My reviews about 8 schools i visited so far for admission in 2017-18

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am36889 2016-10-17 17:44:13


Hello Parents,

I am also looking for admission for my daughter in PP1 for year 2017-2018 and so far have visited 8 schools and here is my review. Hope this would be helpful for parents

Sancta Maria - Admissions have not started
Huge school, Cambridge Curriculum, nice management. Fees for the current year PP1/PP2(16-17) is 2,02,000 + uniform+ 1lakh donation. There will be an increase of min 10%. We filled up the form and they would call us when the admission starts or we call them in 3rd week of october. Just wondering if it is worth the money as class IX and above the current fees is 3,60,000. By the time my kid comes to higher grade, the fees will be def 6 to 7 Lakh.

Meridian - madhapur - Admission will start after diwali/nov 2nd week
Big school, CBSE curriculum. they are introducing IB from next year. Current fees is 1,50,000+40000(transport)+35000(food)+1,50,000(Donation). There will be increase of fees up to 15 %. The person who explained us was curt. We said, we want to see the school and she said, please go check urself or come later. Her response was annoying. According to me, not worth spending so much for CBSE.

Green Gables - Admissions started for 17-18
School is just a 5 floor building, with barely any space for play. Fees is very very nominal. In total for pp1/pp2, it should be just 1.3 to 1.5L for everything. CBSE curriculum. Just 1 section per std. Around 20-25 kids from Std 1. For PP1/PP2 its just 10 kids. The person who explained us was a teacher there and she was ok. Heard lot of good reviews abt this school from PT, but did not find any kids who is studying there in my neighborhood. Just worried about their standard of education/communication and also did not find it like a school.

Manthan - Madhapur - Admissions in nov end
Madhapur branch is from nursery to 3 std. It is also a 5 floor building, but was spacious and extremely neat. the counselor who talked to us was clear with the curriculum and methodology. they follow integrated curriculum (IGCSE and CBSE) up to Std 8 and after that, one can choose between CBSE or IGCSE. Fees is nominal. Current year fees is 1,58,000 + books+ uniform. No donation here. But every year there will be an admission fees. this year it was 20k. The Tellapur campus is big and you have classes from nursery there.

Global Edge - Madhapur - Admission in Dec end/Jan start
Very poor grounds, and the building is pretty old. No one there bothered to tell us anything on fees nor show the school. 

Future Kids - Admissions in Dec end/Jan
Very old school. Follows ICSE curriculum. We filled the register with our contact address and phone and they will communicate to us when the admission starts. they did not allow us to take a campus visit. On the outlook, classrooms for kids was open/asbestos sheets. could be difficult during summers. Fees is Ok. Around 1.5 L for PP1/PP2 for current year.

Rockwell - kokapet - Admissions in Nov end/Dec start
Huge school, New building which inaugurated last year only. They are same as manthan in curriculum. They have a branch in jubilee hills until std 3, which they are likely to close from next year. This kokapet branch has classes from PP1. 25 kids per class. Fees is now close to 1.3 L + 75 donation. the shocking point was, the counselor who talked to us said, the fees will increase 30 to 50 % the coming year(17-18). That was the only minus point. Otherwise school was awesome.

Phoenix Greens - kokapet - admission started for 17-18
Huge school. Well managed. Campus was clean. We filled the form and we were asked to come in for intw. They asked my kid her name and she refused. they asked to to tell a rhyme and she said No. But the counselor understood that she is just 3 and is shy. She saw my kid interacting with us and said she is appointed. Fees is 1,25,000+35k Transport +30 Food+ 10k (books/uniform). No donation. The school staffs were kind enough and showed us the campus. So far my thumps Up for this CBSE school.
My criteria for joining my kid was, decent infrastructure, school that is around 10 kms from my home, student to teacher ratio is 1:25 max and reasonable fees. Based on that,  Manthan and Phoenix green is what we have shortlisted. I still have Sancta/Rockwell also in my list though their fees is more. Yet to visit Chirec. I am still confused with what curriculum i should put my daughter in to. 

Hope this helps many confused parents like myself.


srid27 2016-10-17 19:39:11


Very very helpful Archana, Thank you. The fee increase in Rockwell is shocking because generally its only around 10-15% everywhere.

GRKG 2016-10-17 22:08:42


Hi Archana Very useful information about the schools If u have any further visits to BVB jubilee hills and OBULREDDY schools pls let us know about the admission procedures and reviews 😊

Laxmi493 2016-10-18 00:05:30


Thanku..very useful information 


sree0829 2016-10-18 05:56:51


Thank you so much for sharing this information Archana.

Vrinda1 2016-10-18 09:38:29


Thank you very much Archana, for your detailed review. We are planning to visit Hyd around Oct end/ Nov beginning and planning to visit some schools. In Phoenix Greens - do they have only CBSE or is there an option for IGCSE as well? 

am36889 2016-10-18 10:47:24


@Vrinda1 Phoenix Greens is purely CBSE. No IGCSE.

chaitusai 2016-10-18 13:45:36


I would like to add one thing. I found Manthan to be good but I don't like the concept of food at school being mandatory for kids in PP1 and PP2.

srinat 2016-10-18 22:30:34


 very helpful info - please check samashti international school and  Glendale Academy 

DP16 2016-10-19 23:11:46


Thanks a ton Archana . This is very helpful. Are you planning to visit DPS & Chirec ?

am36889 2016-10-24 11:15:41


In continuation with my previous post,
I visited Manthan Tellapur campus this week. Yes as someone already said, the admissions for year 2017-18 have started and Fees for PP1/PP2 with tuition+food+transport+admission is 1,82,000. Uniform, Book , Stationery is additional. School campus looks good. But it is really far or the place the school is located is very isolated. From kondapur signal its close to 14km But i felt like it 20 + when we travelled. The points one should consider before joining in Manthan. They have an admission fee which is payable every year. Last year they said it was 20k. This year it is 30K for PP1 to Grade 5 and 40 or 50 k for upper grades. So this will increase every year and when you want your kid to study year for next 10 years, you pay an avg of 4Lakh if i keep 40k as the admission fee. This is not good.
Admission started in Sancta as well. Fees for PP1/PP2 is 2,18,000+ transport(mostly 30k) + 1lakh donation(25k refundable).
Went to Chirec. Have not seen rude ppl like that in any of the schools i went so far. They just simply said, fill in the form online and we will call you, if we have seats. They neither made us to take a look at the campus nor explained us anything. 


Vijay80 2016-10-24 11:33:29


Hello Archana,
That was valuable information, Thanks for that....
Nowadays Schools have become money minting machines :( , for example Manthan and Sancta which are charging very high, i understand they provide good infrastructure and facilities, however spending a bomb for PP1 and PP2 it really worth..? just wanted to know on this, I just stay 2 min away from Sancta Maria, but still with the kind of fee structure they curently have, i have to compromise on distance and look out for other schools, again this is my opinion and not to hurt anyone....

Infact i also had a visit to most of the schools you mentioned in the first i was looking for admission into Nursery for my 2.4 old daughter.
I had a visit to Oi Play School in Nallagandla, it was decent enough with 50k per year +Transport (around 16k), i shortlisted this schools among the lot (Euro, Kidzee, Smartkidz, Esperanza, Bachpan) near Nallagandla area, however i heard Globe Toters is also good located at Manjeera Diamond, Gopanpally :)

I am looking to join my kid for 2017 Jun...
Thanks for your detailed analysis, will help a lot for everyone.



am36889 2016-10-25 15:06:14


I was going thru a chain about admission in DPS Khajaguda for year 2016-17 in PT. I was both surprised and worried about parents. Yes DPS has established its name, but that does not mean, it is the best and no other school could be at par with that.
I first of all don't like the idea of interview for small kids. It is very natural for the kids at the age of 3 or 4 to be quiet, Shy in front of stranger and this is the first time they see a big school and a new environment. You interview kid, ask them the color, name, rhyme and you select based on that. If you think, you have many people applying for your school, do a lottery based selection for kids between age 3-5. Lucky ones get selected.  After this, parents eagerly wait for their call and i see many of them really disappointed. All i could say is, it is not your kid not worth the interview, the school is not worth your kid. 
Also after all this, the fees is not so cheap. They increase it every time by 20 to 30 %. Do you parents want to send your little ones to a school where they decide all with answers in the intw and high fees. We have better schools in Hyd at par with DPS and def better than DPS also (if you are willing to pay a little more)
Please select a school that is stress free, less distance, less ratio of student to teacher, different methodology of teaching, decent hours of school with a good infra and affordable fees(varies parents to parents).
View of DPS is purely mine and that is not a school i want for my kid. 



AnuV 2016-10-25 17:30:37


Very useful info Archana..thanks fr the detailed review..have you visited Pearson Vista and Samashti? I am not in favour of school food, atleast not until Iresume work. Any school you found where food isn't mandatory ?

chaitusai 2016-10-25 21:14:08


I think more and more schools are coming up with mandatory food for kids. And this is mainly because of working couples and who don't have support at home. However, there is no guarantee that these schools maintain quality of food, oil, ingredients, milk, and above all hygienic conditions in the kitchen. You can never compare home made food though you pay extra money to these schools. I visited a couple of international schools in Madhapur area and rejected them only because they are insisting on food at school. Interestingly in one school, I noticed the menu includes noodles/pasta for lunch. I don't think any parents at least in Hyderabad would be ready to give this for lunch to kids at home. Then, why encouraging such in schools? Does these school permit for quality checks regularly? Absolutely no answer from any school management. 


sukuv 2016-10-26 17:41:07


Thanks for the detailed review Archana. I too visited Rockwell recently. I felt the school is very is good in outlook. I am short listing this school for my son's pp-2 admission (Apart from Chirec, Phoenix Greens, Future kids and Epistemo)

Regarding rockwell: But what I came to know is that they are going to increase fees for next year steeply (might be more than 30%). I am not sure then that is worth or not. They have fee of 1.07 lac for this year. so the fee for next year going to be around 1.5 lac (apart from 85000 for admission fee) + Transport, food, stationary, books, uniform etc.

And one more thing they informed that they have integrated curriculum (looks like mix of IB and CBSE) till 8th standard. I don't understand much about the curriculum. Any ideas on that? I am not sure kid will cope up if he takes CBSE stream in 9th standards. Any feedback from Rockwell School Parents will be more helpful for the parents like me.


aparnabose 2016-10-26 18:44:03


thanks a lot archana.....very helpful feedback since I am also in the process of shifting to Hyderabad next year

LathaSathya 2016-10-27 17:17:00


The details was very useful.
Today I went to Seeds the creek in miyapur, Seems good infra and fees too. Its upto PP2 then they will put in med chal highway loc.


Starwar 2016-10-27 20:37:49


what about SENTIA THE GLOBAL  ?Any recent review & updates,pls share


AnuV 2016-10-28 15:24:48


Agree ...I dont understand why the food is made mandatory,shouldn't it be left to parents choice..extra way of minting money I guess.

am36889 2016-10-28 15:44:08


Reasons why Food has become a part of school are:
1. School starts as early as 8:30 and school buses comes around 7:15 to 7:30 in the morning. Whatever a parent cooks and send becomes cold by the time the kid eats. Practically not possible to heat all the lunch boxes that the kids bring. 
2. Easy for parents who are both working 
3. Most of the well renowned schools, follow a really healthy and variety diet with a juice/fruit which parents cannot really cook on everyday basis.
4. Also, kids see the same in other's plate and start eating on their own, than comparing the food (if it is home bought)
5. Many reputed schools post their lunch, snack menu for the month or for the week and any change in that is communicated to the parents well in advance.
Agree, it need not be compulsory, but is definitely a good idea. Schools like Phoenix Green, Rockwell do not compel on mandatory lunch. It is the wish of the parent.


bijju2200 2016-10-28 16:50:42


Hello Archana,

Your visit to many schools and review would be helpful to many parents in dilemma to choose the right school for their child.

With your last line in your initial post that you are still confused on what curriculum to choose, wish to suggest you that this is not the time to look into the curriculum or syllabus or the board the school is affiliated to as they wouldn't matter for a child seeking admission into PP1 or even till Grade V. Irrespective of the syllabus/ board the school is affiliated to, most schools prescribe books from private publishers except few schools which publish their own material (mostly to distinguish themselves). And all these books / material teach the same things :)

Just don't worry about the names of the curriculum or even methods - Montessori, playway, Waldorf, etc as they don't make much difference compared to the teacher who is teaching your child, the room, facilities & activities associated and of course the management.

Reg your post on DPS - we are living in a brand conscious society and mostly the parents go to DPS as they see it as an established brand as mentioned. They have to be aware that not all DPS are same - 90% DPS are franchisees and 90% of the operation depends on the franchisors. Same is the case with any school chains with franchisee model (EuroKids, Bachpan, Kidzee, etc) - Not all of them are same.


Sudhakar111 2016-10-31 11:41:08


If you have time, Please visit "The Gaudium School". They have 2 branches (Nanakramguda:PG-PP2 & Kollur: Nursery-8th). The school started 3 years back.My 2 kids are studying there and  I am quiet satisfied with their performance as of now. The school follows IB Curriculum till 5th Grade, from 6th, parents can choose b/w CBSE or IGCSE.  Please let me know if you want more details.



GRKG 2016-10-31 12:08:29


Hi What is the fee structure and admission process for PP2 and also extracurricular activities

chsp 2016-10-31 17:30:56


Thankyou Archana for feedback. (am36889)

I am looking for Grade 1 admission for my son and have been to below schools recently. Here is my feedback.

Green Gables - It looks to be a decent school. Not a kind of International school look and feel (Small Playground, average infrastructure, Maintenance is also Ok). However, I heard positive feedback on teachers and activities they conduct in school. Fees for Grade 1 are nearly 1.72 including Transportation and Food which looks a bit higher when compared to infrastructure they have.

Manthan - Tellapur campus

Big school, looks to be very well managed. It is a 5 floor building with big playground. Campus was very clean. It is located little inside from Gopanapally junction and is isolated place. Fee comes upto 1.92 lacs for grade 1 including transportation which is 36k is fixed irrespective of distance. Books and uniform separate. Application forms for admissions starting from Nov 1 2016. 

I have dropped my plans to visit "SENTIA" The Global and Epistemo School, as I heard negative feedback from multiple existing parents. Though, SENTIA have huge playground and reasonable fee structure. 

I have plans to visit few more schools this week, will post updates. 

Also, Any feedback on Gaudium, Future Kids , Vikas Concept School, Samasti is highly appreciated by existing parents or Recent visitors. 



Paulomi22 2016-11-01 10:50:22


This is great. Thanks for posting.

I visited Rockwell too and loved the place although it is a bit expensive (considering I have a second kid who will join in a couple of years). The 30-50% hike is for new admissions and for existing students it will be a 10% hike. After 30% hike it comes up to around 2 lakh (including food and transport but excluding books and uniform). 50% would be too much I feel. Also they were not sure if the 30% hike is overall or only on the admission fee.

I visited Manthan last year and liked the school except I was put off a bit by the head of the school when he was scoffing at the use of technology by kids. I am of the belief that technology is the need of the hour and should be used and introduced in moderation. I would prefer a blend of technology and old school teaching.

We still need to visit Phoenix Greens and Future Kids. The only thing I have against Phoenix Greens that it is only CBSE. I am a little bit inclined towards ICSE or Cambridge.

Need to check Gaudium and Samashti too. But I have heard Samashti is as expensive as Sancta Maria so we may just drop it.


sukuv 2016-11-01 13:10:04


Dear Sudhakar111,

Can you please let me know fee structure of Gadium school? Do they focus on overall development of kid?


Apps83 2016-11-01 14:07:44


Hi Archana, very helpful. Thanks. Do you have any idea about schools near Secunderabad area. I am looking for Class I admission for my 5 yr old son.

chsp 2016-11-01 15:17:00


Paulomi22 Samashti is not very expensive compared to others (Manthan, Phoenix Greens and Future Kids). My friend's kid is studying in Grade 1 and as per him it will be nearly to 1.3 L p.a. School is above average and they focus mainly on extra-curricular activities. 

Paulomi22 2016-11-01 15:35:35


Thanks! I should probably check it out then. Someone told me that it was 2.2 lakhs a couple of years back. I must have it confused with some other school. 

Are most of you preferring CBSE or IGCSE/Cambridge/ICSE. I have read the pros and cons available widely over the net. But would like to know if you have come across a personal experience where you have seen that a student of one board has had an advantage over the other.
I like Phoenix Greens and Meredian as an option but the only thing holding me back is CBSE only



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