Need Advice on a good school in Around Puppalaguda and Gachibowli

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DeepaParents 2016-05-16 18:18:47


Hi All,
I am a parent of 3.5 years old girl looking for a good school in Hyd no location bar 
just wanted to give here stree free educations with good behaviour skills and morals 
So guys please suggest me on good school for her. please guide me for a better school thanks 
Deepa's Parents 

mickey 2016-05-18 00:54:22


Hi Deepa's Parents,
Have a look at Gaudium International school( Gachibowli campus) if it suits your budget.

Other schools which you could
consider are-
Phoenix Greens in Gachibowli, 
Sanskriti and Chirec in Kondapur.  

Ips610 2016-05-25 13:08:26


Hi Mickey, I wanted to know your thoughts and suggestions for my daughter's admission, we are so stressed and not able to decide and school which we have finalized has been following up for the admission before today afternoon.. I have posted my concern yesterday.. I know it's late but am hoping for you quick reply. Thanks ever so much in advance. Ips610.

mickey 2016-05-25 14:03:51



Hi Ips610,

I truly understand your dilemma and the pain of searching a suitable school all over again.  
I am sure you must have done enough survey and research on schools before finalising Vista. It is comparatively a  new school of Pearson's group. It is better not to completely rely on reviews  and change decisions unless you have very strong  reasons. Have you spoken to other parents, students and teachers of this school before considering the change?  

May I know the schools which you visited and liked? There are many which you could consider in that area. 

Manthan, Gaudium, Phoenix Greens, Oakridge, Hillside Academy, Rockwell, Chirec and Sanskriti in Kondapur.

I think you could talk to the Coordinator of Vista School and ask to extend the admission date  by 4-5 days  and keep the admission on hold while you make up 
your mind.  


goldengoose 2016-05-26 15:23:05


Hi Mickey,

Could you please help me with the feedback on Glendale in Tellapur? I am looking for admission into 3rd standard please.

Thank you.


mickey 2016-05-26 22:52:33


Hi goldengoose,

Glendale Creative Arts Academy at Tellapur is a new school which was established last yr  i.e 2015 . The school has Creative Arts integrated curriculum. Various forms of Arts are adapted in the core curriculum which is quite different than traditional school system. Students are given training in Creativity through Music, Dance, Theatre/ Drama( Performing Arts) and Visual Arts. All these programmes look attractive which are conducted by Globally and Nationally recognised institutions and professional instructors. 

No doubt, creativity does contribute to individual's growth, academic excellence and competitiveness but we have to wait and see how this is being implemented. All these activities  improve self esteem, self discipline, critical thinking &problem solving skills, leadership and communication skills in children.

If the school delivers what it promises, it will be an amazing learning experience for kids and wonderful school years for them. Presently it is having only pre-primary and primary sections. 

Have you visited the school? May be you could talk to the teachers and students at length. Being a new school, I think they should allow you to interact with teachers and students too. 



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