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luvumom 2016-11-19 20:25:18


Bhavan's and future kids both are good. My friend's son studies in Future Kids. Plz post ur mail ID n number so that I can gv u my friend's number. You can spk to her in detail.

BhavTej 2016-11-22 01:49:47


Thanks a lot. Pls can you share her contact at

BhavTej 2016-11-22 01:57:49


Also can someone provide inputs or review about Phoenix Greens, Sloka and Ganges Valley schools. If good I will make an attempt this week itself to visit these schools.


krchandra141 2016-11-22 10:41:10


Hi BG,

I along with my wife visited Phoenix Greens and found it good. Also they have got good rating in this year's Times rating as well.

krchandra141 2016-11-22 10:42:14


Can anyone give feedback on Sanskriti school Kondapur?

hydparent2016 2016-11-22 17:06:42


Here's the fees of Arbor international for 2017 - 18. Sibling discount of 5K available on tuition and donation each.

Uploaded image

I visited the school last week. Here are the Positives:

1. Very reasonable fees compared to other CBSE schools. But considering they got the affiliation this year only, the tuition fees is on the higher side.

2. Not more than 25 students per class. I did visit a few classes to confirm this. Spacious classrooms. Very clean restrooms.

3. Large play ground. I did see a number of students being taken to the play area and lot of them were playing.

4. CCTVs are setup. school has raised walls all around. Building seems to be secure for small kids

The only thing I'm skeptical about is that Its only this year that the school has received CBSE affiliation. Not sure how mature is the academics. Average teacher's experience seems like around 5 years. 9th std is starting in 2017. 10th std in 2018. There is no food facility (which was ok with me).


BhavTej 2016-11-23 02:56:22


Thanks Ravi, I will visit the school and share my experience soon :)


BhavTej 2016-11-23 03:01:05


Dear Parent,

Thanks for sharing your review about Abror. If school has received CBSE affiliation only this year, then maybe it will take sometime for teachers also expertise in it. I think you should maybe take some more feedbacks before enrolling your child.


indym272 2016-11-23 19:24:02


Hello All,

I am looking for admission for my 5 yr old to PP2 and I am really confused between DPS Miyapur, Silver Oaks and Kennedy Global.

Would love to get insight from parents who have first hand experiences with these schools. As the admission process hasnt started in these schools yet, would love to get more feedback.

Kindly, please help!




pranay1 2016-11-25 07:08:50


Hello All,
I am Pranay and looking for good school near gachibowli area for PP1 class. My Son would be 3.5 by June-2017. I visited Chirec, Rockwell, Phoenix Greens kokapet, Future kids, Prerana Waldorf, DPS, Manthan. Based on infrastructure/campus, fee, distance, I almost finalize Phoenix Greens.
Any parents their kids already studying in PG kokapet, please share some review.
Parents who are looking for admission in PG kokapet in 2017-18, please provide some feedback based on their research.


pinesh 2016-11-25 15:13:31


Hi Indym272,

We have been to Silver Oaks and Kennedy.

Silver Oaks isn't giving admissions to any class except PP1 and Grade 1.  For rest students its closed or not available.  Exact fees not shared by them since admissions not available.

Kennedy will start from January month.  This is 1 of the best schools as per overall feedback from most of parents in-person from my friends and through this forum.  Fees approx. 1.8L.

Actually all 3 schools mentioned by you stand equal weightage in overall quality ranking in Miyapur area.

Depends on whether you get admission for your kid or not, that is prime. 

Preference wise, it goes like 1st Kennedy, 2nd Silver Oaks & 3rd DPS.

Do let me know your choice as well, since we are also looking for same schools for my son for PP2.


123kija 2016-11-26 15:02:25


Hi I am looking for lkg admission for my son in bhavans can some one help me for the fee details,student teacher ratio and fee details. Thanks in advance Jahnavi

Starwar 2016-11-27 12:57:17


Hi jahnvi Bvb bhel ratio 1:35 Quality of education nt good...better try bvb jublili hill

Sindha 2016-11-27 22:41:30


Hi, I am looking for admission of my child for PP1, I visited a couple of schools in and around gachibowli. One of my friend referred me to Keystone Nanakramguda, her kid is in grade III. Anyone has feedback about the school??

krchandra141 2016-11-27 22:46:55


Has DPS started admissions for PP1?

rambhoja 2016-11-28 10:16:23


Hi Sindha
I have been to different schools in and around Gachibowli. I was also looking for schools for my kid who will into PP1 next year and in the process of looking for schools, I got to visit Keystone yesterday.
The school has excellent concept of classroom designing, and a very interesting approach to learning. They have Project Based learning as their approach, I felt it is very interesting when I got to know that PP1 kids have designed their own game with proper rules and regulations set for their game. And the same group is going to design their own vehicles in their next project. 
So I have almost decided to join my kid in Keystone.


Sindha 2016-11-28 10:22:13


Thank you ram, I plan to visit Keystone school today along with my friend. She is very impressed with the school especially the architecture and the learning methodology.

krchandra141 2016-11-28 10:34:42


Can anyone share the feedback on Sanskriti school Kondapur?

srid27 2016-11-28 13:50:45


@Rambhoja, can you please share more info on school campus, classrooms and how many students are currently enrolled as it seems like a new school ? What grade are you looking at ? Also they do not have the Cambridge affiliation yet and are still a proposed school. 

Shilpa8 2016-11-28 13:52:18


HI Rambhoja, Can u please provide me the fee structure of keystone. Is it CBSE? Is this the first year of the school. How about the transportation? Kindly share the info Thank you Shilpa

pranay1 2016-11-28 16:35:04


Hi All,
Just visited Keystone, Very new school, approaching road is in bad condition, they are building bigger campus in side land.  Rambhoja already mentioned the teaching style.
Yearly Fee : 181500 ( Tuition fee + food), 36000 (transport) --- This fee you need to pay every year.
One time Fee: 76500 ( Admission/Donation Fee) --- One time fee   


srid27 2016-11-28 22:17:37


Thank you Pranay1, what was your opinion on staff and classrooms. Do they have enough enrollment for this years as they are so new ?

pranay1 2016-11-29 07:14:57


I am not sure about this year, but current year they have only 15 student total... from Nursery to 3 grade. Classrooms are excellent. about staff: All new schools coming up with all new teaching methodology/concept like Waldorf, montessori and this one is Project based learning. All are good concepts if implement properly to come live, and in INdia biggest challenge is skilled staff to implement those concepts.  

srid27 2016-11-29 09:14:55


Agree, implementation of proposed curriculum and maintaining standards is the key . So based on what you saw are you considering the school ?

gem21 2016-11-29 11:47:45


I am thinking to join my kid in Santa Maria can any one share feed back about this school 

pranay1 2016-11-29 19:32:22


Srid27: I am not, bcoz it does not suits by budget.

srid27 2016-11-29 21:47:59


Yes Pranay1 for a new school their fees seems high

Starwar 2016-11-30 08:56:20


hi pranay,
u can have a look ,the gadium school,kullor ,the teaching methodology is project based  n fees also less as compared to keystone n a huge school.i am also looking for my son in std 1



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