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 Former member 2010-06-24 18:55:45


Hi Friends,

This is Cinna, Currently staying in Mumbai. My husband got trasferred to Hyderabad. His company is in Raheja Mindspace, Madhapur. He has to join there on 1st week of August. Can anyone suggest a good residential area within 5 kms to his work place ?? My daughter is going to eurokids here in Mumbai, We wish to continue her classes over there. Heard there is having a good branch there in Madhapur. So we need a flat which should be accesible to both his work place and to her school. Also we prefer a gated community with all the facilities and 24 hour water supply. We need a 2bhk flat with the budget of 10k -15k.. Please help me ..




buji 2010-06-24 19:12:54


Hi chinna,

In Madhapur u can get an appartment as ur choice bcz  many appartments are there in that area. But gated community i doubt so, but u can try. As far as eurokids is concerned it is located in a full resedential area near appartments. Which class she is going for bcz they are going to shift the primary branch to someplace near Lanco hills some where but for kindergarden no probs they are going to continue there in madhapur.





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Hi Buji,


Thank you for ur reply..why we prefer this gated community is because that will be more secure than the normal flats, rite?? Also we will get everything including, Gym, Swimming pools, Club house etc inside the community itself.. But we are ok with the normal ones too.. What'll be the range for the nes good apartments with every facilities??

  My daughter Mitra is just 2.5 years old and now she is going for the play group ( Pre KG) pgm..

I thought eurokids having only pre primary classes, Do they have Primary classes as well ?? Upto which class ?? And which Board ?? Here they are having only Play Group & Nursery and it is not affiliated any board.. Is this Lanco hills near to Madhapur ??





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Hi Cinna,

U will not b able to find 2 bhk easily within ur budget in madhapur especially gated community...but easily get 3 bhk independent house within ur budget i.e.15K without club facility... can also try in Kondapur, can find gated community but not other facilities easily , but if u go for club facilities in kondapur then rent are on a higher side... ya try malaysian township also(they have 2 bhk also), it's little bit far away frm madhapur, i had heard they had water problem in the past(people said it is resolved now) and seepage problem also(not in every block).. come and have a look to this big township, it is a gated community and have all facilities like club house, pool etc. but do chk with school of their bus facility..

Euro kids have primary and secondary classes but under the name of Euro School..i think they are affiliated to CBSE..

As i had also shifted to Hyd from Mumbai 4 months back...presently i am staying in Kondapur...






mickey 2010-06-26 13:23:47


Hi Cinna,

Charu and Buji  have already told you regarding the gated community details and about Malaysian Township. Recently one of friends has also moved to the same township and has taken a 3 bedroom flat for 15K.  You will find houses near Kondapur and Madhapur within your budget.

You will also find Shilpa Park also known as Green Hamlet near the Convention centre/Hotel  NOVOTEL . A two bedroom flat would  cost u around 12K. One of my friends stays here. It will be close to Mindspace.

Eurokids at Madhapur is very good. My frieind's daughter who is staying at Shilpa Park used to send her daughter to the same school before putting her into BVB in LKG.
Children from Eurokids go to Euroschool which is affiliated to CBSE. It is also a good school but lacks a proper playground. I heard that their new campus has a good playground. So u need to check out when u come.

Beside Shipa Park at Kondapur, you will find Maharshi Vidya Mandir (MVM) , a good CBSE school. The fee is also economical. You will find its reviews too in this forum.





 Former member 2010-06-26 15:40:45


hi mickey & charu,

thank you so much for ur response..

we are plannig to visit hyderabad for the coming weekend..lets see the flats and situations.. do you know any good real estate agent in that area ? If so, i can directly call them and can ask them for the flats... pls let me know..

One more thing, how will be the independent house stay at hyderabad ?? Will that be secure or what?? In Mumbai, its very rare.. more over here we are paiyng 15000 for 1 bhk.. the rent is too high.., probably its because of the area and all.. I think in banjara & jubilee hills the rent is vey high, na ??

Shilpa park is seemed to be good, though it is near to my husband's office and hope Eurokids will provide van service.. Let me check the Malaysian township too...

The other thing, am still in very much confusion whether i have to go for CBSE or ICSE for my daughter!!!! Seems ICSE is very tough and am worried whether my daughter can handle it or not.. how we can judge our kids at this 2.5 ?? what i think is, let her go for theICSE first and let see the situation with her.. if am seeing she can't handle that, i'll put her into good CBSE schools... any suggestions ??


mickey 2010-06-27 13:04:03


Hi Cinna,

It is difficult to get independent houses in Gachibowli/Kondapur and Madhapur areas.

Yes the rents in Banjara Hills , Jubilee Hills are very high compared to Kondapur/Madhapur. Mumbai's rents are always sky rocketing !! Thank god, Hyd is far better in that aspect.

At  2.5 yrs , CBSE or ICSE doesn't matter Cinna. You can go ahead with ICSE as u r saying and if she can't cope up , shift her into a CBSE school later. Generally if children are from class 1 in ICSE school , they can cope up very easily. The syllabus becomes vast from class VII onwards.  You can decide that time.  After u come here, u can join her in Eurokids and try for Future kids which is an ICSE school at Puppalguda.

The pre-primary of Future kids is at Jubilee Hills. You will get the forms in Nov/dec this year. Future kids is good. One of my daughter's friends is studying here. She goes from Somajiguda which is pretty far.

Future kids

http://www.fkshyderabad.com ,Puppal Guda,Rajendranagar Mandal,R.R. Dist, Hyderabad Tel   : +91 040   32519742, +91 9959555342
email : futurekids@fkshyderabad.com
playschool  future kids

 79-B, Journalist Colony,Jubilee Hills,Hyderabad  500033
(Near Apollo Hospital)  Tel   : +91 040 23545045  email : playgroup@fkshyderabad.com



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thank you so much Kiran... :)

will let you know the updates once i reach there...





 Former member 2010-06-28 10:50:22


Hi Cinna,

As far as flat is concerned, you can have a look at SAI KESAV TOWERS, kondapur. It is just behind the NOVOTEL HOTEL and HITEX AREA. A very nice location; MORE departmental store is @ 5 minutes walk from the apartments and the rent is in the same range. Its barely 10 minutes to madhapur if u use ur vehicle. In the same area, there r plenty of apartments, - Silpa Residency, Silpa Park etc..

Gud Luck


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if u r loking for club facility n all and you both r working then u can go for malaysian township, kukatpally OR My Home Navadweepa, madhapur (its a bit costly , i guess).

There is Whitefields apartments, when you go towards gachhibowli from madhapur - this is also nearby and nice place.

good luck


 Former member 2010-06-28 23:00:08



hi Tuhi,


thank you so much for adding one more option to my lists... thanks alot :-))





buji 2010-06-29 15:31:10


Hi cinna,

In jubliee hills the locality is posh area and 3br will cost u approx frm 20 to 25k .  If ur intrested there is an appartment vacant in my flat also .Schools nearby is jhps and bvb which follows cbse syllabus. Its a normal apprt not a gated community. In euroschool it is there still 9th std  but veryfew students. If u want any details u can mail me to the inbox which i will be chkng regularly.




srikanth20002 2011-09-04 18:01:18


mamasian township wold be affordable and its equipped will all the modern amenities like clibhouse ,swimmingpool and etc , please check once .



srikanth20002 2011-09-04 18:01:58


malaysian township



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