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Sarang 2009-05-06 13:05:44


Hi, If anyone can guide me on schools in Hyderabad that will be good. I have been transferred here and am searching for schools for my daughter for LKG admissions. I have checked 15 different schools including Meridien, Orchids, Sreenidhi and less costly ones like Eurokids, Sentia, Ladders, New Century public school, Vikas - the concept school etc. Schools in Kukatpally seem to be good and less costly also. Schools like DAV, BVB, Chirec and Sanghamitra do not have any admissions available. Any suggestions? Thanks, Sarang.

yankee 2009-05-06 20:41:22


am facing the same new to hyd....have to search a play school for my kid.......could any one help me out by suggesting some good school in vidyanagar area....


vinod 2009-05-08 14:37:08



First you should decide on the area, in most of the schools the admissions have been closed. You can try out Scholastic International School now renamed as Scholar International School Try to meet Ms Shilpa principal 9704119922. Its near Manikonda and is where my son is going.



Sarang 2009-05-08 15:04:58


Thanks Vinod. I mostly will be settling down in Miyapur / Kukatpally/Madhapur/Kondapur area. So I would like to find out if anyone knows about the schools that I mentioned. Thanks for your input though. I went online and read about the scholars international school.


ravip 2010-03-03 17:03:46


hi, this is ravi how is scholars please give me the details like their teaching , about activities and other prommes . as early as possible please send the details and also fee details thankyou.....................


mickey 2010-03-04 16:07:39


Hi Sarang,

Just seen your query regarding schools near Madhapur. Among  the schools you mentioned ,Sentia -the Global School ,Euro School and Vikas are good. My friends  children are studying in Sentia and Euro School. The Euro School might shift its campus shortly, so pl find out .Don't know much abt Ladders and New Century .

I think they are new schools. You can also try Silver Oaks , The Creek and Kennedy Global high school too .

(near Miyapur)   (The Creek ,Planet school)  (around 55-60K  - its a new school)  (Kennedy Global school) (around 45K)

You can get admission in Sentia ,Kennedy Global , The Creek ,Vikas easily.Kennedy global is closing admissions in March first week , so do enquire if you are interested. You can also try in Sri Chaitanya Techno school in Kukatpally in LKG. It follows CBSE till class 5 and it follows an integrated syllabus of SSC,ICSE and CBSE  




Sarang 2010-03-04 16:37:25


Hi Mickey, That question was 1 year ago. I have already admitted my daughter in Sentia. :-).


mickey 2010-03-04 16:46:20


Oops ...Didn't notice the date Sarang :)    .....So how do you find the school ? Is it till 10th now ?




Sarang 2010-03-04 16:55:48


Yes. It is till 10th standard. Its a good school with LKG/UKG affiliated to Eurokids.


mickey 2010-03-04 17:18:13


Thanks Sarang. Do write a detailed review about Sentia when time permits. There are many parents in this forum who keep asking about this School in different discussions.




mickey 2010-03-05 17:11:26


Hi Sarang,

Nowthat you are in Madhapur for the past one yr ,do u have any idea about the schools u mentioned long time back..i.e   Ladders and New century Public school ? Any idea about the fees ? Is there any school whose fees is around 25-35 K in that area ? I am looking for one of my friend's son.




 Former member 2010-03-06 22:30:29


Hi Mickey,

We are returning to Hyderabad at the end of this month I have stay in Nizampet road. I am looking ( For my daughter, grade II) for a good school around Miyapur, Nizampet( 6 to 8 Km Radius) where admissions are still in progress. i would appreciate, if you can provide your ratings/Openions on the following schools.

1. Vikas Concept School, 2. Silver Oaks 3. The Creek, 4. Any other Shools..




gsarvan 2010-03-07 12:17:22




gsarvan 2010-03-07 12:26:18


Dear Mickey

Could you help me in locating  good CBSE school for my two sons in Secundrabad. My office is in near Secundrabad Club area. Yesterday only I got my transfer info to Secundrabad. Presently I live at Vizag. My Elder son is studing 2nd std in Timpany school. My younger one is seeking admission for LKG.

I am planning to visit hyd tommorrow. Your immediate response would help me in finalishing the school quickly as I understand the admission is closed in many schools. My budget is 40K per kid. After finalising the school only, I have to search for House. I am in Sales , so long travel between office and house is not an issue but still I prefer to  stay close to office.

Thanks in advance


mickey 2010-03-07 16:21:38


Hi gsravan,

Will find out and reply soon. Rgds,Mickey


mili1 2010-03-07 16:57:04


Hi Mickey,

Would you please tell me, what is the cutoff age for LKG admission in BVB Jubilee Hills ? My son is  Sept 2006 born. I thought that cutoff age is 4. So I didn't try this year. But one kid of my son's age got admission in Atmakuri Bhavans. Though I am not interested in Atmakuri Bhavans, but I think I have missed the opportunity to enroll my son in BVBJH. I heard that lateral entry is very difficult.

Please crarify my doubt.



mickey 2010-03-07 17:13:36


Hi mili ,

Generally CBSE schools follow 3.3 yrs as minimum age for admission to LKG as on 1st June for that academic yr  for LKG. But ICSE schools take 4+ yrs for LKG. Some follow 3.5 yrs.

So your son is 3.8 yrs and as such is eligible for entry into any CBSE school in LKG.

So what if you have missed , try it in 1st class. It should not be difficult in 1st std. Let your son continue his LKG and UKG in some other school and make him write the entrance for  1st in BVB JH .Approach the school in the month of March.The admissions in BVB have closed now.

He will be 4.8 yrs next year for LKG. There is nothing wrong if you want to repeat his LKG next year but then its purely a personal choice.He will be 6.8 when he comes to first std. As such the thumb rule is ,a child should be 6+ for first std. There will not be much stress on him and he will be able to cope up very easily.




mickey 2010-03-07 18:09:13


Hi Beneedie Venkat !

You will be able to get admission in all the schools you mentioned Vikas,The Creek and Silver Oaks.
The Creek is a new school. Fees will be around 60K. You can also try in Kennedy Global school in Miyapur and not the high school at Kukatpally. Fees is around 45K. I called up last week. Admissions are going on in Kennedy global school.

Sentia and DPS is good but on expensive side.You will be able to get in Sentia too.

Got to check with DPS for vacncies.SriChaitanya Techno school in Kukatpally is also good. fees is around 30K

You can check out DAV Kukatpally and Sanghmitra near JNTU.It will be near to your place for vacancies this month end.

Genesis International is a new school in Miyapur. Seems to be good from website details. Don't know much about it .

Maharshi Vidya Mandir in Kondapur is also good .Fees is around 20-25K.

Admissions are going on in Euroschool,Madhapur too.Fees will be around 60K.

Below are the websites of the schools I mentioned.  (Sentia Global school) (Around 80K)   (The Creek ,Planet school)  (around 55-60K)  (Kennedy Global school) (around 45K)   (Vikas Concept School) fee structure is also mentioned  for KG and all classes

( 21K excluding Mess and Transport  for KG .

Please see this discussion thread to have a comparision of Kennedy and Creek

You can also go through these links to know more about schools in Kondapur ,Gachibowli ,Miyapur,Madhapur.
All are near by.

You can try KV gachibowli too.

website of KV Gachibowli  -

email id   of school      -

You can also write to the alumni of KV Gachibowli and know the feedback .

List of KV Schools in Andhra Pradesh:

Do approach the schools now.




mickey 2010-03-07 18:18:21


Hi GSarvan  !

There are many good schools in Sec'bad but most of them follow SSC.

Let me list a few CBSE schools around Sec'bad within ur budget  which are good :-

1) St Andrews ,Sec'bad . Selection is on pure merit.  You will have to check for vacancies.

The school has already mentioned the fee details in its website  .For LKG Rs  23,310 +15,10  (monthly fee)
for class 3   - Rs  23,310 +1625  (monthly fee)  .I am not sure if the monthly fee is included in that or not.

2) Bhavan's Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya ,Sainikpuri.   admission in LKG is done in Jan and Feb. But u can try for ur elder son for class 3 and also for LKG incase they have any vacancy .Entrance will be conducted in first week of May .Fees will be very economical .around 20-25k in all.

3) K.V (Kendriya Vidyalaya ) Picket for your elder son. Its a very well known school.If you are from State Govt/Public sector preference will be given to you.First prefrence goes to defense personnel. As such civilians can also try. Fees will be very economical. Its a central govt school but has a very good campus,faculty,name.

4) St pauls in Hyderguda,Hyd  a bit far from sec'bad .  It was initially a SSC Boys school but now is Co-ed with CBSE.  You can enquire about admissions on


5) St Josephs in Trimulgherry  .  .It follows SSC. Contact No- 040 27791660

      I am not sure if it has started CBSE.

There are a few schools  with high fees structure like -

DPS sec'bad (around 80K)

DRS International, SVIS (sadhu vaswani International school)  in Kompally ..the drive to school will be around 1/2 hr from Sec'bad club.

If you are open to SSC(i.e State board), you can see St.Patricks, St.Marys and many more  good schools in Sec'bad.
If interested in ICSE , u can look at Johnsons Grammar school in Sec'bad follows ICSE

Your first preference should be St.Andrews and Bhavans ,Sainikpuri and KV picket.
There is KV Bolaram and Trimulgherry too.I will post you the details if u r interested.




dramit 2010-03-12 22:14:54


how much is the fee structure? is it part of eurokids concept only? or different oranisations? please suggest as we are confused for my kid..


mickey 2010-03-13 12:13:14


Hi GSarvan ,

Did u visit the schools in Sec'bad ? St. Andrews and Bhavans Sainikpuri ?



mickey 2010-03-13 12:43:41


Hi Dr Amit,

Admisions are going on in Euroschool. Fees will be around 55K. But it will be far from Srinagar colony. As  the school has transport facility , u can send ur kid .

My neighbour's daughter studies in the same school. She is quite happy with the school with academics as well as extra curricular activities and goes by school bus from Somajiguda.

You can call on these numbers and find out  about  Euro school Madhapur
040-65888855, 040-64523377 .

I have seen ur query in the discussion "Which school is better for std 1".

I feel ,if u are leaving for gujarat in next two years or so ,there is no need to invest a lot in school.

Sri Chaitanya Techno school in Ameerpet (opp to Sarathi Studio) will be near to Srinagar colony .(within 3km radius). School has Star Kids -Pre-primary school as well as High School. Its from Nursery to X.

From class1 to class V ,the school follows CBSE and from VI to X ,it follows integrated syllabus of SSC,CBSE and ICSE. However the X certificate is from SSC.

Sri Chaitanya is known for its good results in EAMCET and different entrace exams.

As ur kid is too small and u r  planning to stay here for only two yrs ,u can try this school as i feel it will be better than Kausalya Global as

1) It is  near to ur place

2) The fees is also reasonable 21K + 3K admission fees + 8500 transport optional.

21K can be paid in three instalments as it is the term fees .

3) School also gives importance to extra curricular activities which u r looking for .

U can call on 040-64634770 (Ameerpet Branch). There is some science fair going on in the school. May be u can call and visit tomorrow.




miny 2010-03-13 14:13:54


hi Vinod,

Could you tell us how is Scholastic school. Do they folow the CBSE system?What is the fee structure.Its a new school? do they have till 10th? Could you give a detailed info. when you have time. Some of my friends  are intersted to enrol thier kids in this school as they are located in Manikonda area. Thanks.


minnie 2010-03-18 11:14:18




please tell me about kennady global school nizam pet


mickey 2010-03-18 11:34:35


Hi Minnie ,

Kennedy Global School is good. I was told admission will continue till first week of March. Fees is around 45K. So you need to go and enquire if there are any seats available.

I don't think ,admission will be a problem in this school. In which class ,are u looking for?  Its far better than the Kenndy high school at Kukatpally.




minnie 2010-03-18 12:05:43


thank you Mickey

which one is better when you compare

sentia,  kennady,  silver oaks

thank you



Littleelly 2010-03-18 12:13:23


Apart from Schools, you can look for After School Activities for your children. Look up KASH (Kids After School Hours) offered through Little Elly- The Concept Preschool.


mickey 2010-03-18 12:24:15


Hi Minnie,

Silver oaks, Sentia and then Kennedy would be the proirity. But do visit Silver oaks. The school follows IB curiculum at primary level and also has CBSE affiliation. So verify the board and then decide.

I read in one the discussions about Sentia, that the school is hitting and spanking the children by  a member of parentree Iyanamandra.

In that case, u can prefer Kennedy as your second choice and also discuss with Iyanamandra as her children are studying in Sentia.




minnie 2010-03-18 12:25:29


btw, i am looking for is class 1 and 5


mickey 2010-03-18 12:40:26


Hi Littleelly,

Where is this concept pre-school (KASH). Rgds,Mickey



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