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shruthh 2016-10-15 00:09:47


Hi friends..
Can anyone please share their reviews and experiences on Rockwell International school...planning to join my kid into grade2...TIA

sukuv 2016-10-26 17:43:17


Any review on rockwell please. I too liked and short listing this school for sons pp-2 admission.

But what I came to know is that they are going to increase fees for next year steeply (might be more than 30%). I am not sure then that is worth or not. They have fee of 1.07 lac for this year (for pp-2). so the fee for next year going to be around 1.5 lac (apart from 85000 for admission fee) + Transport, food, stationary, books, uniform etc.

And one more thing they informed that they have integrated curriculum (looks like mix of IB and CBSE) till 8th standard. I don't understand much about the curriculum. Any ideas on that? I am not sure kid will cope up if he takes CBSE stream in 9th standards. Any feedback from Rockwell School Parents will be more helpful for the parents like me.



am36889 2016-10-28 12:02:50


hi Suresh,
Yes, Rockwell and Manthan have integrated curriculum. It is CBSE syllabus with IGCSE teaching way up to class 8. After that one can choose purely on CBSE or completely on Cambridge (Exam papers comes from cambridge post class 8th). I have my friends kid studying in Rockwell, however in lower grades (class 1). She is happy so far with the school. The only shocking thing about the school fees increase this year. It could be 30 to 50 %. 


sukuv 2016-10-28 23:25:27


Thanks Archana for the update. Ya it's shocking that Rockwell is planning to increase fees steeply. Have you finalized the school for your daughter for pp1?


am36889 2016-11-01 12:21:02


hi Suresh,
I am more inclined towards Sancta Maria, though the fees is on the upper side. I kind of compared Manthan, Rockwell, Sancta.. the difference in fees is close to 50k between Sancta and rest. 
Distance wise, it is less while comparing to others. Its purely IGCSE from the start. And the school takes money, but gives you worth what you pay.


sukuv 2016-11-01 13:15:13


Thanks Archana for the update. I wish All the best for you kid's education

schooltime 2016-11-19 18:57:51


I went to day to ROCKWELL and following are the findings:

  • They are winding up their Jublee Hill campus and all admissions will only be for Kokapet campus
  • Fees for PP1/PP2 - 138000 + 30000 (food) + 36000 (transport) = 204000

Planning to visit their Kokapet campus next week. 

How is Phoenix Green? 



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