4 Year old Autistic kid associated with too much of Hyperactivity..Please help..!!

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shivom 2016-09-27 18:22:11


Hi All,

Need you advice for my Kid who is 4 Years 4 months old currently and has been diagnosed with Mild Autism at the age of 2 years 10 months and since then we have started his therapies(O.T, Speech).

He has few developmental issues like:

•             Delayed Speech / Communication issues.

•             Too much of Hyperactive all the time.

•             Behavior Issues.

•             Poor Writing skills (Just started writing)

•             Doesn’t respond to his name at once, need to call him multiple times.

•             Poor Social Skills

•             Moderate eye contact

He communicates only when he needs something and only speaks in single words and not sentences and that too kind of artificial as if he is speaking from his memory and not generally as people talk.

He has started speaking in single words when he was 3 Years 6 Months old, points to things or his needs whenever required but lacks attention. Doesn’t has proper eye contact, Always hyperactive and rarely sits at one place and constantly jumps all the time and doesn't respond to his name properly (we need to call him a couple of times and then he will just look back at us), rarely mingles and plays with other kids.

We are currently giving him some therapies (O.T, Speech) and found bit improvement. But he is like...shows improvement and stops of all of a sudden. Likes playing with toys, naming objects in the books, cycling, swimming and he recognizes the objects well (few of them) and is good at memory.

But these days, he is throwing lot of tantrums and also being aggressive.

He used to be bit calm earlier when he was having his O.T and Speech therapy sessions.
but, now a days it is really getting difficult to handle him.

Is there any way we can decrease/control his hyperactivity..?

Please Help..!!!

Thank you.

prabhavmom 2016-09-28 11:40:06


hi shivom,
To suggest you even better plz let us know few things....Does your son goes to school? If so, Regular or Special school? If he does not go to school, how you plan his day? What does he do in an entire day? Does he has good enough sleep?Any medication  are you using for hyperactivity? Is hyperactivity the only issue?
First of all as the parents of hyperactive kid you need to be very patient (though their behavior frustates us) in handling the kid. If he goes to school, soon after coming back from school, after snack time make him sit do homework(any productive activity). Important thing is identify his areas of interest. so that u can concentrate on it. encourage him alot. Is it possible for you to take him for swimming. It helps a great deal in reducing hyperactivity. I can strongly say Swimming is the best exercise. All you need to do is to try out productive ways to drain out excess energy in him. As hyper active children possess have high energy levels. Do you follow any diet restrictions? If not completly avoid sugar(Sweet). Prepare a timetable and make your child get aquainted to it. It is not easy but gradually they will come to the track. It all depends on you(Mother). 
I am also a mother of 9year old ADHD child. Even he was very hyper at the age of 4. Gradually he improved. Its not an easy job. But plz dont give up. Your child's behavior reflects how you groom him.
If you are interested you can consult Dr Rangacharyulu, Ayurvedic physician in kachiguda for hyperactivity problem. 
All the best

shivom 2016-09-28 13:53:57


Hi Prabhavmom,

Thank you for your valuable suggestions.

To answer your questions further:

Does your son goes to school? If so, Regular or Special school?
Yes, My son goes to regular school.but teachers do complain a lot that he is too hyperactive and causing disturbances in the class and there should be a dedicated teacher for him.

If he does not go to school, how you plan his day? What does he do in an entire day?
If he does not go to school we start with home based speech therapies and also involve him in some activities and take him for a walk outside or for swimming and cycling. we never leave him idle/alone.

but if ..He goes to school ...

He wakes up at 06:30 am and we start with a warm up speech therapy which involves talking upon his basic needs  and from 08:00 AM to 02:00 PM he is at school, and once he is back from school ..he goes for therapy sessions(Speech and O.T).

after his therapies, he will come to home and have some activities and then dinner and back to sleep.I think to skip the school some times and have him activity sessions more.but all the time i hear from the therapies is he is good at activities and at memory but hyperactive and is expressive/lacks communication and social interactions.

Does he has good enough sleep?Any medication  are you using for hyperactivity? Is hyperactivity the only issue?
Yes, he never had any sleep problems.except when he is ill.
we use to give him some medications but soon stopped them as it had some negative impact on him.
He is Hyper active and doesn't initiate communication(eg: when we ask him...what happened back at school he don't know what to answer, cant express his feelings), not socially active with his peers and speaks only he needs something.has very little eye contact.
Has some behaviour issues. doesn't know how to behave when we are outside.
He is hyperactive all the time and always recites some rhymes which he might have learnt at school.at the age of 4 and half years he should be generally speaking in sentences but he doesn't..he only speaks in few words ..that too when he needs something..like water to drink..or playing with toys..etc.

Ye, he goes to swimming every alternative day.

Doctors say that he is mild autistic and also hyperactive.

He is on GFCF diet and currently we are giving him omega-3 and vitamin supplements.

May i ask you...at what age did your child started speaking?? is he a calm kid now and was your kid only hyperactive?
was the ayurveda medicine from Dr Rangacharyalu effective enough to decrease hyper acitivity.?

Please advise.. and also if possible, could you give me the contact number of Dr Rangacharyulu..?

Thank you very much.



prabhavmom 2016-10-04 11:39:11


Hi Shivom,
Sorry for the late response. Here is the address of the Ayurvedic Physician
Ayurveda Kala Mandiram â€ƒ
Address: Kachiguda, Behind Basant Functional Hall, Kachiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500027Phone:040 2756 5140Yes his medicine works effectively. One of my family friend is continuing medication for her daughter. she is very much satisfied with the progress.
Coming to my son, he has got seizures problem, through which the problem of hyperactivity cropped up.
He is very much better now.  We took him to Dr Rangacharyulu, he said his medicine should not be used along with the english medicine which we are using for Seizures. 
As we cant stop giving medicine (for seizures) we just kept quiet. Ofcourse v r planning to take him again.
 But i have personally seen a patient (5year old boy) in the clinic itself with such issues. His mother said he has improved alot. 
All I would like to say is once you consult Dr Rangacharyulu. Hopefully his medicine may give good results. 


8infinity8 2016-12-05 10:43:37


Hi Shivom, Can you tell me to which center are you taking your kid for OT? Thanks!

parik05 2016-12-06 11:29:30


Cut down all preservatives, additives apart from sugar. It may help.
I go a lot of help from another parent of a special child who improved tremendously.
Take care



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