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Prema0507 2016-08-25 12:55:30


Hi All, 
I am looking out for Brainobrain classes in and around Kukatpally . I stay near Hitech City Railway Station. Do you know any such classes around? My daughter is 4 years old. My cousin's son has been going for this class since 3 years at Blore and has improved in concentration, multi tasking, maths very well. These classes are conducted only during weekends for 2 hours. 

madhumai 2016-08-26 12:20:22


If you come to know such kind of classes please let me know. I would like to join my child their.


Prema0507 2016-08-26 14:43:31


@madhumai is the official website
They teach abacus and other skills too. I have seen videos singing and doing calculation in mind parallelly. Its great for kids
I know there is one in Srinagar Colony. But looking for one near by my house. 

madhumai 2016-08-29 11:28:01


Hey  Prema0507,
I have enquired about brainobrain, the main branch is in punjagutta and so many other branches are available which will be nearby to our house.
Try to contact them they will guide you for nearby branch.


Prema0507 2016-08-29 12:54:56


Hi @madhumai Do you have any contact number of address of this main punjagutta branch? Punjagutta is very far away from my house. I am looking for a branch in Kukatpally or Hitech city. I got below address and phone number: 

Location: 5-85, 5K House 1st floor, Opposite Nagarjuna Grammar School, Behind Bharat Petrol Pump, Chanda Nagar. 

Contact: 7095157755

But this phone number is switched off :-( 


madhumai 2016-08-29 15:19:45


I spoke to the Incharge prasanthi - 7842260324 and there is a branch in kukatpally. Talk to her she will guide you on your nearest branch. You can even take my name Madhavi as reference.
Let me know once you talk to her.


Prema0507 2016-08-29 19:38:14


@madhumai Thankyou so much. I talked to Prasanthi Mam and she said she will be sending branch details to me. Appreciate your help. 

madhumai 2016-08-30 10:54:57


Hi prema,
Thats very nice. How old is your kid? my child is 6yrs old and she is in 1st standard studying in Rosary convent High school. 
There is a new batch starting from next sunday it seems in red hills brainobrain branch. Though I have not visited the branch, is it useful for our kids? I don't have any idea about this and no child is going to brainobrain in my circle.
Can you tell me how good it is so that I can visit the branch and join my child there if it is useful for her. I hope there is no impact on studies.
If you are ok you can share your mobile no. so that we can communicate through watsup.


Prema0507 2016-08-31 11:30:04


My daughter is 4 years old and goes to DPS LKG. I am planning to visit kukatpally and chandanagar branch during this weekend. Will let you know my feedback. I will share few youtube links to your inbox so that you can see what exactly kids do after getting trained in brainobrain. Where do you stay ? 

madhumai 2016-08-31 12:18:06


i stay in abids. My email ID is you can share the videos to this address.

madhumai 2016-09-06 11:09:53


Hi Prema0507,
Did you visit brainobrain branch. How did you feel there. 
I went to my nearest branch, only one single room was there to accommodate 10-15 students. When I saw on website the infrastructure is different. So now I am in a confusion whether to join my kid there or not.
What about your experience?

Prema0507 2016-09-06 14:53:06


@madhumai I did not visit any branch so far. Was very busy this weekend bcoz of festival and relatives. Planning for coming weekend. Classes are taken during weekends. I will visit a branch and let you know. 

madhumai 2016-09-12 10:24:16


Hi prema,
Did you joined your kid in brainobrain?


kala1 2017-04-11 20:03:54


Hi Prema
I also need to know the nearest brain o brain branch near Hitec city MMTS station. Can you please let me know which branch ( as you seem to have already visited chanda nagar , kukatpally branches) .
Please let us know your child's experience .


 Former member 2017-06-13 01:43:11


whats d fee and did anyone join their kids? how are they progressing? Please provide your inputs.

Prema0507 2017-06-13 10:57:25


Hi all, I visited the Chandanagar branch once: Sk- house, 1st floor, Manjeera road, Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad - 500050, opp. Nagarjuna grammar schhol, behind bharath petrol pump.  This is almost at Lingampally.. and is very far away from my place. I talked over phone with the Kukatpally branch and they said that they dont take 4 years old students. Now that my daughter has turned 5.. I am looking out for other good branches. 


Prema0507 2017-06-13 10:59:04


If somebody from the circle join their kids, please let me know. I have seen many branches in Chennai and Blore. Many of my friends are sending their kids there. Those kids are excellent in all Math skills. I was soo impressed by them. I wonder why there are less branches in Hyderabad! :-( 

 Former member 2017-06-15 00:13:39


what about timings and fees / duration @Prema0507?

Prema0507 2017-06-15 11:03:19


There are many levels in this. Fees is Rs 800 per month. 

 Former member 2017-06-16 14:42:30


Thanks prema0507

kala1 2017-07-17 14:51:19


Hi Prema0507,

I did not how exactly to do inbox so that I can reach out to you further.
Did you find any other place / branch in this last 10 months which will improve the maths ability of children.

I am also looking for  enrolling a 5 year old kid. So, your earliest input will be highly appreciated.



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