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Sushma29 2016-06-16 11:49:07


Hi Mickey, In a great trouble now and you are the one who is going to help me out.. my kid is 4.10 yrs old and got admission into pp2 in manthan in January. As we were asked to relocate to bangalore I did not pay any fees there and now we had to stay back. Now there will be a reassessment test again and then only admission will be given on which I don't have hopes. I felt it is better I join her into kidzee or bachpan madhapur and try once again next year if admission is not given. I also felt can try for kv begumpet next year but heard that kv's are going to close admissions for outsiders from next year. To what extent is this true. Please do reply and help me Mickey Thanks in advance 😊

mickey 2016-06-18 17:21:34


Hi Sushma,

KVs are making the admission process online and centralized. There is no clarity regarding the 'no outsiders'. It is better to call up KV Sanghatan and find out. I will try to find out. You too could visit any KV and find out. 
Regarding Manthan, you can always tell the Management about the relocation if interested. Yes, it is better to
go ahead with pre-school chains like Bachpan or Kidzee incase you plan to join your child in KV. Are you planning to shift to Begumpet/Sec'bad?  
You could consider KV Picket too. 


Sushma29 2016-06-21 11:58:59


Hi Mickey, Thanks for your suggestion and now again a dilema to join in kidzee or in bachpan. Manthan I have decided not to join because the way they are responding to my call is not at all satisfactory. Please help me Mickey

mickey 2016-06-22 12:28:30


Hi Sushma,
Bachpan - Madhapur is preferrable.  My cousin's daughter studied there  for 2 yrs and she was quite happy.
I am not very sure of Kidzee. Pl find out from other parents personally incase you want to opt for Kidzee. 

Vijay80 2016-06-22 12:32:36


Can anyone share their feedback and experiences with KV Gachibowli, teachers, Communication, Curriculum, Sports, Extra Curriculum Activities.....etc



Vijay80 2016-06-22 14:15:29


Hello Mickey
Looks like you are active in helping parents taking a good decision on choosing schools, Thanks for that :)

I am actually looking for Jun 2017 Nursery, already started the hunt couple of months ago. :)
I Stay at Gulmohar Park near Serilingampally. I have visited some of the schools but seems like almost every school have their own Pros and Cons...

I am actually looking for all-round development of the child, not very specific to only study curriculum.
Actually looking for Communication, Activity, research or project based learning, Xtra Curricular activities like Music , Dance...Sports.

Overall looking for balanced curriculum for the all the elements mentioned above.
Have some schools in my radius, below is the list.

Pavithra International School (Nallagandla By Pass) - 0.5 km
Sancta Maria (Lingampally) - 0.5 km
Epistemo Global (Nallagandla) - 2.9 km
Manthan International (Tellapur) - 6.4 km
Vista School - 8 km
Gaudium School - (Nanakramguda) - 9.2 km
Gaudium School - (Kollur) - 10.5 km
DPS Khajaguda - (Khajaguda) - 10.9 km
Phoenix Greens (Nursery to PP2 - Gahibowli) - 9.1 km
Phoenix Greens (Grade 1 to X - Kokapet) - 13 km
KV Gachibowli - 7.4 km
Sanskriti - 5.5 km

I think the list is too much, sorry i can understand :)
So, can you pls help me in deciding on the school, as i said earlier i am looking for all round development of the child in every area.
I know it is difficult to find but atleast with your knowledge, can you help me in short listing at least 2 or 3 either from the above schools mentioned or you can suggest any other school which i may have missed it here..

Thanks in Advance :)



Vijay80 2016-06-23 17:28:27


Hello Rajneesh,

Thank You for your suggestion, will look into it for sure.




mickey 2016-06-24 10:46:17


Hi Vj,

You have started your search way too early..:)... I have  replied to you about Vista and DPS in other thread.  

In DPS, Nursery is equivalent to LKG/PP1. Age(3.5-4.5yrs) unlike other schools. 

The schools which you have listed are good and could be preferred according to your budget and distance. Personally I prefer a school which is close by as it has lot of advantages. 

Manthan/Gaudium/Sancta Maria/DPS followed by Sanskriti/Vista.  Though Gaudium  is new, it has good reviews and parents are liking it. You could check reviews of Gaudium and other schools in this  forum too. 

If your child is satisfying the age criteria in DPS, you could prefer this school too for all-round development of your child. 

KVs start from Class 1 however you wouldn't find  all the luxuries and amenities as provided by Intl schools but it has everything that a school needs with good teachers. Every parent has his/her own priorities, so select a school accordingly as you have lot of time to survey..:)...

All The Best!


Vijay80 2016-06-24 13:31:23


Hello Mickey,
Thanks very much for the response.
That was Good Valuable Information :)
My Child just turned 2 yrs this month. (June 2016) i guess DPS is out of reach now as it will be Nov 2017 by the time my child completes 3.5 but admissions happen for Jun, in this case i have to look out for alternatives as my child does not satisfy age criteria. :(

So as per your suggestion list (Manthan/Gaudium/Sancta Maria/DPS followed by Sanskriti/Vista.)

Among the above, I actually visited Sancta Maria (Excellent Infrastructure and decent curriculum with xtra curricular activities, need to talk to couple or more parents on the feedback) , Sanskriti (For me it looks like a good school with limited facilities)
Planning to visit couple of schools tomorrow (Manthan and Gaudium) followed by Vista...

Will let you know once i have some information.



Vijay80 2016-09-16 15:11:04


Hello Mickey,
Hope you remember me :)
We spoke about schools couple of months ago....
This is regarding my daughter who will turn 3 in Jun 2017, I know its still too early but was not able to finalize on any school though i have been to Phoenix, Chirec, Sancta Maria, Gaudium, Vista, Manthan & Sanskriti in this 2 months period :)
I am looking for Nursery admission, and apart from Sancta Maria (which is 5 min away from my home) and Vista & Manthan (approx 8km from home) others are over 10 km and my daughter has to travel 2 hrs per day in school transport if i have to choose any other school, and i just started to think on those lines forcefully as i am not really happy to send 10 to 15 km to school on a daily basis.

So, can you please guide me for good schools where my kid will be groomed well on overall development, with less pressure.

I Stay in Gulmohar Park, near Lingampally

Thanks a Ton in Advance..........



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