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Amazon 2016-06-16 17:59:17


Dear All

Currently my elder son is in 3rd stnd at Niraj Public School, but seems they are just money minded, even during picnic they cant provide snacks, asks kids to get from home, fees is exorbitant.

1. Is HPS better option over Niraj Public School in terms of education quality, stress for kids etc

2. My younger kid is 3 yrs, should I opt him for HPS Begumpet

Kindly suggest & Help

mickey 2016-06-17 14:21:34


Hi Amazon,
Yes, HPS is better in all respects. Do try for  pre-primary in HPS. The school has started Kindergarten this yr.  

Amazon 2016-06-25 06:53:11


Hi Mickey
Great to see your reply, sure will try to get admission in HPS for my younger kid
Also please advice, shifting my elder son from Niraj Public School to HPS Begumpet will be a good move !
Thanks a ton


mickey 2016-06-25 11:37:53


Hi Amazon,

Having both the kids in the same school always helps. As you aren't that happy with the present school, you could try for HPS.

ICSE syllabus in any school would be a bit stressful. In higher grades, students need to self study and put lot of effort be it any school.

Schools like HPS encourage all-round development and not just focus on academics. The school has many extra-curricular activities for the students. These activities are not only stress buster but also groom their personality and improve  their confidence levels.  

Pl do check with higher grade students in Niraj  about academics & other activities and then decide. 



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