Abhaya (A Waldorf School) - Hyderabad

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poddar 2016-05-27 15:29:15


My son, vivaan would be starting his PP1 shortly at Pratyusha. I've been suggested by a couple of friends to check Abhaya once he is done with his PP1 as I'm not a great admirer of the grading system. He'll be four and a half then and seeking an admission for PP2. I reside at Gunrock Enclave and am I little unsure about the distance of the school. I'm sure there are pick up and drops, but is it too much for his age to travel that much?

priya2712 2016-05-27 21:10:56


Hi Poddar,
Even am looking for good school for my PP1. Where is Pratyusha located in hyderabad and how good it is ? 



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