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as02ss 2016-04-29 11:53:20


hi can anyone suggest me which is the best school Slate-The School Abids or johnson grammar school habsiguda. my daughters are studying slate-the school kharmanghat branch right now but i am trying to transfer them slate-the school-abids and i am also trying for admission in johnson grammar school habsiguda for the next academic year. so please anyone suggest me which is the best one in both the schools and help me to take correct decision for my children's education.

mickey 2016-04-29 12:48:16


Hi as02ss,
Slate- Abids is good as it is the main school. If kids are in lower grades( below 6th ) you could  try for Johnsons Grammar else its better to continue in Slate. Johnsons Grammar follows ICSE and Slate, State Board after 6th. It will be a bit stressful for kids in Johnsons Grammar after 6th grade.

How is Slate - Karmanghat? I saw their  brochure this yr. Do they really offer Life Skills / Soft Skills / Personality Development and language labs for kids? 


mickey 2016-05-01 02:09:34


Thank you for replying. It would have been easy had you continued in the same thread instead of starting  a new one again...:)... Never mind, we will continue in the new thread.

Humble123 2017-07-20 13:11:05


Hi as02ss,

Though Slate is good School, it was  surprised for me class teacher is following up during the school working  hours for fee collection. Teachers job is to teach they can send reminder via SMS or note in a dairy or admin (account) dept should take care of it.

as02ss 2017-07-21 12:09:26


Hi Humble123,
Here I can give you some information to you. Before The class teachers never asked about fee only Admin will take care of it. They wait for fee for 1-2 years also without any late fee but some parents are taking lenience this who can pay the fee in time ( Means Even-though their financial position is good). Because of that reason they cant survive. Sometimes they can't pay the salaries to employees in time. That is the reason they are asking. I know it is very irritating that again and again they are reminding about fee but they are also facing financial problems to run the organisation. I can say you one thing. When I was suffering from financial problems they waited for 2 years. No other school will not do this. It is true.  You can express your feeling in PTA meeting also otherwise you can complaint this to Principal also in soft way.


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