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misspoojagupta 2016-07-25 09:39:44


Hi All,
I am looking for best preschool in Kukatpally. Some of the best preschools of hyderabad like Globe Totters, IELC, Chirec , Blue Blocks etc are in Jubilee Hills /Banjara Hills. I have met many kids from schools like Globe Totters, IELC etc and I can see the difference, the confidence , english fluency in kids is amazing.

But , these schools are too far from Kukatpally.
Are there any play school in kukatpally which matches standards of these pre schools.
I have kept aside good amount of budget for pre school, so its okay even if fee structure is very high.

sahithi19 2017-06-14 01:10:48


Hi Pooja! 
I'm looking for a pre school for my 2yr old kid. Can u please suggest me in taking proper decision of preschools in kukatpally? Which preschool did u select for your kid?  
Regars, Sahithi.


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