyone has idea of Global Discovery School near Peblecity. I am searching for school my daughter who is 3.5yrs old.


Sruthipalli 2017-11-13 16:19:12


Which school is your kid right now.  Would appreciate your response

Sruthipalli 2017-11-14 09:29:49


Which school is your kid right now.  Would appreciate your response

shreeniwassrav 2018-05-25 15:18:44


Hello Vijay,
      How is Oi Play School in Nallagandla? did you join your kid there? do you have any feedback to share? thank you!

Jellybean101 2018-07-17 19:01:25


Hello to all the lovely people in this thread who gave the most valuable info ever about schools and their current scenario. 

Please share share which schools were chosen and the curriculum. It will be of immense help for a mom struggling to make a decision 


Ck12345 2018-12-16 17:58:27


Can u please let me know howz ur experience after 2 years. R u sti satiafied ? We have also shortlisted gaudium but distance is seems to major issue.

Ck12345 2018-12-29 09:26:57


Yes Same here. We are also considering Gaudium but distance is a major concern. Any feedback about rockwell or sancta maria?

afree 2019-01-18 22:38:55


Hi all, May i know how is the global edge school at kokapet? It's one year old.

am36889 2019-11-19 16:28:31


Hello Parents,

I am back to the same forum which i started 3 years ago. Now in search of a school for my daughter for grade 2. Planning to change her from Sancta Maria purely on fees basis as i have another one lined up soon. Any current review, experiences on any school near kondapur/gachibowli ares where education is good and fees around 2 L

will be most helpful!!


sampath7755 2019-11-19 18:18:03


this year i have visited nearly 6 schools for my kid for Grade 1 admissions. looking for a school with good ground, who can look after my kid in academics, communication skills as well as sports. the schools which i mention below are good at academics. 

1. Meru International : Decent sports ground, felt the staff were friendly. i did like their curriculum. fees: 1,78,200+37K for food+37 K for Transportation.
2. Sadhana Infinity : Big Ground, many sports and arts activities, heard good about studies from other parents. fees : 1,38,900+28,500 for food, 25k Transportations
3. Avn Vidha international : dont have a ground, they are using muncipal park behind the school for kids activities. fees : 1,10,800, 30K food, 30K Transportation.
4. Manthan Interbational : Big Ground, many sports and arts activities, i could see some of the presentations prepared by kids as part of the curriculum , they are really amazing. fess: 48,000 (admission fee)+ 1,91,000 + 30K food +45k transportation
5. Gaudium: it is not less than any amusement park, full greenery and professional trainers from gopichand academy, skating by national player, and a big foot ball ground is coming in few months. everything is large over there.. had good discussion with admission team, they are very caring persons, i would love to join my kid over there. but, i can not bear the expenses. 50K Deposit +2,50,000 rs +25K food + 42K transportation. even though it is top notch in all aspects, i am unable to join my kid due to the high fee structure. and thee will be at least 15% fee hike every year.

i am planning to visit epistemo, Phoenix green.i will update once i visit them. as of now Sadhana infinity is in good looks for me, will till you once i take the admission. 

Shri82 2019-11-19 22:23:55


Hii I'm planning to relocate to hyd Manikonda area Please suggest a good school near by Gachibowli , She is in Grade 1 as if now

26sravan 2019-11-20 11:40:31


Hi sampath.. That was a useful information. Planning to visit sadhana infinity school today.

26sravan 2019-11-20 11:42:14


I also suggest that u visit The shriram international school in gachibowli. But u will have to take an appointment prior to visiting the campus.

26sravan 2019-11-20 11:42:52


Uploaded image


cblues 2019-11-20 13:16:51


26sravan - do tou have fees details for 2020-21 for Shriram Universal school ? And are you done with Admission interactions ?

26sravan 2019-11-20 14:51:26


Nope. I have filled in and sent application form.Waiting for a repy from school.

123atu 2019-11-23 15:27:25


Hi all Can anyone give review about world one school

26sravan 2019-11-23 20:38:54


My daughter is studying in worldone since last two yrs. She is in 6th std now. Except the large play grounds and greenary around the class rooms nothing is good... Teachers keep changing every 2 or three months.. last yr we didnt have a chance to meet the class teacher.. as the teachers kept changing all the time. We r in the mid of year and for social it is 2nd teacher,for science 3rd teacher already.....very bad experience with teachers...... Corrections r not done on time. They give lot of hws.. I am looking for new schools for next acedemic yr..So a definite no from me.

123atu 2019-11-23 23:25:19


@26sravan thanks for your feedback

123atu 2019-11-28 12:23:48


Any one has idea about prerna walrdof school Gachibowli?

am36889 2019-12-16 12:06:41


Hello Parents,
I am also in search of a school to my daughter and recently visited Glendale school in Nallagandla. This is the same management of Glendale Academy Suncity which opened Cambridge and IB within the city (Nallagandla and Tellapur).
I talked to the coordianator and the Counsellor and i must say, they really know what they talk and shows how experienced they are in education system from 2003.
This school is starting this year till grade 7 and would expand gradually. They are promising and knowing that, it is the same management, they can shine soon.
So parents, who are still hunting, can take a look at the Cambridge and the IB board Glendale schools. 
They are cost effective as well :). I have kept this in my primary list now.

Rajijp 2020-01-04 10:51:19


Hi Sampath Have you finalised the school for your kiddo? Would like to know which one you finally went with, please. Thanks in advance

lcky 2020-01-07 10:50:21


Hi Parent,

In nallagandla Location we visited all play schools,
Euro Kids is good in terms of
play grounds,
Sports team,
The way they communicate with Children and parents.

Bharath Kumar

Suni30 2020-01-13 13:19:33


Hi did u check Samasti International school,i want review of Samasti ,have to enroll my kids for grade 1

Sprn1 2020-01-15 23:27:32


Hello Parents, I recently visited glandale international School, Nallagandla . They are offering only Cambridge syllabus here. After 4 th or 5th grade, can we shift to CBSC ? And which is the better one? CBSC or Cambridge.

Sprn1 2020-01-15 23:42:57


Hai Archana, Thank you for valuable info. Have u finalize the School for ur daughter . I also visited Glendale international School , Nallagandla and liked . This year my son is going to grade 2. They r starting from this year and offering only Cambridge. No CBSE. Now my concern is which syllabus is good ? Cambridge or CBSE. Thanks in advance

am36889 2020-01-17 11:51:15



yes. I have finalized for Glendale and mine also is going to Grade 2. please dont have a notion that Cambridge syllabus is for going outside India. Cambridge syllabus is a framework and has 4 levels. So they are more experimental and teh approach is a bit different, nevertheless, the kids learn stuffs more advanced and earlier. I am saying this as my daughter is from IGCSE background and i can see her performing. You can choose Glendale and Cambridge. After class 5 or 6, you can choose an internal transfer to Glendale CBSE, if you feel Cambridge is becoming tougher.

Vijay80 2020-02-13 14:32:56


Hi Archana, 
After long time, I am happy to be back to this forum.
It took me some time to decide school for my Nursery Kid, who is completing pp2 in GIS (IB), Tellapur. I am very satisfied with the progress of my kid, however they have primary till Grade 5, which is the reason I am wondering if I should change my kid starting Grade 1 or complete till Grade 5 in GIS(IB) and then move on. I also Considered GIS Nallagandla as it will be easy for the transition, also there are not much options in this vicinity.

We have Epistemo, Sadhana and on

Now, coming to the interesting topic which can be debated endlessly....which board to prefer ?

CBSE follows NCERT curriculum which is being accepted widely for most of the competitive exams.

Cambridge is good for overall development, but how about the opportunities for Cambridge in India ?

Can a Cambridge student attend competitive exams ?

I am inclined towards Cambridge but many external forces :) are trying to debate on this like we don€™t have a single batch coming out, and Cambridge students can not attend the competitive exams...blah blah blah..

It would be great if you can elaborate and throw some light on this.

Thank You for your patience....




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