Hello Mickey, Need your advice on picking schools for my kids

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Horsleyhills82 2017-03-11 23:32:45


Purnima...All the schools admissions would be closed by now...But try Gitanjali Dev at Begumpet..Very good school... Nursery would be available I guess

NehaDs 2017-05-03 20:28:38


Hi Mickey.. nnAm looking for Indus Universal and Niraj Public school as options for grade 3 and pp2 (ukg) admission. Moving to hyd from mumbai based icse school. Can you plz let me know your view on these schools.. nnRdgs.. nNeha..

mickey 2017-05-03 23:02:52


Hi NehaDs,
Indus Universal School at Yapral is better if you are looking for overall development  of the child because the school focuses on both Academics as well as Extra-Curricular activities including Sports. It has a huge playground, good amenities and  follows CBSE curriculum. 
Niraj Public School at Ameerpet is an ICSE school, centrally located in the heart of the city and concentrates  more on Academics. It has good results in Class X. The campus is however smaller than Indus Universal. 
if you are very particular about ICSE, you could prefer Niraj Public School at Ameerpet. You could also consider HPS-Begumpet (ICSE) which is a well-known school in Hyderabad. 



ScoobyDooby 2017-05-04 03:18:54


Hi Mickey,

I am considering to admit my child in ISH (ICRISAT). We are relocating from the U.K and she is in year 6, in the U.K. All her education for the past 11 Yrs was in the U,K

When I looked at the age chart, she would go into grade 6 at ISH.

I have two queries, hope you can help me with your knowledge in this area.

1) Do you know, how good are the teaching and non teaching staff at the ISH school? Is there a high turnover of staff at the school or do they have long serving staff?

2) How practically difficult is it to get admissions into Indian universities after completing the IB diploma? I am concerned about the time lines, the admissions are over in Indian universities by the time ID diploma exams are conducted.

Best Regards



mickey 2017-05-06 21:17:24


Hi Scooby,
ISH is one of the oldest and best International schools in Hyderabad. It has students from around 28 countries.
I am not aware of its present fee structure but I am sure it must be quite high. It was around 
Rs 500000  4 years ago when one of my friends took admission for her kids in middle school. The teachers were quite good, long serving and experienced then and I am sure the school must have been maintaining its standard till date. My friend's kids were very happy with the school as they found the environment similar to the place where they studied earlier.  Kindly contact the Management, Parents and students when you visit this school to know more about its staff. My friend has relocated to US  else I would have given you the latest update. You could also consider Oakridge as such.
Regarding  admission in Indian Universities, IBDP  and  its suitability to Indian entrance exams, my two cents...

IBDP is a very challenging, practical and application based rigorous academic program. It has a broader spectrum of subjects and leads to all-round development. Apart from languages, Computer Science, Maths, Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Systems), Economics, Business Mgmt, Visual Arts, students also need to write essays, give presentations, engage in some form of Creativity, Sports and also do Social Service. It turns them into Global citizens and is best suited if you want your child to study abroad. 

CBSE and IBDP cannot be compared in terms of difficulty because the curriculum standards and teaching styles are quite different in both. CBSE is more suitable to appear for all entrance exams in India when compared to IBDP.

The results of IB are declared in July and Jan. Many Indian Universities do not take the predicted scores and need actual result for which the admission might be delayed in the Indian Universities. Though IB is a superior curriculum, it isn€™t in sync with the Indian system.

You could go through Mr. Ravi Lochan Singh€™s Blog too to know the suitability of IB curriculum in Indian Univ.


You could seek the Indian equivalent percentage of IB Diploma Programme points when applying for admission  as most of the Indian Universities seek percentage.

A few Universities in India give admission based on predicted grades as most of the Indian Universities finish the admission process in June and IB Diploma results are declared in July. May be you could apply to such Indian Universities which accept predicted grades.

Hope this helps.



Mclean12 2017-05-18 07:28:19


Are your kids attending ISH now? I need to admit my kids into 7th and 10th grades. We are seriously considering ISH. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks

Sanketha 2017-05-20 07:38:46


Hi Mickey, 

I'm looking for 2018 year admission for my son he is presently going to Pallavi Kidz DD colony for play group.

Please suggest me a school which has extra curricular activities and sports.


mickey 2017-05-20 16:26:34


Hi Sanketha,
There is a lot of time for you.You have to keep track from Oct'17 onwards. If you are staying in DD colony, you could prefer Aurobindo International (ICSE school in Vidyanagar) or HPS Ramanthpur, KV Uppal .
HPS and KVs  start  from Class 1.  You can try in these schools after your son completes  UKG/PP2.

If you like Pallavi Kids, may be you could prefer Pallavi Model School in Boduppal.


Ruchitaa 2017-05-30 11:34:54


hi mickey   
do you have any idea about scholars  international school at alkapur township,manikonda how is the school in academics and activities if u have any idea about it please reply as soon as possible and what are the good schools nearby manikonda 

Horsleyhills82 2017-05-30 15:07:30


Hi.... it's a OK sort of school. U can try Sri Chaitanya Olympiad at Kondapur..

Ruchitaa 2017-05-30 16:29:50


hi horsleyhills thanks for replying do u have any idea about pavitra international,dse,mount litera school manikonda little bit confused as to which school should be chosen for my child who will go in 1st class ur reply will help me


swamyt 2017-05-30 16:49:50


Hello My son got admission in KV Bownpally (pensionline) for Class 1 But I am not interested to join in KV because of some negative comments from friends and relatives. On my inquiry already admissions over in Chinmaya vidayalaya. Geetanjali & BVB (JHS). I am residing in Ameerpet.
In Sister nivedita and little scholar school still some seats available. In sister nivedita there are 8 sections for class 1. can any one help  me to choose good CBSE school near by SR Nager

Sanketha 2017-05-30 22:55:31


Thank you Mickey Ÿ˜Š
I have HPS Begumpet , meridian Banjara Hills , Vidyaranya on my list which on would be better ?? 

I am am not looking for a school which just conc on academics. I want something which gives more exposure to the student


Horsleyhills82 2017-05-31 11:25:54


Hi Ruchitaa... Mount litera is good compared to other one. But you should check on staff seasoning. Start of academic year old Sr staff would leaving.

mickey 2017-05-31 21:29:53


Hi Ruchitaa,
Scholars Intl and Mount Litera have mixed reviews. Mount Litera could be preferred for lower grades as such. Scholars too could be considered. I had spoken to three parents few months back whose kids were going to Scholars in lower grades. They were quite satisfied as such. You will find mixed reviews for every school in Hyd. I sincerely advise you to visit the school after it reopens and talk to a few students from lower as well as higher grades  and Parents too which would help you to decide.

Sri Chaitanya Olympiad as mentioned by Horselyhills follows integrated curriculum and  Class 10 certificate is from SSC Board.   You could prefer Olympiad/Techno  schools only after 6th or so and that too if your child is interested purely in Academics. You wouldn't find many activities in these schools as their main focus is on preparing the child for Professional Entrance Exams.

Pavitra Intl  is good and picking up. You can find many good reviews in this forum too. Apart from this, you can have a look at Bhasyam Blooms in Manikonda. 


mickey 2017-05-31 21:44:36


Hi Sanketha, 
All the three are leading schools and could be preferred. Meridian (CBSE) is the most expensive of all and  overall a good school.

Vidyaranya's concept is quite different from all the schools and believes in stress free education and no competitions. It is quite difficult to get into Vidyaranya unless the Parents do very well in the interviews..:)..esp in lower grades. Students don't have any uniform. It is an ICSE school.

HPS -Begumpet is quite old and established ICSE school and lays emphasis on all-round  development of the child. You will find many celebrities who have passed out from this school.The school has a huge playground too. 

You could prefer HPS, Vidyaranya followed by Meridian. 


Sanketha 2017-06-01 18:42:37


Hi Mickey,
Thank you , Your suggestions are really helpful.



Ruchitaa 2017-06-01 19:06:09


thanks mickey for such a nice explanation i will surely visit the school after reopening it and will take opinions from parents

R2imom2017 2017-08-28 15:00:39


Hello Kumar,
please let me know which school have you joined your kid.


Amena1234 2017-10-24 19:12:07


Hi Mickey Could u plz suggest good cbse school near masabtank area... planning for chaitanya jubilee as it is the only branch of cbse in chaitanya group Could u plz suggest some advice

ParthuMom 2017-10-26 16:33:37


HI Mickey,

Thanks a ton for your time and efforts to answer all the anxious parents' concerns. May God Bless you! You have no idea, what a relief, your responses would bring to us parents.

I have been following your responses from last two years. I first came to ParentTree two years back when I was planning to join my son into LKG (PP1). After lot of research and going through couple of schools' process, I retained him in the same playschool(cum daycare). We are working parents, and logistically I felt it is too hard to maintain the schedule of a normal school (which would finish at 12.30 pm) and then drop him in daycare thereafter. SO, took, that decision.

But, I am here again, looking for better schools, for his admission into grade1 in June 2018. We stay in Madhapur. And I am looking for some good schools in around this area. I went through processes of BVB JH, BVB ARR, JHPS, Obulreddy etc, which are good/old and economically viable options around, but did get through any of them. I am in the lookout of a school that helps my son have a balanced development of academics and extra curricular activities, including sports (most important). I wouldn't mind going through the process of above schools once again, but I doubt if I could be successful, given their stringent rules.

Though I was not very keen on international schools, initially, I am now inclined to them because of my rigid belief in balanced development (which I believe is not possible in schools that are run in single/multiple high raised buildings, without playground).

I do not want my son to go through the conventional systems of education and would prefer him to be a free spirited individual who would grow up to make his own life choices.

That said, I currently have below schools in my list:

1. Meridian Madhapur - closer to my home - but heard the standards have fallen down in last two years and isn't worth the money any longer.

2. Chirec - Difficult to get thrugh, but want to try my BEST. ANy tips?

3. Oakridge, Gachibowli - VERY expensive - but still considering.....

4. Sloka, Chilkur - I would love to send here - but reconsidering with distance in mind

5. DPS Kajaguda - Want to consider it. But Heard comments about not a great culture for kids to grow. comment plz...

6. Hillside, Jubilee hills

7. HPS, Begumpet - would love to be here, but not sure if we can get through the process.

8.CGR, Manthan, GlobalEdge, Glendale - not sure. did not explore much. do not have a great opinion on them, keeping my priorities in mind. But open to any suggestions from you.

These are some of the schools, I narrowed down, after little research. I have really not explored all ends, yet. Would be glad if you can suggest/ comment based on your experience.

Many thanks in advance!





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