Need info on primary schools that have admissions in April in Hyderabad

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kalpana21 2016-04-02 10:53:37


Looking for schools for my kids.

kalpana21 2016-04-02 10:54:50


Need information of schools in Hyderabad which have admissions still open ie in April

mickey 2016-04-02 23:34:07


Hi Kalpana,
May I know the place where you reside and for which grade?

PReddy 2016-04-03 17:25:52


Hi Mickey, I'm also looking for info on schools for my kid into 2nd grade...I live in Manikonda.


kalpana21 2016-04-04 12:17:33


Hello Mickey,
I live in west marredpally secunderabad and grades are 1 and 3 preferable CBSE.


mickey 2016-04-04 17:00:52


Hi Kalpana,
You could consider

St Andrews
Secunderabad Public School
Kotwal's School
I am not sure about Class 1 in St Andrews. Kindly call up and check. 

Hi PReddy,
Below are few schools in Manikonda.
Bhashyam Blooms and 
Scholars International are having good reviews.
DSE ( Delhi School of Excellence) and Mount Litera Zee School are having mixed reviews. 

Kindly visit and check these schools
if any of these suit your child.



kalpana21 2016-04-04 20:28:11


Hello Mickey,
Have checked with St Andrews. They are done with both 1st and 3rd admissions.
How is Bolton and Akshara vadhevi compared to St Andrews?


mickey 2016-04-05 09:39:20


Hi Kalpana, St Andrews is definitely preferrable over Bolton and Akshara.
I don't know much about Akshara Vagdevi. Do check out Pallavi Model School at Alwal. It is good and around 8 km from West Marredpally.

PReddy 2016-04-05 16:50:41


Thanks a lot Mickey!


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