Hello Mickey, Need your advice on picking schools for my kids

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Kumar2016 2016-10-02 02:02:59


Thanks Mickey...
I agree parents have a much important role to play.

I already have contact info of one of the parents for Rockwell. I will check with Vivek about Gaudium as you suggested.

srid27 2016-10-03 08:46:12


Kumar2016, can you share the feedback you received from Rockwell parent especially Kokapet campus as we didnt visit that yet. Coming to communities, I see a few like Rajpushpa Atria which are coming up and will be ready by Next Summer ..I was kind of banking on those.
But any other suggestions from your contact will help as well. Can you please email me at sridhyd27@gmail.com as I have few questions ?
I can create a Google Group for all folks planning to move from USA next year as well , others let me know your interest.

SPavanKumar 2016-10-03 13:18:32


Hi Mickey,
We are planning to admit my kid into 1st grade and we stay near ECIL. Do you have any opinion on Foster Billabong High International School (Saket Campus) and Indus Universal School (Yapral). We looked at both the schools, but Indus looks more stabilized and with good infrastructure.
However, we are concerned on how the education system is both these schools. Fee structure - both the schools almost have the same fee structure annually. Could you please provide your inputs?


Kumar2016 2016-10-03 21:53:33


I haven't been able to talk to her yet. Their kid is in 2nd grade of Rockwell school probably Jubilee Hills campus (haven't confirmed that yet). I should be able to get in touch with them in a day or two. Will keep you posted.
I'm interested to participate in the google group, here's my email id: amittami@gmail.com
We might be able to share any ideas or help out each other with the R2I.

sree0829 2016-10-03 23:12:43


@srid27, I am interested to participate in the google group too. You have my email ID so please feel free to add me. As Kumar said, We all can share more information or help each other with R2I. 


SPavanKumar 2016-10-03 23:25:21


Rockwell is good. If you are living near kondapur, tellapur, u might chose Manthan as well. Meridian is good as well. These schools are good provided u have an annual budget of minimum 1.5 to 1.75 lacs. While Rockwell has IB, IGCSE& CBSE, Manthan has IgCSE and CBSE. IGCSE is introduced in 9th And 10th grade.

Kumar2016 2016-10-03 23:55:38


Hi Pavan,
Thanks for the info...
Apart from the high fees, are there any other Cons to these schools?
I'm actually looking to pick the school and then choose a good gated community nearby.


sree0829 2016-10-04 01:28:08


@Pavan, Thank you so much for the info. Do you know any gated communities close by to these schools? I came to know there is water problem in Kondapur in some communities. 
It will be very helpful for us if you can share that information if you have. Thank You.

SPavanKumar 2016-10-04 11:59:25


If u want to admit your kid in Manthan, then you can plan to rent a house in Aparna Cyberzon or Manjeera Diamond if u need a gated community.

Kumar2016 2016-10-04 18:00:47


Hi Pavan,
Do you know of any good gated communities if we are joining our kids in Gaudium (Kollur) or Rockwell (Kokapet)?

sree0829 2016-10-04 20:22:07


@Pavan Thank you for the information.

chsp 2016-10-09 19:59:59


Kumar2016 If you are planning for Manthan, you have many gated communities near by. Aparna Sarovar, Cyber commune, Himasai Lake view towers, Manjeera diamond etc. 

Kumar2016 2016-10-10 06:46:19


@chsp Thanks for the information...
Any idea about good residential areas if we opt for Rockwell (Kokapet) or Gaudium (Kollur)?


indym272 2016-11-23 19:30:19


Hello Mickey,

I live near Miyapur and looking for good schools within 10Km range of distance for my daughter for PP2 admission. 

From infrastructure and overall repute point of view, DPS Miyapur, Sentia, Kennedy Global and Silver Oaks looks good.

But, it gets me think how do we diffentiate between these schools and decide which would be th best one for we parents.

With your knowledge, kindly please guide me through this!!




chsp 2016-11-24 08:55:23


Kumar2016 really no idea about residential areas in kokapet or Kollur

Ash25 2017-01-18 04:44:01


Hi sree0829
We r moving from UK to hyd this MAY.
Did U decide any school ?
Please share the information.

sree0829 2017-01-18 08:06:42


Hi Ash25, We finally decided to go with Rockwell International due to multiple factors. Personally, I am very reluctant to pay high fess for schools but my elder son is going to 4th grade and knowing him I felt Rockwell is better for him. There are few other limitations for us to choose this school and we are staisfied with the school. We just blocked the seat yesterday and need to do some research on housing , shipping, etc. Please do let me know if I can be of any help to you. 


Agnipuneeta 2017-02-08 12:02:51


Pls suggest me cbse schools near l b nagar

Agnipuneeta 2017-02-08 12:03:31


For 4th std

mickey 2017-02-12 21:59:28


Hi Agnipuneeta,

You could prefer the following schools  which are near LB Nagar:-

Akshara International in LB Nagar,
Edify World School in Balapur (near LB Nagar),
Sloka Birla School in LB Nagar,
DPS in Nadergul,
Delhi International School in LB Nagar,
Mount LItera Zee School in Hayath Nagar,
Unicent School in Nagole,
KV no 1 in Uppal,
HPS Ramanthpur ,
Sarathi School in Habsiguda, http://www.sarathischool.org/index.html,
Tejasvi Vidyaranya School in Habsiguda http://tejasvividyaranya.com/index.php?page=index
Pallavi Model School in Boduppal,
GIIS -Global Indian International School in Peerzadiguda (near Uppal )
All the above schools follow CBSE.
Schools in Uppal, Ramanthpur , Boduppal, Nagole, Habsiguda are within 10km from LB Nagar and could be preferred if you are satisfied with the school and the fee structure. Pl do visit the schools and decide..

Johnsons Grammar in LB Nagar follows ICSE
Johnsons Grammar School in Habsiguda is the main school which is very good. 
Ramadevi Public School -ICSE near Ramoji Film city  is a very good  school but it would be quite far. 

There are many discussion threads about schools in and around LB Nagar, Vanasthalipuram, Hayathnagar , Dilsukhnagar in this forum. You could go through the following links to know more about these schools in detail.


Hope this helps.

mickey 2017-02-12 22:01:55


Hello friends,
Sorry to not have responded to earlier queries in this thread. I was quite occupied for the last 3 months and couldn't login.

 Hi Indym,
Have you decided any school ?

Hi Pawan,
Foster Billabong is good and picking up. However Indus is preferable over Foster.


2508shouarya 2017-03-02 22:47:35


Hi mickey,

I find your posts and replies are very much helpful.i have a doubt on age criteria. My son is march born 2013, he is in lkg now, if I had to apply for 1st class, is he eligible for ICSC schools?? And suggest me some good schools in icsc around Himayat nagar to begumpet area.


23purnima 2017-03-03 00:58:06


Hi Mickey can u suggest good cbse schools for my 3 yr old son nursery admission in and around begumpet

Agni5 2017-03-04 13:14:06


I joined my son in shloka birla

nitanta 2017-03-04 23:21:04


hello, i stay in bowenpally. my son is 2 and half yrs old now and i am looking for a good preschool in this area. can you guide me on how to choose a good school,should i think from a 3 yr point of view now or should i think about school which will cater till 10th class

shail7 2017-03-11 18:23:01


Hi mickey my son is with foster and it's just not good.all the parent's are not happy at all.i request parents not to go Fosters


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