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aruna76 2010-03-18 13:15:49


Hi Mickey,

We are moving to Hyderabad in the middle of April/May 2010 and I am looking for good school/s for my son, who needs an admission into 5th Grade.

As my son doesn't know the second language (Hindi/Telugu), I am looking for some International schools (nearer to Mehdipatnam area) where he can cope up with their level of teaching. I heard about Jain Hertitage School, Kondapur... I am really greatful if you can advice me more info about this school (+ & -) and also their contact information.

I really appreciate your valued service to the needy.



mickey 2010-03-18 14:03:00


Hi Minnie, U can try for the above classes in the same schools u mentioned. Preferably try to put both of them in the same school.




lyanamandra 2010-03-18 14:21:28


Hi Aruna

Jain Int. School is a new school and is just a year old. Although i dont have much info on that school, i for sure know that the building is almost a 6 storied building with not much ground to play.  If you r looking for int. schools around the Kondapur area, chirec would be safer option as they are offering the cambridge curriculum also. You would also get admission easily.  Yearly fee is around 60k (ie. recurring academic fee)  and one time donation is around 1 lakh .

Other good int. schools around the area : Phoenix greens, oakridge. Phonix greens is just starting this year, but their website is really promising. Looks like they would live up to it. Oakridge is an awesome school but is very  expensive ( around 1.8 lakhs including transport and food every yr )  One time Donation is 1.5 lakh

There is no dearth of int. schools around the kondapur area, so dont worry. U are assured of seat in one of the good schools.




mickey 2010-03-18 16:47:25


Hi Aruna,

There are mixed reviews about Jain Heritage school ,Kondapur. The school follows CBSE as well as IGCSE. You can opt for other languages too and the teachers will train u well in case u have to take Hindi right from basics.

You can find different reviews about this school from these links. Most of them are positive. I think you should decide only after going to the campus. Everybody has their own views.

Admissions are going on. But as u said , u r planning to shift in the month of April/May , you may have to block the seat by taking the application form which costs Rs600  and talk to them.  U can make your child write the entrance test when  u r here.Thats what i have been told when i called up the school. Fees will be around 70K including uniform,mess etc for class 5 without transport .

You can contact Ms. Swapna on 040-32525252  or to Mr. Chandrasekhar on 9949488181 to know more about the admission process.

I got the numbers from their Banglore Group of institutions.

If you r looking for other good International Schools with high fees structure u can see Oakridge International school (CBSE and IGCSE)near Hi-Tech city , Orchids International in Jubilee Hills (CBSE and IB curriculum ) and Sreenidhi International at Jubilee hills (ICSE and IB).

Chirec near Hi-Tech city also follows CIE (Cambridge International  Examinations).

You can know more about CIE from

Oakridge and Chirec schools are near to Jain Heritage school ,Kondapur. Orchids and Sreenidhi in Jubilee Hills will come within 10km radius from Hi-Tech city.

Hope this info will help u.






aruna76 2010-03-19 00:29:45


Hi Mickey,

Wow... you are awesome....Thanks a ton for your expedite and valued information.... It's really helpful.

We are moving from US to Hyderabad in the middle of May...  I will check with my Hyderabad friends to submit the application on my behalf to avoid any issues

My son is good at Math/Science and I am only worrying about bunch of homework (Here kids will do very little home work) and learning second/third languages. Hopefully he will cope up in a couple of months..  Is Leda/Lida (Computer training) program is still going on in Hyderabad??




aruna76 2010-03-19 00:31:56


Hi Laxmi,

Thank you so much for your valued information about International Schools...




minnie 2010-03-19 05:49:58


hi mickey

please tell me about  THE CREEK SCHOOL 



mickey 2010-03-19 09:03:17


Hi Minnie,

The Creek School is a new CBSE school. It has a sprawling lush green campus and looks good from its website. You have to personally go and get the feedback from children or parents.

Not much is known about this school and its results . You can visit and decide.

However u can go to its website and fill in the details in the enquiry tab to know about the admission details. Fees is around 55-60K.  Admission should not be problem in this school.   (The Creek ,Planet school) 




mickey 2010-03-19 10:45:06


Hi Aruna,

You don't have to worry about the homework part. Most of the schools currently are not stressing the children with homework these days. There is no ranking system now in CBSE schools. Schools are following grading system as per CBSE norms.

As far as Leda is concerned , I am not aware of it. But schools have tie up with NIIT or follow CBSE after X . IT can be opted as a separate subject in X1 in CBSE schools. ICSE schools have IT from lower classes as their core subject and have lots of hands on experience.

Its mostly a non-scholastic subject . Depends on the school. Generally schools are now well equipped with computers and provide good training from primary classes itself.





vinod 2010-03-23 17:30:14


Hi Minnie,

This school is now re-named as Scholars International School and they follow the CBSE pattern of education, medium of instruction is English, the fee structure is Rs 27000 is the annual fees paid in three terms, transport facility is also provided which is extra. Currently they don't have classes till X, you can call them up at 040- 32572200 or at 9704229922. It's a good scholl where after school extra-curriculum activities are also encouraged. you can call at these nos or check out the site

Thanks and happy schooling.






gsarvan 2010-03-25 18:16:15


Dear Mickey

Thanks a lot for your assistance. My both sons got admisssion at Sadhu Vaswani International School. The fee is reasonable for Internatonal school. I heard good about this school, when I stayed in Delhi. It is Pune Based school.

I got a house also for rental near the school.

Sorry I was bit busy with my financial year end commitments. Hence could not reply promptly


Thank you once again for your wonderful service.




mickey 2010-03-25 18:44:57


Hi GSarvan,

Congrats !! Nice to know that you got your sons admitted in SVIS. Sadhu Vaswani's noble values are surely going to reflect in the children from an early age.

How is the school campus ? Does it have a playground ? Can u also frnish the details about its fees for first grade in SVIS ?

Did u visit Manthan International School   at Kompally ? One of the members is interested in  that school . So i think you are the right person to give some valuable inputs about some  schools near Kompally. I also want to know if Manthan International has a playground. 

I have seen couple of International schools without a playground and charging exorbitant fees.

Awaiting an early response,




mickey 2010-03-28 13:23:03


Hi Aruna,

Do check out the latest review of Jain Heritage International at Kondapur  by Abhay , a parentree member ,before applying to this school. You were more interested in this school some time back. 










gsarvan 2010-03-28 19:18:26


Dear Mickey

SVIS campus is a new one. This school is started in 2008 at Hyd. It has got a nice Play ground and  place  for expansion in near future. It is a parent friendly school and affordable fee for middle class family

For LKG Total fee is 44000 Rs per annum  excluding Lunch charges (optional 2500 Rs per term)  and transportation charges depending on km.

For Class III it is 52K.  ( It is same for grade 1 to 5).

I did not visit Manthan International School.

Best Regards



mickey 2010-03-29 10:16:19


Thank you Saravanan. Very useful info for parents seeking admission for their kids into SVIS.

Rgds, Mickey


LavanyaP 2010-04-03 14:42:42


Hi Vinod

Can u help with your feedback on the scholars school? do they give equal importance to extra curriculars as well?



vinod 2010-04-07 15:12:04


Hi lavanya,

yes, the scholar's international school gives equal importance to extra-curricular actitivites also, they're conducting a summer camp, preference is given to school kids first in the camp, why don't you try out their camp, and u would know.




dotingmom 2010-04-13 00:05:27


I would suggest people interested to check out with Euro School, Madhapur. It s a very good one.

Admissions are going on there now.


UshaC 2010-04-13 15:42:01


Does this Manthan Internation school have playground? How big is the area? Doyou ahve any idea?


A1A1 2010-08-16 09:21:06


Jain Heritage school's sports academy, this is where the school kids get to spend their sports hour. Shame on school management for providing such woeful infrastructure.

Is there a group where we can file complaints about school irregularities for betterment of society in general? Pulling kids out of school is pretty easy but doesnt sends a message to the school. There are 100's other who are willing to live with this crap in name of education in international schools.

I wish old style schools make a comeback.. this blindly following methods of western world by these so called international schools is going to cause more harm than good in long run.


Pratyush 2010-08-16 18:08:35


Dear Mickey,

Few months back u guided me for play school but that time i was not shifted 2 hyd. I came here 2 weeks back and staying at Mehdipatnam. My son is 3.2 yrs old, was previously going to school(pre-nursery) in Delhi.

I checked many schools nearby this area like bachpan(toli chowki) euro kids, kidzee, even senior schools like springdales, Sri chaitanaya...but found outside play area(physical activities) missing from their curriculam and I strongly believe physical activities shud be given equal weightage as academics.

Few senior school suggested me to put my kid in LKG as his age suits for the same. I am confused whether to seek for nursery or LKG.

Mickey, kindly suggest me some good school where playground should be there and proper care of kid is taken.

In some blog i read ur kid went to bachpan plz share which branch and ur experience, if get time plz share in detail.

thanks a lot in advance, will be eagerly waiting for ur reply.

Thnx-Sunita(Pratyush mother)


mickey 2010-08-16 19:02:54


Dear Sunita,

If your son is 3.2 now, i think, you better join him in Nursery now and try for LKG admissions in BVB, JHPS, Obul Reddy Public School in Oct/Nov/Dec 2010.

Your child will be 3.11 by May end i.e by June , he will be turning 4 which is the appropriate age for LKG. Though CBSE schools take 3.3 to 3.5 + children in LKG, its better u wait till next year as your child is just 3.2 now. You will not get in BVB  JHPS or Obul Reddy now.These schools have good playground, infrastructure and other activities too. Mid term admissions are difficult now for LKG in these schools. Moreover he will not be eligible for LKG this year in these schools. Kindly check out. Only State schools take children at LKG if the child is turning 3 by June. I assume that your child is June 2007 born if he is 3.2 now.

My daughter is 3.4 now and she is in Nursery. I have put her in ICSE school. By next june she will be 4+. She is April born and was falling short of 15 days only for 3.3 for LKG this June. I decided to go as per the norms and put her in Nursery this year. ICSE schools prefer only 4+ children in PP1/LKG.

Is your child able to make some patterns with pencil ? In LKG, children are made to write . I feel it  is not proper on our part to stress the child with written work at the age of 3.2 yrs . I have seen parents regretting after joining their kids at 3.3yrs in LKG. Even if they cope up now, it will be stressful for them in higher classes as the syllabus is very vast.

I have not joined my daughter is Bachpan. She is in Nasr,Pre-Primary at Somajiguda.

Sri Chaitanya might take your child in LKG as it is a State School.



Pratyush 2010-08-17 17:27:26


Hi Mickey,

Thanks a lot for valuable info.

I have also decided to put him in a Nursery n try for LKG next year. But yes he is able to draw lines, join dots niceley.

Today I went to Blooming Buds and found gud play ground but cudnt meet nursery teacher as she was busy. Principal said they used to club Nursery,LKG n UKG in common classes, according to her this concept help kid to grow but may be with this they might be utilizing teacher in other classes. They said major strength of kids are telegu but teacher will converse in hindialso,if reqd...I m quite worried regarding settling period as i strongly feel if more north indians/hindi speaking kids wud be there then my son wud feel more comfortable.

Do you have any idea of Blooming Buds then plz suggest.

Also, do u have any info abt Oasis School of Excellence(Toli Chowki) n Ravindra Bharathi School(Mehdipatnam), plz  guide.

Howz Nasr school? Howz ur exp as ur daughter is going there? Do they have play grounds?

Thnks Mickey for ur great help. U know as soon I see some school my first thot come to mind to discuss with u.

So thnx for being there n ur prompt help.

best Regards, Sunita



mickey 2010-08-17 18:31:32


Hi Sunita,

Its surely a good decision to continue with Nursery this year. I have no idea about Blooming buds , Oasis and Ravindra Bharathi. I will find out from my cousin who stays at Mehdipatnam. Her kids commute all the way to Abids (Little Flower School) as she didn't like any of the nearby schools. It was long back. Let me find out again.

I would suggest you to go Oasis and Ravindra Bharathi personally and take parent's feedback who come to pick up or drop their kids. Thats better. Regarding pre-school, I think you should decide  by existing parent's feedback as it involves toddlers.Euro kids is comparatively good. Tuhi, a pt member has joined her daughter here. You don't need very big playground at this level. There are many other factors which  u need to consider like hygiene, teachers, caretakers and aayahs,  toilets, activities and how warm and friendly  the teachers are with kids etc..

I think, for Nursery u can join him in Blooming buds and for LKG, try for schools like BVB, Obul Reddy or JHPS. Doesn't matter if he is in a South Indian crowd for another 8 months. I personally feel, this should not be the deciding factor for Nursery.

Nasr pre- primary doesn't have a very big playground.It is at Somajiguda. The boys from this school go to Nasr-Boys  from class 1 which is at Gachibowli and girls go to Nasr-Girls at Khairatabad. However the high schools (Nasr) have good playground.

Nasr-Girls is  a very old and established ICSE school. The girls who  pass out from this school are well groomed ,smart and can carry themselves confidently. Hence i opted for this school for my little one.

You can also try in Nasr-Boys (ICSE) in Gachibowli which starts from class 1 after two years. You will have  hindi speaking crowd. But the boys are pretty fast !!  You have got to keep a tab on ur little one. The school is yet to evolve fully...I have  heard good reviews about this school and there are parents from pre-primary who intend to join their sons in Nasr-Boys at Gachibowli.








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