Primary 3 or Primary 4? Any seats in any good schools?

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123arvind 2016-06-13 17:16:21


Hello Parents,
I am shifting from Singapore to Hyderabad in Aug. My kid here would have then completed 8 months in class 3 here. He is october 2007 born. I am unable to decide if he should be start in class 4 or 3 there? I called up few schools today, but none of them had a seat left. Can someone suggest which schools I should try for? And should he start class 3 or 4 ?


mickey 2016-06-15 19:51:54


Hi Arvind, 
There will be schools where you could admit your son. Where do you plan to stay in Hyd?
You could try in Vista School, Sanskriti , Vignan's World one, Green Gables Intl. CGR Intl, Meridian - Madhapur. Ideally he should be in grade 4 but that is not compulsory. 
After you relocate, let the school assess your child and then you could decide. Have a look at the books of grade 4 when  
you come here else you could see few of the publications online too. As he will be  completing 8 months in grade 3, you could opt for grade 4. However it is better to get his assessment done before you decide. His trasition in Indian schools should be smooth.  



RoshMom 2016-06-16 08:01:21


Hi Arvind, 

Singapore primary 3 is equivalent to grade 4 or class 4 in india as well as in US. And more over children in Singapore start  kindergarten at 5+. The portions covered in primary 3 is covered in class 4 in india. So you  can definitely go for class 4 unless you don't mind repeating the grade. But the schools should be aware of this fact. Probably you could take the syllabus with you to discuss with them

123arvind 2016-06-16 15:43:39


Thanks RoshMom and Mickey for your inputs. After getting a NO SEAT reply from several school, I got in touch with Oak Ridge school (Bachupally campus) which had 1 seat left for class 4. I have "blocked" that seat and so I am bit relieved. I have two more questions for parents in Hyderabad now-
1. This school seems bit far from city. Which would be reasonable locations to choose for living so that distance to school is moderate while I am also not from city amenities (I have never been to hyderabad and my office would be in Bachupally area only).
2. How is this school? I had read good about it, but seems they have two campuses and I am not sure if both campuses are good. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.




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