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DurgaPrs4 2010-06-20 04:36:24


Hi Everybody!

Would somebody sugest about reputed ICS/CBS schools in Dilsuknagar area?

My daughter goes to 6th grade this year. We just came from USA and I dont want to send beyond Uppal/Tarnak/ABIDS/LBNagar area schools.

Appreciate any useful insight on this.


mickey 2010-06-20 10:07:55


Hi DurgaPrasad,

There are no CBSE schools near Dilsukhnagar except for  a few  State schools. Yes, there is a new CBSE school near Hayat Nagar called ZEE. But i think it is till 6th. I have seen its ad recently while going to my parents house at Dilsukhnagar.

ph of ZEE School  is  +91 9640884443

You will find Ramadevi Public School near Ramoji Film city which is a very good State school.

In Dilsukhnagar, you will find Brilliant Grammar School near Shashi Hospital . The State schools in and  around Dsnr   don't have a proper playground. They stress more on academics. There is Bhaashyam school too which is housed in an apartment. The X SSC results are excellent in Bhaasyam and Brilliant .You will have to send your daughter atleast till Abids or Tarnaka.

There are no ICSE schools either in Dsnr.  You will find Johnsons Grammar school in Tarnaka which is very good. But i doubt if you  could get admission now. You can always call up and ask. Similarly , you will find St Joseph's school (ICSE) , St Georges  Grammar School (Girls-ICSE)  in Abids. Most of the schools close admissions before the school re-opens.

Also your daughter will have to learn Telugu in a State(SSC) school. In CBSE, she has a choice to opt for French as a second language from class 8 if she doesnot know telugu.



AnjaniGupta 2011-08-11 16:29:40


Hi Mikey,

I have seen one school Saint Josephs schools in malakpet for ICSE syllls....any commments on it??




mickey 2011-08-11 19:33:11


 Hi Anjani, It is good. My cousin's son studied there for two yrs. However, she shifted him to DPS, Nacharam (CBSE) coz she felt the syllabus was too vast.




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