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Ramkumar1414 2016-10-08 22:56:44


Hi as a normal parent am very much confused for admitting my daughter in which school. She is 4 studying in LKG in Lotus lap school hayathnagar branch we reside in the same area. Now I had a concern that is she in right school. What should I opt for CBSE or ICSE. Which board is correct to admit my daughter she is presently in CBSE board. I can take a chance this coming acedamic year to change the school and till her 10th class I don't want to disturb any further or should think of changing her to another school kindly advise on this. Am flexible to join her uptil lbnagar can't go beyond that and also tell me the time of admission of that school when should I approach. Thank you.

Ramkumar14 2016-10-09 23:08:23


Anyone please suggest me on this

mickey 2016-10-10 10:53:24


Hi Ramkumar,

I think you could continue your daughter in Lotus Lap till UKG and then look for a change. There aren't  many established CBSE or ICSE schools in and around Dsnr/ LB nagar / Hayath Nagar. Choice is very limited.

You will find below schools in and around these areas.

Johnsons Grammar ( ICSE)-LB Nagar.....
RamaDevi  Public School( ICSE)  near Ramoji Film city which is quite far......

Below are CBSE schools :-

Akshara  International School ( LB Nagar)-----
Edify world School - Balapur----
DPS- Nagergul - new school..........
 Birla's Shloka School - Mansoorabad near LB Nagar -new school----------
Mount Litera Zee School- Hayat Nagar - ----
Unicent- Nagole-------   
Little Flower- Uppal------
Johnsons Grammar- Uppal -----

Generally most of the schools start admission in the month of Oct/ Nov. 

As you stay in Hayath Nagar, I think you could prefer Mount Litera Zee School. It is a good school and you could continue your daughter till Class X.  My cousin's son is studying here and she is quite satisfied.

Pls see my reply to Aamvi for 'CBSE vs ICSE' in the below link.

The syllabus is vast in ICSE in higher grades and also the number of papers in Board Exams. If your child is in ICSE from the beginning, she wouldn't find it difficult in higher grades.


May be you could visit the above schools and 

Ramkumar14 2016-10-11 22:08:32


Hi Mickey, Really thankful for the information provided. But still i had other points for which am looking for school in the following respects - I don't know this is my thought or today's parents are thinking in this zoner that the thing is am looking forward for such an education where my kid should be proactively participative in all respects I don't want to curtail herself mugging up or having only book knowledge for this communication is the major part which plays a vital role in one's life so focusing on the above said aspects am searching for schools where these students are groomed and imparted well in the above stated scenario. Now a days every schools medium of teaching is english but it's not upto the mark. For these reasons in society many engineering graduates are suffering a lot due to lack of communication skills in globally speaking language. As an advocate by profession I minutely observ these things and I would like to provide proper schooling for my kid. Finally Mickey advise me on this type of standard school and followed by which board is better as per my requirements. Regards, Ram Kumar.

mickey 2016-10-12 00:17:05


Hi Ram Kumar,

I agree with you. Good Communication skills, Confidence  and Well Groomed  Personality  is very much required in this competitive world. You could find it in few International schools which are quite far from LB Nagar. However such schools  do not  focus much on moral education and don't  inculcate right values in kids because of which they become high headed and indisciplined. I think parents also should take responsibility by guiding their children to be on the right path, teach them right values and not  blame the school fully. 

It is always better to opt for a school where children grow into smart, confident individuals, learn right values and  remain grounded at the same time.

The schools which I have mentioned in my previous post are quite new. It is better  to visit personally and interact with students before or after  school hours and then decide. Do visit Mount Litera  as it is quite close to your place. 

Many schools make tall promises but ground reality is something  else. As you have lot of time, you could check personally.

It is better to opt for ICSE or CBSE Board. 

Schools like Little Flower, St Pauls which follow SSC are equally good but the class strength is quite high in these schools. 

You could try :-

HPS- Ramanthpur - CBSE,
RamaDevi Public School - ICSE,
Johnsons Grammar- ICSE  ( LB Nagar & Habsiguda- Habsiguda is better as it is the main school),
Johnsons Grammar - CBSE -Uppal,
DPS - Nacharam( it is quite far though).

My friend who has relocated from UK has joined her two kids in RamaDevi Public School as she wanted smooth transition and was looking for a school  which focussed  on all round development of kids with good communication skills.  She is  quite happy with the school and her children's progress. May be you could visit once. 

If time permits,  do go through my blog about selecting a school and read other parents' views too.




tcsr23 2017-11-02 10:42:14


Hi @ Mickey, You mentioned that your cousin's son is studying in Mount Litera Zee School Hayatnagar. I looked at their FB page and it seems they are doing lot of activities. Can you throw more light on this school? It woukd be really helpful for me. Thanks


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