how to go about for choosing a school whose parents having a transferable job !!!!

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hi friends,

1.Looking for a school which having branches every cities in India ( I think there is no more such schools in this pattern, is it ???)

2. Whatever happends change the school occasionally depend upon the transfer or what??





mickey 2010-06-27 12:40:12


Hi Cinna,

Kendriya Vidyalayas or Central Schools are best suited for parents having transferable jobs. These schools are  managed by Central Govt and has branches all over India with uniform curriculum. You will find a KV even in a remotest place of India i.e the border areas. It is affiliated to CBSE.

I have written in detail about KVs , the admission preference in a discussion thread started by me

The fee is very very economical as it is run by Central Govt. Kv's results are also very good in Board exams.




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Hi Kiran,


I'm not very much happy with KV..

how abt thinking  BVB Or Chinmaya ?? I think these 2 shools having branches almost every cities in India.. Also both are top CBSE schools in India.  Which is more good, BVB Or Chinmaya?? Also, tell me how will be the nursery admission process and all ?? Will they take any interview or what ??





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one more thing, is this Maharshi Vidayashram School also having branches in India ?


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ohhh... just now i read, you've mentioned in one thread like ' Chinmaya and BVB (CBSE) admit children in LKG who  are minimum  3.3 yrs by June'

getting confused again... :(

ICSE Syllabhi allows chilren in LKG who completed 4 -4.5 by june, but why CBSE allows this in 3.3 ?? I think, the appropriate age for entering into 1st std is 6+ which means ICSE follows the correct age preference.....


confusion ...confusion....confusion... :(


mickey 2010-06-27 15:42:59


Hi Cinna,

Chinmaya and BVB are currently the top CBSE schools in Hyd . Yes both the schools have branches all across India. Maharshi Vidya Mandir (MVM) too has many branches.

I have written in detail the review of Chinmaya and also given a comparision of BVB Vs Chinmaya. My elder daughter is studying in Chinmaya Vidyalaya. You can find my reply to RSV on 20th Jan'10 and to Aniki on 16th April in the same link about the comparision of BVB and Chinmaya. Please go through it to know more about them.

If you are staying around Kondapur/Madhapur/Kukatpally/Gachibowli  better opt for BVB or MVM. Its difficult to get in Chinmaya and BVB. If you get in BVB, u can join ur child straightaway. BVB is in Jubilee Hills and would be near for u compared to Chinmaya.  Chinmaya is in Begumpet and would be very far for you. You need to stay either at Ameerpet/Somajiguda/ Begumpet/Punjagutta incase u r interested in Chinmaya for ur kids. Your hubby  will have to travel very far for his office.

So when u come over, have a look at the places around where u want to stay and then decide about schools. It should be convenient for ur hubby too so that he doesn't spend much time in travelling.

Regarding admissions to LKG , there is a lot of time. Generally all schools give applications in the month of Nov/Dec. Some schools give in Oct. For Lkg, there will be a formal interview of parents and child. They will just assess the child.  For class 1, there is an entrance test . Some schools like Sentia don't take entrance till class 4 or so. They just see previous year's report cards and ask a few questions by which they assess the child.

If you ask me the preference among the three

1. Chinmaya   2. BVB   3.MVM

MVM too has good reviews in this forum. However BVB is more evolved than MVM. So first preference should be given to BVB  if your child gets a seat in BVB and MVM.

You should visit all the three schools and talk to other parents too before you take a decision.




mickey 2010-06-27 15:52:29


Hi Cinna,

Yes, i do agree with you. Ideal age for LKG is 4+ by june. As ICSE has a very vast syllabus, it is very stringent about the age factor. CBSE schools take 3.5 yrs in LKG. However they will give preference to a 4yr old in LKG than 3.3 or 3.5 during interviews.

I have admitted my younger daughter in Nasr (ICSE) in Nursery.  This school is in Somajiguda.  She is currently  3.2yrs old. 

So don't get confused.  Join her in Nursery next year. There is no need to push the child and stress them.

Tell me her exact DOB




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Hi Mickey,

thats so quick... :)

Mitra 's DOB - 24/01/08

I read the thread.. you had given lots of info regarding chinmaya.. ohhh..very helpful :)

I just checked with Euroschool official site and found its having 2 branches in Banglore and some other cites too which is affiliated to CBSE.. I'm bit relaxed now.. Though she is already going for the eurokids pgm, i think that would be better for her.

However, my personal choice is either Chinmaya or BVB.. Again am having time since both these schools are taking admissions from LKG.. She is just 2.5 now. so i think better she continues her play group and nursery there in Euro School itself...

as i said, we are coming to Hyderabad for the coming weekend for the flat hunt.. lets see, how it will be.. will definitely contact you, since you found very very  sincere and helpful.. and from the threads and all, i already got ur gmail id :-) will send you a personal mail telling the exact location of our flat and all....

and regading the 'lets form a friendship bond' , ohhh.. that's too good.. even i didn't get time for the introduction , i'll do it tomorrow :-))







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