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tamatar 2016-05-17 15:47:19


Hi Sir

tamatar 2016-05-17 15:48:10


Hello Sir


mickey 2016-05-17 23:53:59


Hi Bikas,
How can we help you?
Pls write your query in detail  so that parents can help you out. 

tamatar 2016-05-18 14:49:11


Hi Sir / Madam,
           I have been transferred to Shamshabad, Hyderabad near RGI Airport. I will get facility of ' Pick-up and Drop ' by office vehicle from my home to office. Being a Central Govt. Employee i want to admit my Daughter (class II) in Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) and hire Home / Flat near to the school.
           Further, as my posting is near RGI Airport  i shortlisted KV Shivaramapally (15 K.M.), nearest to Shamshabad.  But recently i came to know that KV Picket, Secunderabad and KV Uppal is one of the best schools in India among all KVs. Both schools are around 35+ K.M. from Shamshabad. I don't want to compromise with quality education and discipline. I want to know whether :

           KV Shivaramapally be the good choice, or
           KV Picket or KV Uppal be the better choice despite travelling to my office a bit long, or
           Travelling 35+35 K.M. daily be tough as far as city traffic is concerned.
           Vikash Dhingla



mickey 2016-05-19 23:03:49


Hi Vikash,
Yes, joining your daughter in KV is an  ideal choice. KV National Police Academy in Shivarampally may not match the std  of KV Picket and Uppal but seems to be good enough. Have you spoken with any parent? You commuting so long   everyday would be very tiresome in the city traffic. The ongoing  Metro works is adding to the traffic woes these days.  I think you could join her in KV Shivrampally as of now. You will also find another branch of Chinmaya Vidyalaya in Shamshabad. May be you could visit once and see how the school is doing if  you want to expore other options. 

May be you could take  admission after taking the school's feedback from students and parents when the school reopens in mid June. 
If you have transfers after 2-3 yrs, I think you could opt for KV Shivrampally as you daughter is in lower grade.  



tamatar 2016-05-20 00:50:59


Thanx Mickey for reply. What about KV Gachibawli as far as Comparision with KV Shivaramapally. There is direct connectivity to Sham'bad through Highway & 35-37 km. journey can be taken in mere 30-35 min & i'll get Govt. Quarter also at Gachibawli. Again i Prefere Quality Education and Discipline. Plesse reply keeping aside Govt. Quarter facility. Regards Vikas

mickey 2016-05-20 23:35:52


Hi Vikas, 

I don't know any parents personally from these two schools and won't be able to give you  detailed reviews. However, after seeing the ratings of these schools and going through it's websites,  I feel KV Gachibowli is preferable. Before you finalise and decide, I suggest you to talk to students and parents of KV  Shivarampally as that would be near for you. 

suryaprakash 2017-01-19 18:59:29


Hi Mickey,

Do you know how is sanghamitra school . I am planning to join my kids in calss Vth, IXth
Thanks, Surya


pinesh 2017-01-20 00:08:24


suryaprakash, Sanghamitra is 1 of the best schools for Miyapur-Nizampet residents.

It's admission process for next academic year is already over.  They distribute forms only in mid-July for next year admission and finish in December 1st week.


mokshit 2018-02-05 16:56:45


Hello, Can you please provide review on Kendriya Vidyalay, AFC Begumpet.

swa1918 2018-02-07 09:12:30


my collegue daughters go to AFC Begumpet KV.
they are now 6th and 8th std or so...iam not sure their class but he rates the school as one of the best schools.

Their infrastructure is good

i work for a govt organisation near that school and we do have mtech project students who are of AFC begumpet products up to 10+2.
their analytical skills and communication are good. They have sportive spirit ... it is a good school and can opt for that.

i too wanted to apply this year for my daughter (class1 ) but it will be very far for us as we stay near mehdipatnam. 


reddmano 2018-02-07 12:22:21


what is the procedure to get the admission in any KV? I heard its mostly for the Central Govt employees. is it true?

swa1918 2018-02-07 15:48:01


They give priority to govt employees... but civilian also can apply. please google it regarding admission in KV.. you will find out the guidlines and priority chart also...
it is difficult for civilians to get in Picket KV, Uppal KV and begumpet KV as they are in top. But can apply in single girl child quota if u have so...or 15% quota for non creamy layer personnel (they take draw of lots for these seats)..

i just gave an idea ,,,to know more plz just search in google. u will find all the details

rawatmalika 2019-12-06 13:55:13


Hi Swa1918,

I came across to your reply regarding Air force School Begumpet. As you have mentioned your colleague's kid studies there. I would like to know if kids of civilians can take admission in the school?  Is there any quota, admission test?
Could you please help me with this?
Thanks in Advance


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