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1a2b3c 2016-05-17 15:32:54


After coming to hyderabad dilshuknagar i searched for a good school to join my son in 6th standard. First i went to Brilliant Grammar High School. There the teachers r not at all take care. When we asked to see the classes just they showed the way. Even they did not ask which class that boy etc Then i went to SR digi school. It was closed building but every class have a digital board. Then i went to Gowtham Model School. Building was apartment. No playground. For 6th class the total fee they told 36,000. After i went to Narayana e techno school. There is only e techno syllabus. No playground. Apartment. 6th class is in 5th floor. Total fee.44,000 Then i went to Lotous Lap public school. I didnt see the school properly. Only i met office members. Total fee 38,000 Then i heard about Sanskriti The school in Dilshuknagar. I went there its really nice. School building is U shape and nice play ground. Good response from the school.fee also reasonable. Really its very nice school. Definately u can join ur children without any hesitation. Because when i am searching about the schools i am not satisfied with these schools. Because pur children should spend most of their time in the school only.So we must give them good environment. I can say definately we will get from this school. Once visit and see.

mickey 2016-05-17 23:57:04


Thank you Bhavani.....:).... 


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