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Gowrishiva 2010-06-08 22:35:46


Dear frens,

I am a worried parent looking for a reply soon from yu regarding the admission.I am staying at US and initially we planned to come to india next year but now we are planning to come to India in this august due to some personal problem.Do any one know if there is any availability of seats in schools.

I am looking for schools around Banjarahills/miyapur/kukatpally/jubliehills.

I am interested in ICSE/CBSE only.

Pls give me yur suggestions.




mickey 2010-06-10 09:16:34


Hi Gowrishiva,

Its difficult to get in schools like BVB, JHPS , Chirec ,DPS now. You can try in Meridian Banjara Hills or Kukatpally, Sentia-The Gobal in Miyapur and The Creek in Bachupally.

Recently there is an update from a parent in this forum regarding the availability of seats in these schools.

All the above schools are good CBSE schools. You can also opt for Oakridge  International school which offers CBSE in Gachibowli.



Gowrishiva 2010-06-10 23:23:03


Dear Mickey,

Thanks for the prompt reply.Can yu pls tell me the fee structure in these schools.Is that ok if i join my kid for LKG  in some play school like bachpan or kidzee now and so that i can try to join him for UKG directly into  BVB,JHPS i would like to have yur suggestion on this.




mickey 2010-06-11 17:40:10


Hi GowriShiva,

Yes, Its better if you join your kid in a playschool nearby and try to get your child admitted  in class 1. Its difficult to get in UKG as it depends on vacancies. For class 1 there will be separate vacancies. U can always try for next year too in BVB and JHPS  for UKG. As such getting admissions in LKG is easier than UKG.

Sentia is charging 50K this year  which can be paid in 3 instalments of 20K +15K +15K excluding books and transport. Transport is 11K per anum.

Fees of Creek is around 55K to 60K.

Fees of Kidzee at Mehdipatnam is around 21k without transport. Transport is Rs 800 per month. It should be around the same for  other branches too.

You have another option too.

If you are staying around Miyapur/Kukatpally, you can as well admit your child in Sentia ,Creek or  Meridian (Kukatpally) . If you like any of these schools , ur child can  continue in the same school instead of changing in class 1.

Many NRIs are opting for Sentia.So  have a look at the school before taking admission in Kidzee or bachpan. Meridian is a bit expensive. It will cost you around 75K.






Gowrishiva 2010-06-11 23:50:49


Dear Mickey,

We gave a call to BVB they said they dont have seats now and asked us to try for UKG next year.As yu said we are trying to reach the schools like sentia,creek etc.,i think that Sat and sun days are holidays.But we are interested in Sentia.My son is 3.4+ yrs by august.we are not interested to pay any donations.

Meanwhile i am also looking for a play school for my daughter who is 14  months old by this aug.i know that she is small to go to play school but i wanna restart my career again so i need to brush up my subject.we have our own house at Nizampet so looking for both schools nearby in order to reduce kids travel time.pls suggest me accordingly.we can afford upto 60k-100k.



mickey 2010-06-12 18:32:27


Hi Gowrishiva,

If you are planning to stay at Nizampet, you can go ahead with Sentia. There is no donation for NRIs.  Fee is same for all which i have mentioned above. I spoke to the management around 15 days back for a parent. The school is open on Saturday and Sunday too. I was told when i called them up last time. So u can call them tomorrow before 12 noon IST .There is no donation. There are only 20 to 25 students per class.  Teachers are able to give more attention to kids. They have audio visual aids for teachng too. The school has a big playground and many activities. It will extend till class X by next year.You can see its reviews by a parent Vamshi in the below link


Mummidi/Srihari has admiited his child yesterday in Sentia. Refer to the below discussion post. You can also connect with him and Vamshi through parentree inbox to know more about this school.



 The Creek is also good. Keep it as your second option. Do visit these schools personally when u come here before admitting your son.

 I will name a few playschools which have  been suggested by a few parents in this forum around Kukatpally/KPHB.

1. You can try DRS Kids in Vasanth Nagar which is opp to Nizampet road near Hyder nagar. It is suggested by a parent Pavani who has visited this school. DRS also has a good International school at Kompally. So u can try the playschool too. It will be near to your house.

2. Dotingmom, a parentree member has given positive feedback about bubbles. 
Bubbles Play School
Plot # 368, Bhagat Singh Nagar,
Near Vasanth Nagar Colony (Besides JNTU),
Kukatpally, Hyderabad (AP) - 500 072
Phone: 040-40262702, 9908288873, 9441161619
email: bubblesplayschool@gmail.com
website: http://www.bubblesplayschool.com/

3. prabha531 has suggested Little Einstein at Kondapur too as her kid is  there. www.littleeinsteins.co.in 
Hymavathi Residency , Shilpa Park, Kondapur
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500083  tel- +91 9989058655

4. You can also contact Phanisree who runs  Prodigy playschool  in Kukatpally 5th phase  if it is near to you.   Tel +91 9490192406. She has inroduced her playschool in this forum.

5. You will find Little Cherubs Play school cum daycare in Plot no 355, HMT Hills ,Kukatpally. It is run by Mrs Usha Chandrika who is the Principal. You can reach her on 9618072933.

6. Kinderkare at Gachibowli is very good. Many of my neigbour's colleagues are leaving their kids here. It has a transport facility too. But I think it will be far for you.     www.kinderkare.in  040 -23011886

7. You can also look at Bachpan at Kukatpally. I am not sure if the daycare has small babies . U need to check out. Follow the below link. You will get  details from other parents too.

You can visit 4 or 5 playschools cum daycare when u come here and decide the best one which suits your requirement.

You can go through the playschool link

Any help , lemme know..



Gowrishiva 2010-06-15 08:08:47


Hi mickey,

Thanks for the information that yu shared with me.It would be greatful if yu could pls tell me where can i get the best swimming,dancing,gymnastics,karate etc., like activities in hyderabad around kukatpally /miyapur or even far.

My son is interested in dance,tennis very much.Also pls suggest me good ICSE Schools with bus facility that comes to kukatpally,nizampet areas.Actually one of my friend needs these information.

Even after thinking we are also planning to join our kid into ICSE for next year as the cut of age is 4+years as i heard.But still in a dilema.My son is April born and now 3.2 years.

May i have yur suggestion in this regard.







mickey 2010-06-15 15:55:47


Hi GowriShiva,

If your son is just 3.2 years, it is better you join him in Nursery this year. My daughter is also April '07 born and is in Nursery (3.2 yrs). There are no ICSE schools near Kukatpally except Futurekids in Puppalguda and Nasr at Gachibowli. The pre-primary of Future kids is in Jubilee Hills. Nasr Boys is from class 1. The pre-primary of Nasr is at Somajiguda where my daughter is also studying.

Gachibowli  stadium has the best swimming pool. I have given the details in the below link. Just check out.


I heard Sentia provides all the activities which you mentioned. Vamshi's son who is in Sentia  is very good at Gymnastics and has won many medals too.  You can connect with him to know about the activities in the below link or write to him directly through parentree inbox/compose


Below is the website of Futurekids.


Puppal Guda,Rajendranagar Mandal,R.R. Dist.


Tel   : +91 040   32519742



Nasr Boys  -High School- Tel 040-23001833



Gowrishiva 2010-06-15 19:45:50


Dear Mickey,

I saw all yur links posting.Good to see the useful discussions.After i reach sure i will contact Gachibowli stadium people.i heard that Nasr girls is good comparitively with boys school.Is that true??

In some of the postings About Sentia i saw spanking.Hitting,Etc.,How far is this true??I am scared to see this.bad reaches faster than good.




mickey 2010-06-15 21:24:29


Hi Gowri,

Yeah, the spankings must have been an isolated case. After reading the review , I spoke to my doctor friend whose two daughters are studying in Sentia. Her daughters have not faced any problems. I spoke to her daughters too about the school. They were quite happy with the teachers and have no issues.

Take a look at the school when u come over and talk to other parents too whom u find in the campus. There are many NRI children in this school.

Your son is just 3.2 now. If u r interested in CBSE,you can as well try in BVB, JHPS ,DPS in the month of Oct/Nov/Dec when the forms are given for the next academic year's LKG admission.

Nasr Girls is a 45 years old school and Nasr Boys is there for around 8 to 10 years  Many of the pre-school kids at Somajiguda  who are boys  will be joining Nasr Boys at Gachibowli. I spoke to couple of parents too from pre-school when i had to enquire about Nasr Boys . They have given a good feedback about the school.

If not satisfied, u can try in Future Kids (ICSE) in the month of Nov/Dec when the forms are given. You should not face any problem as of now. I think u can relax now and join your son in a nearby school in Nursery  and your daughter in a good daycare.




Gowrishiva 2010-06-16 01:17:35


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for yur valuable suggestions Mickey.I will let yu know whenever i join him after visiting ths schools personally.I am thinking of BVB,Silveroaks,Sentia.FKS is my last priority.Abt daycare i am keen abt DRS kids,bachpan at Kukatpally.

Meanwhile about my career start i mailed  to yur inbox.

Appreciated if yu could give me valuable suggestion.




sharry 2010-06-16 12:02:16



i just went the other day to dps playschool the other day and the way i have seen the centre head of the school and the facilitators taking personal care of the chidren...i even came to know that there lot of US returned and even one of the facilitator is Canada returned......i am impreesed...the fees for LKG is also NOt very high...its approx 30k for entire year..n the seats are available for LKG.





mickey 2010-06-16 12:29:58


Hi Sharry,

There are many DPS playschools now in the city. Could you please tell us the location of above mentioned DPS Playschool? In which area is this playschool ?



Gowrishiva 2010-06-16 19:35:15


Hi Sharry,

Did yu go to Dps playschool at vasanth nagar or some other place.How far is this from nizampet road.

Fees yu mentioned is one time payable or installments based.Pls share their contact number and name of the person we should contact with.





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