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as02ss 2016-04-30 12:09:44


dear mickey thank u for ur precious reply. My elder daughter is studying in 3rd class and my younger daughter is studying in 1st class. So I think this is right time to shift one school to another school without any stress. Kharmanghat slate is very good and they are offering Life Skills / Soft Skills / Personality Development and language labs for kids. I  am honestly telling that  my elder daughter is speaking in english and Hindi very fluently and she can read telugu very well. Practically I observed and some of my relatives and friends also told same thing. School is good but parents also should take about their studies at least 20% then only they will get 100% success and the way they are treating with parents is very nice and polite and the strength also less max 20 per class special monitoring will be there on every student and the chairperson of this school is Mr Vasireddy Amarnath Reddy is very nice person.Most of the time he will stay in Slate-Abids branch so special monitoring is there so that  every one is saying Slate abids is very good in all aspects compare to all their slate school branches. So I am planning to transfer them to Slate-Abids .And one more reason that I want to  take admission in johnson grammar school habsiguda  for the next Academic year is syllabus. Everyone is saying ICSE syllabus  is best compare to State Syllabus really I am in confusion with Syllabus that which is better one. So please mickey guide me in the right way about these two schools and their syllabus.

mickey 2016-05-01 01:56:06



Hi as02ss,

You are welcome...:).... And thank you for letting me know about Slate- Karmanghat.I am just wondering why you want to change the present school when you are happy with it. Are you shifting your residence near Nampally/ Abids? As Slate-Abids is the main school, it is much talked about. I think, you could continue in the same branch unless you plan to change the Board. 

Slate school's curriculum is very good. It follows CBSE curriculum till 5th and later follows Integrated approach.( SSC+ CBSE+ ICSE). In Class X, you will find SSC books ( with additional input from ICSE). 
Class X certificate is from SSC board.

It is from Slate's website ---
Primary School(Classes I to IV):CBSE syllabi........
 School(Classes V to X):Class V :A blend of SSC, ICSE and CBSE syllabi.....
Classes VI to IX:(for Regular Sections)A blend of SSC, ICSE and CBSE syllabi....
Classes VI to IX:(for APPLE Sections)ICSE and CBSE textbooks for all the subjects
(except for languages)....
Class X:Syllabus prescribed by Stateboard(with additional inputs from ICSE syllabus)....

If the same curriculum is being followed in Karmanghat, you could continue with the same branch.
From 6th onwards, CCE is implemented in State Board and you will get question papers from the Board  which is an added advantage. These papers are improving kids' logical, analytical and conceptual skills and discourage learning by rote. 

Compared to CBSE or ICSE, State board will be lagging a bit in English  which shouldn't be a matter of concern if the school is good. Maths is excellent in State Board. (Children from State Board schools like Rosary Convent, Little Flower, St Paul's etc have very good communication and writing skills ). As Slate is following an integrated approach, I think Standard of English also would be good. 

Yes, I do agree with you. ICSE Board is good but quite  vast and stressful in the higher grades. It focuses equally on languages and social sciences.If you are keen on changing your kids' school  to JGS, it is better to do it early. 


as02ss 2016-05-02 10:39:35


dear mickey thank u for ur reply. S I do agree with u slate is an excellent school and all the branches of slate schools are following same syllabus whatever they are following in Abids branch and after 6th grade they are following mixed syllabus with SSC+CBSC+ICSE for APPLE section which belongs to merit students and one of friend is working as a teacher in Slate-school Kharmanghat Branch only.She also conformed this and I spoke with some parents of Slate School students also they also happy with this school and my husband also telling same thing  like u.He always oppose to shift from this school. He is also  telling that  it is a very good school if u want we can shift them Abids. My office in ECIL. I want to shift my home from LB nagar to Koti Or Surrounding places. So I am planning to shift the Abids Branch.Thanq for ur valuable suggestion about Syllabus. Now I strongly decided that i will continue with Slate School only. thanq for guide me in right way. 

mickey 2016-05-02 11:27:58


Hi as02ss,
All The Best! 
May I know the fees of Slate- Karmanghat?
Is the fee same for all the branches of Slate?


as02ss 2016-05-02 11:47:52


dear mickey thanq for ur reply. Fee structure is not same for all branches. According to locality it will decrease. Compare to Abids branch fees is less in Kharmanghat Branch. For 2nd grade I paid total 34,500/ per annum as 3 installment and here no annual fee and maintenance fee.

mickey 2016-05-02 12:47:07


Thank you Anita. 
Can you also let us know Slate-Abids
 approx. fees. It will be helpful to other parents  too.

as02ss 2016-05-02 14:23:11


dear mickey I also dont know Exact fee at Abids but when I was asking for transfer for my kids they told  abids fee is 10% high compare to Kharmanghat and Annual fee and Maitenance fee is additional. so I cant tell exact fee but I can surely tell 10% high from here to there.

mickey 2016-05-02 15:46:19


Thank you Anita for such a prompt response...:)... In case you admit
your kids in Abids, do let us know the exact amount. 



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