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Kavitabh 2016-06-12 04:11:59


Hello All,
I need to get my son enrolled for L.K.G, Lookig for good C.B.S.E in ad around Kothapet. I was looking for schools which equally cocentrate both academics as well as sports, as im late to start admissions in Johnso Grammar L.B nagar and Habsiguda already closed.
Im able to get one seat in Johnson Grammar, Vanasthalipuram. But JG Van does't have a good playground. I could find Sarathi C.B.S.E at Habsiguda, it seems to have good playground. Can some one please advice which one should be my choice, i have to enrol my kid in next 2-3 days time. You can please suggest if any other C.B.S.E options nearby Kothapet,Uppal, Habsiguda,Dilsukhnagar as well please 

mickey 2016-06-12 12:40:25


Hi Kavitabh,
You could consider Unicent- Nagole , Little Flower School in Uppal and Vidyanjali Grammar School near White House in LB Nagar. Vidyanjali is also a good school which will soon get  CBSE affiliation.
My neighbour has visited the school recently for her daughter's admission. http://vgsedu.com/features.html
It has a new curriculum for  kindergarten children. 
I have no idea about Sarathi School.


Kavitabh 2016-06-12 16:57:46


ok thanks a lot for your suggestion , will explore same

Kavitabh 2016-06-12 18:43:16


Please advise for Paineeya Mahavidyalaya dilsukhagar, affiliated to CBSE and OAKWood too.


mickey 2016-06-13 09:15:17



Kavitabh 2016-06-14 01:39:39


Hi Mickey,
Thanks for your response. Time is really ticking for me as many schools already started and few are about to start on 15 but im yet to figure out good and faesible option for my kid, coming to good quality academics plus offering good playground activities fun and foremost nearby vicinity kothapet.
today i visited Akshara International School , very near to LBNagar, found school good.Campus is very nice. Fees is quiet high ofcourse. Its seems they have CBSE affiliation till class iX ad next year they may get for X. Things couldn't make out was could't speak to teachers personally due to management Rule seems(i went in closing hours as well) and could't see books as they said they follow OXFORD publication which is open standard ad i can check on web if desired.
Any suggestions about AKSHARA Mickey?. I visited St.Joseph Habisguda too. Adm Fee is high i addition to normal annual Tuition Fee
St.Jospeph Habsiguda is far too. Not sure why its being so tough to get a good decent CBSE school i and around Chaitanyapuri/Kothapet though its such good residential area of Hyd.
One more suggestion Mickey, can you please advice about Sarathi CBSE at Habsiguda, i visited that campus too it seems good campus. Fees is also decent fine can say. On youtube able to see good cultural activities videos for same school and couple of good reviews.
I could even see Delhi International school in Karmanghat(adjacent to Global hospital). Planning to explore school tomorrow as it was 5 PM when just crossed the school on way back home.PL. suggest with your advice for this too 

Sorry Mickey if bothering with too many queries but feel you have good expertise knowledge and i can take good decision with your advice.
Tomorrow will visit Sanskriti DSNR as able to see mentioned by one of parent and most probably hoping to get a good option and finalize by tomorrow EOD.Thanks....Good night


Kavitabh 2016-06-14 01:51:55


Mickey one more point plz, im getting a seat in Johnson Grammar Vanasthalipuram too but again its very far and no good playground.Not able to convince myself as is it good to compromise facilities for a good brand as End of day practicality is all what matters.  

mickey 2016-06-15 01:15:48


Hi Kavitabh, 

Though Dilsukhnagar being a good residential area, there are hardly any CBSE schools here. I have come across many parents who  prefer SSC board in this area. You seem to have done lot of homework on schools. ..:)...
Regarding the schools that you mentioned -

Akshara is ok. I think it is better to wait till it gets  affiliation. Last yr I met a parent who shifted his son from Akshara to Sanskriti in class  6 citing high fees and poor academics. It is better to check with other parents before taking a decision. 

Sarathi School in Habsiguda seems to have good rating and I found some positive reviews too. 

Delhi International School is starting from this yr and it is too early to say anything.It is better to prefer an established school. 

Good to know that your child got admission in Johnson Grammar. Congrats! It is indeed a tough decision to make compromising on something which you really want.I think you can request the Coordinator to keep the admission on hold for a week or so while you decide .

Sanskriti The School in Dilsukhnagar/ Kothapet follows integrated curriculum and follows Oxford Publication& CCE pattern. From 6th  onwards, it follows SSC Board. You could see my replies to Littlegani  in the below thread. 
Other schools which you could consider are Little Flower in Uppal and Vidyanjali Grammar School near White House - LB Nagar. Vidyanjali is expecting to get CBSE affiliation very soon. My friend in Dsnr has recently admitted her daughter in Little Flower in class 9. Fees is around 50K. You can find in its website too. 

Bachpan/ Academic Heights in Kothapet is affiliated to CBSE but the school doesn't have a  playground. It seems to take kids to an adjacent open plot for playing. Kids later go to Boduppal campus in higher grades. 



Kavitabh 2016-06-16 02:34:44


Thanks a lot Mickey for your response i was eagerly waiting since yeasterday actually.
yes i ought to do a lot of homework as not getting school of my choice . Johnson LBnagar my choice nearby but i approached late i want to go with CBSE.
Today i happened to visit Delhi Interational , they are about to commence from this Jun 20, fee is ok for good infrastructure (45 approx) but have kept this option open as yet need to visit school when ready and meet teachers...(sharing my findings for other parents referece)
Akshara i received couple of positive responses from existing parents but distance factor and high fee is stopping me(a lot for travel to kids i feel  to meet our ambitions) even management im not sure how much open they will be..
GRKG i found one more school Akshara Global International tjust this year opened , very near to saroornagar kaman, CBSE affilated seems fees is also less, but same new school...even Saroornagar Lotus Lap ok ok i felt
Mickey tired with all searches planning to visit tomorrow Tree House as incharge over there seems more trained to educate and handle kindergarten, may be UKG i can try for good school and now i can concentrate on his basics i feel ...Lets see tomorrow...

Thanks again and Good night Mickey and all...


Kavitabh 2016-06-16 02:38:32


Mickey as adviced by you shall visit Vidyanjali Grammar School as well tomorrow as last option before finalizing..

vanshumom 2016-06-16 16:06:12


Hi Kavitabh,
My kid is studying in Akshara International School. 
We took the admission for her when they started the campus itself in 2013 in 2nd class. Its a good school with ample of space. They have 2 pools too (not for name sake). I dont think fee is not that high if you compare with johnson grammer and DPS. My kid enjoys going to school. There was not even a single day where in she says she doesnt want to go to school.  
I could see a major change in her. Her confidence levels increased a lot. Speaking skills got improved a lot.

Learning is enjoyed there. Teachers pay more attention to slow learners.
They have other activities too apart from studies.
Its true that they follow oxford books.
*** They got the CBSC affiliation. U can check in their website. They are also there in FB where in the certificate copy is posted. U can see pics also that are posted in FB and in their website
Undoubtedly , its the best school in that locality.

I feel u can go ahead... and take the admission.

Thanks ,


Kavitabh 2016-06-16 16:13:30


Thanks for your suggestion Uma...


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