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DP16 2016-10-14 23:47:52


Hi All,
When does the application process start for next year's admissions. I am looking for PP-1 admission for my kid. I wanted to try in Chirec, DPS, Bhavans etc.. Your response is highly appreciated. 
Thanks !!

mickey 2016-10-17 00:10:43


Hi DP,

This the right time to keep track of dates. Admission process usually starts in the month of Oct/Nov/Dec. 
All schools have different dates which becomes quite difficult for Parents. Kindly call up the interested schools to know the exact dates.



am36889 2016-10-17 12:11:20


Hello Parents,

I am also looking for admission for my daughter in PP1 for year 2017-2018 and so far have visited 8 schools and here is my review. Hope this would be helpful for parents

Sancta Maria - Admissions have not started
Huge school, Cambridge Curriculum, nice management. Fees for the current year PP1/PP2(16-17) is 2,02,000 + uniform+ 1lakh donation. There will be an increase of min 10%. We filled up the form and they would call us when the admission starts or we call them in 3rd week of october. Just wondering if it is worth the money as class IX and above the current fees is 3,60,000. By the time my kid comes to higher grade, the fees will be def 6 to 7 Lakh.

Meridian - madhapur - Admission will start after diwali/nov 2nd week
Big school, CBSE curriculum. they are introducing IB from next year. Current fees is 1,50,000+40000(transport)+35000(food)+1,50,000(Donation). There will be increase of fees up to 15 %. The person who explained us was curt. We said, we want to see the school and she said, please go check urself or come later. Her response was annoying. According to me, not worth spending so much for CBSE.

Green Gables - Admissions started for 17-18
School is just a 5 floor building, with barely any space for play. Fees is very very nominal. In total for pp1/pp2, it should be just 1.3 to 1.5L for everything. CBSE curriculum. Just 1 section per std. Around 20-25 kids from Std 1. For PP1/PP2 its just 10 kids. The person who explained us was a teacher there and she was ok. Heard lot of good reviews abt this school from PT, but did not find any kids who is studying there in my neighborhood. Just worried about their standard of education/communication and also did not find it like a school.

Manthan - Madhapur - Admissions in nov end
Madhapur branch is from nursery to 3 std. It is also a 5 floor building, but was spacious and extremely neat. the counselor who talked to us was clear with the curriculum and methodology. they follow integrated curriculum (IGCSE and CBSE) up to Std 8 and after that, one can choose between CBSE or IGCSE. Fees is nominal. Current year fees is 1,58,000 + books+ uniform. No donation here. But every year there will be an admission fees. this year it was 20k. The Tellapur campus is big and you have classes from nursery there.

Global Edge - Madhapur - Admission in Dec end/Jan start
Very poor grounds, and the building is pretty old. No one there bothered to tell us anything on fees nor show the school. 

Future Kids - Admissions in Dec end/Jan
Very old school. Follows ICSE curriculum. We filled the register with our contact address and phone and they will communicate to us when the admission starts. they did not allow us to take a campus visit. On the outlook, classrooms for kids was open/asbestos sheets. could be difficult during summers. Fees is Ok. Around 1.5 L for PP1/PP2 for current year.

Rockwell - kokapet - Admissions in Nov end/Dec start
Huge school, New building which inaugurated last year only. They are same as manthan in curriculum. They have a branch in jubilee hills until std 3, which they are likely to close from next year. This kokapet branch has classes from PP1. 25 kids per class. Fees is now close to 1.3 L + 75 donation. the shocking point was, the counselor who talked to us said, the fees will increase 30 to 50 % the coming year(17-18). That was the only minus point. Otherwise school was awesome.

Phoenix Greens - kokapet - admission started for 17-18
Huge school. Well managed. Campus was clean. We filled the form and we were asked to come in for intw. They asked my kid her name and she refused. they asked to to tell a rhyme and she said No. But the counselor understood that she is just 3 and is shy. She saw my kid interacting with us and said she is appointed. Fees is 1,25,000+35k Transport +30 Food+ 10k (books/uniform). No donation. The school staffs were kind enough and showed us the campus. So far my thumps Up for this CBSE school.
My criteria for joining my kid was, decent infrastructure, school that is around 10 kms from my home, student to teacher ratio is 1:25 max and reasonable fees. Based on that,  Manthan and Phoenix green is what we have shortlisted. I still have Sancta/Rockwell also in my list though their fees is more. Yet to visit Chirec. I am still confused with what curriculum i should put my daughter in to. 

Hope this helps many confused parents like myself.



Sneha22041982 2016-10-17 18:35:26


Very helpful research! Thanks Archana.

Couple of  question : Is Manthan Tellapur as good as Madhapur?  I'm planning for manthan for my daughter (PP1 (2017-18)

why din't you cover DPS? any specific reason?




Sneha22041982 2016-10-17 18:36:11


Very helpful research! Thanks Archana.

Couple of  question : Is Manthan Tellapur as good as Madhapur?  I'm planning for manthan for my daughter (PP1 (2017-18)

why din't you cover DPS? any specific reason?




am36889 2016-10-18 10:52:36


@ Sneha, Yet to visit the Manthan Tellapur campus. Will do this weekend. One of the reason i am avoiding DPS is because of student:Teacher ratio. Its 40 +. Also they start by end of dec. There is a new DPS pre-primary (Until Std 1 or 2) i believe in Madhapur and my friends kid studies there.Once she is done with Std1, they will give her 90 % in chandanagar campus and not the Khajaguda. My home is far from there and it is also one of the reason  i am not opting it.

Sreepadma 2016-10-18 11:11:50


Tx for the detailed information

skkonda 2016-10-18 12:58:34


Appreciate your research. But wondering that on what basis you decide fee is nominal/medium/higher. Based on teaching standards or based on look and feel of the campus.

Sneha22041982 2016-10-18 13:11:19


May be true. Also choosing syllabus is tough - CBSE, ICSE...etc. If we are gointo be in India, should we opt for CBSE? Personally I like ICSE ?


am36889 2016-10-18 15:30:18


Schools which are rated good/great by parents in PT or neighborhood are the ones i visited and yet to visit some more. By moderate/high/less fees i mean, even after a good rating and a good infrastructure and 1:25 student teacher ratio, the fees is less/OK or High. By and large most of them are CBSE or Integrated. If you see Meridian, it  has less infrastructure than Pheonix green and same CBSE and both are rated almost at par. But the fees in Meridian is almost 2.5 times that of Pheonix greens (if you are ok to travel 6 kms more)


titu8 2016-10-20 12:25:01


Hi....pls.visit mount litra zee school..manikonda ..after that pls. Give ur comments. Thanks

prudhvi1 2016-10-20 15:07:01


Hello All,

Admissions for Manthan have started. Visited the Madhapur school and collected Application forms as well. Planning to visit Tellapur campus next week.
Application fees is 1000 which is non refundable.
For Grade 1 - 198,000 is the fees, which includes food and transportation.
25 kids in each section with two teachers.
Till 8th class they follow cambridge and after 8th we can decide if we want tto move CBSE or Cambridge
School is pretty good with small play ground. In Madhapur classes are till 3rd class and from 4th class everyone moves to Tellapur campus.

Thank you


Pournima4143 2016-10-20 15:43:57


Hello parents,
I am looking for class 1 admission, I am living in UK and coming back to India in next year june 2017. So for that year I wanna Take admission for my son in class 1 but I need your all personal reviews or the school so that I could decide the best school for my kid. My some criteria s are fess should be reasonable and CBSC . I am thinking for the Manthan tellpur branch school, how is that school?
Please update with your personal reviews, looking forward for the same. 


123nikki 2016-10-20 16:46:13


Can any one tell me about the samskruthi school for my child for second grade now he is in first grade and for my younger one who is in nursery I want to know about The teachers in the school and students and teacher ratio in the school

LathaSathya 2016-10-27 17:26:46


Hello Mickey,
i am looking for a school. My daughter is 2.7 yrs, Nov I planned to put her n nursery in strawberry fields. Next academic year I want to put her in L.K.G CBSE.
I checked Seeds the creek. Is there any other suggestion of schools near madinaguda, Communication is first.


mickey 2016-10-27 19:01:18


Hi Latha,
There are many good schools around Miyapur/ Bachupally which you could consider. All these schools will be  close to Madinaguda.

DPS- Miyapur,
Silver Oaks,
Vikas Concept School,
Kennedy High Global,
The Creek Planet School,
Vignan BO Tree,
Genesis International - Madinaguda.

You could visit all these schools and decide according to your budget. All are considerably well- reputed schools. 



LathaSathya 2016-10-28 08:53:49


Thank you so much!

 Former member 2016-10-28 09:09:42


Schooling fees are more costlier than a MBBS seat.

mickey 2016-10-28 19:10:24


Hi Nikki,
Are you referring to Sanskriti- Kondapur?
If yes, it is good. 

krchandra141 2016-10-31 08:41:06


Hi all,
We are planning to move to Financial District in next 6 months. So looking for some schools nearby for my kids.
Can you give us some reviews and admission feasibility for my kids (5th class in 2017-18 and PP1 in 2017-18) if R&D is already done?
I know of some schools nearby:
1. DPS, Hyderabad
2. Manthan
3. Gaudium
4. Sanskriti Kondapur

When would the admission process start for these schools or any other schools nearby?


sariii 2016-10-31 20:00:44


Spoke to DPS some time back..they told that admissions start from Nov 2nd week..

krchandra141 2016-11-01 10:41:26


Spoke to DPS today. They will open the admissions only after November 2nd week it seems.

 Former member 2016-11-01 12:04:35


Hi all, Just I got pp2 admission form for my daughter in gitanjali devashray. There is no vacancy from class 1 to 5. They are not issuing admission form for class 1 onwards. Age restriction is strict as my daughter is 3 months short for class 1 so I'm forced to take pp2 form. The total fees is around 56000. In secunderabad public school and jgs CBSE the total dees for class 1 is around 1lakh 5 thousand. They will issue admission form from Nov 18 onwards.

ifra123 2016-11-01 12:23:42


Hi panda,what is last date to give the applications there any vacancies for classes7 and9.

 Former member 2016-11-01 12:29:08


hi panda

did u get call from JGS CBSE nacharam...?

and what is the last date of issuing applications in geethanjali?

actually we are trying for pp1 for my kid in JGS

if do u have any info reguarding CAN U PLZ SHARE

 Former member 2016-11-01 13:59:20


Hi ifra Yes there is vacancy from class 6 onwards in gitanjali. Better u go tomorrow and collect the admission form bcoz their submission dare is from 7th to 10 th Nov.

 Former member 2016-11-01 14:02:32


Hi pradil, I don't know the last date,better u go fast n collect the admission form. Their application form submission date is 7th to 10 the Nov. In jgs nacharam I've filled up only the enquiry form. They will call in DEC . u can fill up the enquiry form asap and wait for their call for registration.

ifra123 2016-11-01 16:48:03


Hi panda1 thankyou very much for your iinformation.problem for me is we are in dubai.they are not giving the forms online.they told to collect personally.i think dps will give forms oonline.good luck

 Former member 2016-11-01 17:30:20


Thank u panda


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