Lost in finding a good school to our daughter who is 6yrs old

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Ips610 2016-05-24 23:52:12


Hi, we just returned from UK, where our daughter was in year1 , we wanted her to admit in class 2. Many schools so called international and all good here are happy to take her..but we are completely lost and feeling helpless in finding a school. We finalized on VISTA school but now I found pathetic reviews on that school which made our way even difficult after filtering many schools. Now we are in so confused state that our search for a school has come to start! Please please any inputs from experienced parents would really help us decide her school as schools are war ing us about closing the admissions by tomorrow.. We are seriously stressed out. Please help us. Our work place is Gachibowli and want to rent a house in and around the school.. Yet we need to rent a house.. Living in pg is like a hell in Hyd! Sincere thanks to your valuable inputs. Looking forward for your updates. Love, Xx

arnav12 2016-05-25 00:07:42


Hi... have a look at gaudium school... it has nyc infrastructure and very good reviews on parentree... else u can also consider sriram montessori in jubilee hills.. u will really like the curriculum.

mickey 2016-05-25 13:59:52



Hi Ips610,

I truly understand your dilemma and the pain of searching a suitable school all over again.  
I am sure you must have done enough survey and research on schools before finalising Vista. It is comparatively a  new school of Pearson's group. It is better not to completely rely on reviews  and change decisions unless you have very strong  reasons. Have you spoken to other parents, students and teachers of this school before considering the change?  

May I know the schools which you visited and liked? There are many which you could consider in that area. 

Manthan, Gaudium, Phoenix Greens, Oakridge, Hillside Academy, Rockwell, Chirec and Sanskriti in Kondapur.

I think you could talk to the Coordinator of Vista School and ask to extend the admission date  by 4-5 days  and keep the admission on hold while you make up 
your mind.  


asit123 2016-05-25 14:39:31


Hi lps610,
My children are studying in Open Minds Birla school. I am quite satisfied with everything. You can check.


Ips610 2016-05-25 15:59:26


Thanks Mickey for your quick response. We have visited HPS no guarantees admission there, Canary, chirek, geethanjali olympaid, oasis in raidarga, jubliee hills public school, we liked VISTA just for the reason they are having branches all over India and just in case if my husband moving to abroad I thought I can take transfer to Bangalore. No strong reasons for us to think of change, it's truly believing that experience of few parents expressed in here. We didn't speak to anyone in person. I liked both Canary and Geethanjali just saw their website though I didn't personally visited them. But canary is having only until grade 4 . Rest other schools were expensive so filtered them. To be Frank we didn't do much research because we are new to Hyd we just thought to have both school and house near to work place and VISTA school was the only one in that surrounding. Now really worried because my daughter doesn't speak Telugu and don't know how much she will be comfortable. Yes I called the admission manager and asked to hold until this weekend. Regards.

mickey 2016-05-25 18:10:58


Hi lps610,
Agree with Asit. Open minds at Kollur is a good school. It is around 15 kms from Gachibowli. My friends' kids travel almost 3 hrs daily !! They stay quite far. From Gachibowli, it would be around 30 min. You could opt for this school if distance isn't a constraint. 

One of my friends who works in Pearson's group says Vista- Hyd is good for lower grades. As the school is starting higher grades from this academic yr( class 8 onwards), it is hiring new staff for higher grades. Try talking to a few parents.

Your daughter could take Hindi  instead of Telugu in any school. Even if she isn't conversant with Hindi, teachers could provide extra/remedial  classes. You could talk to the Principal. As you are joining your daughter  in Class 2, she can easily pick up with some support from your end too. 

If you want to consider other schools which are good and affordable, visit Sanskriti at Kondapur.  http://www.sanskritieducation.com

Prerna Waldorf is in Gachibowli and the school follows the Waldorf method of teaching which isn't stressful. In the middle  school, kids get into mainstream CBSE curriculum. My friend's daughter who has completed her 1st grade is quite happy with Prerna. 

It is always better to opt for schools which have higher grades as well.

Ips610 2016-05-25 20:34:38


Thanks again for your help and your time, this means a lot and helps us in deciding. As you suggested will enquire All 3 schools which you have mentioned above, and how to collect the views of existing parents of VISTA ? Please help me. We are still in favour of VISTA school because of easy transfer to Bangalore. However would like to know your advice on what we decide, so will keep you posted. Many many thanks to all of you. Love, Xx.

Ips610 2016-05-25 22:38:02


Hey Mickey, Sorry to bother you again.. Could you please give me some light on the fee structure for both Sanskrithi and Prerna schools, anyways am going to call them tomorrow morning. Thanks ever so much. Love, Tej.

mickey 2016-05-26 00:11:52


Hi Tej,
That's ok. Pl don't think that way.

The below fee structure was given by a parent recently who joined her daughter in Sanskriti in PP2 recently.
Fees - Rs 58900,
The school gave them discount for one time payment. They have paid 50K.

Admission Fees- Rs 10K
Transport fee is based on distance( 12-25K)
Uniform and books around 5-6K.

For class 2, fees may be slightly high. Pl check out. 

Prerna's Class 1 fees was approximately 65-70K last yr excluding transport.  

If I am able to contact any parent from Vista, i will let you know. 


Ips610 2016-05-26 11:23:51


Thanks again for your help dear.. Just spoke to Sanskrithi..They didn't tell the fees at first but when I explained that am calling from Bangalore they spoke very nicely.. Fees for Class 2 is 71k excluding food and transport. Admission fees they didn't tell me because they wanted us to visit. Either Tomorrow or Saturday my husband will be visiting. I am pleased with the fees and the way she explained about how a typical day will be. Prerna Waldorf school asked me to call back after June 1st and book appointment with them and insisted to bring the child for assessment..but am afraid we all can't come to Hyd before we find a house. So once he visit Sanskrithi school can decide and make the admission on spot. Love, Tej.


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