Starting The journey: School for My 2.4 year old daughter in Nizampet Village

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hari1 2016-05-03 10:11:03



I am trying to get my daughter in to a Nursery. Plan is to get her in to a school near by and after 1 year we can move her to a bigger school(not in terms of money paid :-) ).
So some of my questions are:
  • How can we decide on a good school for a 2.5 year old?
  • Are there any such schools in Nizampet village and what are they?
  • Will admission be provided if my kid joins in August?
  • What will be the fees for nursery?
  • We are keen to get our kid into sanghamitra/obul reddy schools , during what period will the provide admission?
Thanks in advance.

hari1 2016-05-09 18:08:13


Here is my plan as of now:

  • For Nursery get her into a school near by(we have Bachphan,OI,TIME etc in Nizampet village).
  • Try Sanghamitra,Obul Reddy. if it does not work try MVM. If it does not work there is no plan as of now.




mickey 2016-05-11 23:23:54


Hi Hari,
 A Pre-school should be a home away from home..:)... As it is the second home of a child, we need to choose an appropriate school where priority is given to handling kids rather than infrastructure. Kids should feel secured, comfortable and find joy and fun in learning something new. They should look forward to go to school everyday.   Other aspects which could be considered are the teaching methodology, qualification of teachers and to check if they are well trained, love and warmth in handling kids, enough play area and activities, number of kids in a section, caretakers/ ayaahs , hygiene of the classrooms, washrooms and whole campus in general, feedback from other parents  and most important of all, trusting our instincts..:)...

Generally admission isn't a problem in Nursery in the month of August in any pre-school unless it is a mainstream CBSE or ICSE school like Obul Reddy or Sanghamitra. 

Fees varies from one school   to another. It can be from 10K to 1 L or even more!! 

In Obul Reddy, applications are given in the month of oct/ nov mostly for next academic yr which is then followed by drawing lots. 

In Sanghamitra, admission process starts very early. Application has to be submitted on the first Saturday of July and drawing of lots  will be in the month of November. Kindly check with the school if there is any change. You can try for LKG this year. ( for the academic yr 2017-18) .

Your thought of joining your daughter in a near by school in Nursery is very good. Kindly check out the pre-schools  which you have mentioned and try for mainstream schools  next yr. As you stay in Nizampet, give first preference to Sanghamitra followed by other schools. Obul Reddy will be quite far. MVM is also good (the only drawback is the long timings for Pre- School ).


hari1 2016-05-18 13:13:03


Visited Bachpan today in Nizampet. They were running some summer camp for kids(some music class and fun activities like horse riding was going on).

Not many Kids were present(School starts in June 1st week).

coming to Nursery there will be 3-4 sections with 20 kids each.

2 teachers,1 aaya per section

fee is 33K + 6K for stationery,dress,books etc.

they said they follow Montessori mode of teaching.

school time is 9-12:30

What I did not do:

Did not met the principal, Forgot to ask about any additional fees(for annual day etc), transport.

Tomorrow will goto time kids, smartkidz and will decide on where to join.




hari1 2016-05-19 12:12:51


Enquired about Oi school today they have similar fees 40K + 3.5K admission fees.

Both of them(OI,Bachpan) look similar except the size Bachpan is bigger.

On the curriculum Bachpan teaches Kids to Write capital alphabets in Nursery while at OI they teach only strokes.

parents any idea if it would be over burdening for kids to learn writing alphabets in Nursery?



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