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mickey 2016-03-30 19:09:25


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Appreciate the efforts of HSPA (Hyderabad Schools Parents Association)  members who took to streets protesting against the unreasonable and indiscriminate fee hikes.
Hope this brings some respite from exorbitant fees, annual fee hikes coupled with various kinds of donation.
TS Govt vows to bring down school fees now.  Hope it comes out with a new policy soon  which could be implemented strictly.    

There are many Government Orders  as such that regulate fee and other operations in the school but they lack implementation.

It's high time Government controls  this menace of unjustified and indiscriminate fee hikes burning a hole in parents' pocket.

mickey 2016-03-30 19:29:11


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PReddy 2016-03-31 12:10:29


Hope and Pray that fleecing by the schools is regulated and the fees are levied are proper & just !

maddymadhu 2016-04-04 11:30:15


Hope HPSA fight till government take some steps towards this.


PReddy 2016-04-13 16:53:16


Dear All Parents,

A Talk on School Fees by the HSPA  on 17-Apr-2016. Request most of the parents to attend the session and educate ourselves on whats right whats not on the Fleecing by the schools...

Below is more info..
HSPA Collaborates with LIC Colony resident for a discussion with their residents (most of them are affected School Parents also) on the subject of Exhorbitant Fee in HYD Schools and Regular Fee Hike. LIC Colony, Indra Call Hyderabad at 10:00 AM on 17th April (Sunday)... HSPA would create awareness on various School Legislations from CBSE and State Government and discuss parents' concerns and receive their feedback to make its movement more impactful...http://www.hspa.org.in/

Contact Person : 
Mr. Mallesh - 9391263933
Mrs Aravinda - 9885912652



mickey 2016-04-13 17:42:48


Thank you PReddy for the info.

PReddy 2016-04-15 11:41:47


Oh..Come on Mickey, pls dont mention....You are like a beacon for the parents who are looking for information on schools. Really Appreciate your efforts from the bottom of my heart.

PReddy 2016-04-15 11:45:27


Regd the HSPA School Fee Pe Charcha, they have another event lined up on 24-Apr-16 in Kondapur. For all those who reside in the Western belt of Hyderabad can utilize this event. Pls check the link below

I also request all the parents to like their FB page for better communication.



mickey 2016-04-15 12:50:08


Thank you PReddy ..:)
There seems to be some problem with the link. I am posting the Facebook page link. 
Are you attending the event?

PReddy 2016-04-15 14:18:34


Hi Mickey,
Looks like, click on the link isnt working...rather a copy, paste of the link is working.
Yes, Initially I thought to attend the event at Indira Park this sunday on 17-Apr (at 10 AM)  but when I saw another event on 24-Apr then I thought to attend the Kondapur one as it is close and also being held in the evening.

mickey 2016-04-23 14:58:55


Dear Parents,

HSPA had filed a PIL in the High court against the massive hike of school fees by private institutions. The Telangana Govt will be cracking the whip on 162 private schools including international, missionary & corporate schools. 35 high profile schools are on the checklist now. Few of them have appeared in the list below. The paper clipping is from DC dated 21-Apr-2016

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mickey 2016-04-23 14:59:24


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mickey 2016-04-23 15:19:09


Parents can give a missed call to +918686004050 to express their support for the cause.

DC 23-Apr-2016

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PReddy 2016-04-24 12:26:55


Yes, Humble request to ALL Parents...Please Please support the missed call number campaign in to make a reasonable impact and the Govt is forced to take some strict measures to curb this menace. As per the HSPA FB Page only 5K+ parents gave a missed call to this number 8686004050. Below is an excerpt from their page, which mentions that KTR is not fully convinced by the menace.... So Please please make an impact and spead this message

JAC SFR & HSPA met with KTR yesterday and we felt that he is still not convinced that it's a problem of masses.. We need to show him 1 lac parents registered through this number, raising their concern and follow-up by calling 3000- 4000 odd parents in front of his office.. 16 lac Pvt school kids means 32 Lac parents, so 1 lac parents giving missed call is 3% of the size !!


PReddy 2016-04-25 21:28:25


Happy to share that 9000 people have given a missed call to â€ª#‎StopFeeHike‬ and to support HSPA & JAC-SFR..

Have u?
Dial 8686004050 Now.

Thanks for each n every one who made this happen. Pls Pls spread this more vigorously. 

I had attended the School Fee pe Charcha that was held on 24-Apr at Kondapur and discovered some mind blowing facts. One of the fearsome one if the fee for a PP1 kid is 1 lakh per anum and assuming 15% yearly increment, the total school fee that would be spent from PP1 to 12th class is...any guesses......It would be a 40,50,471...Yes a mind blowing Forty Lakh. Did any one imagine this scenario...Mind this it is only for one kid. Isn't it shivering...That's why we all should come forward and support HSPA in arresting this Menace. So please please support and strengthen HSPA in order to help all of us.

Thanks a lot


mickey 2016-04-25 22:07:51


That's great! We still need more response and support...

maddymadhu 2016-04-26 10:16:42


Great to see this initiative.
I had a small doubt as something can be done at the state level for this or not.
In hyderabad I believe most of the hyped fee schools are for CBSE/ICSE/IB style and am not sure if state government would have any say on them.
Any steps towards regulating this school business will matter a lot.

PReddy 2016-04-26 13:32:43


Dear maddymadhu

Under the Indian Federal Govt system, Education falls under the State matter and all schools in the state should follow the respective state govt.'s rules in addition to their own respective board's rules. Hence, all the schools are bound to follow the rules in the respective state govt.
HSPA is actively campaigning for the Fee Regulation with all the political parties in the state. Another intresting point to note is that,the HSPA has been instrumental in including the Fee Regulation of Pvt schools matter in the recent GHMC election manifesto of TRS party. Hence we all need to support HSPA in making it stronger so that the political parties feel that there is a considerable resentment amongst the public about the rampant school fee hikes and other illegal/mal practices adopted by majority of the Pvt. Schools. Hope I made some sense here and earnestly request all to spread this message in supporting HSPA, in order to help each and every parent.


SriniX 2016-04-26 13:54:31


I feel this is very big topic to discuss, I agree with KTR if he said this is not a problem of mass. I feel it is a problem of limited set of people. If the parents cant spend that much fees in those schools, there are other alternatives and low fees schools where you can let your kids study there. In some cases locality is the key.  In kukatpally you are getting a 2 bed room flat for 30 lacs and the same costs nearly 1cr in Kondapur and gachibowli area . Depends on our affordability we are buying and staying even if it is far from the schools. Most of the said schools in list have very good ambiance and built in acres of own land ( not given by govt like software companies for low price), teachers may be paid too high salaries. In kukatpally average teacher salary will be 20k and the same wont work out in the listed schools. The parents can always opt for less affordable schools, if everyone chooses the same way , those listed schools will come down automatically but we wont do that. For luxury people Luxury cars and great villa houses there the same way the schools also.  Some people afford paying Rs. 250 for IMAX to see the movie and the same movie can seen in general theatre for Rs.50. That is what I feel, sorry if it hurts anyone.

PReddy 2016-04-26 16:18:14


Dear SriniX,

Agreed.., but this is not at all a point of concern/point of discussion. There are quite a few points that are worth discussion. Couple of actual points are 1. ARBITRARY annual increments of annual fee and 
2. Following laid down Govt rules n Regulations.

Let's discuss them in few sentences....

1. ARBITRARY annual increments of annual fee
Well most, if not everyone, will join their kids in the schools that they are comfortable and where the fees are Affordable to THEM. But can they (again MOST if not EVERYONE) afford the increment of 15% or 30% every YEAR? On what basis the school fee has been increased? Not many can afford. Probably most of us (assuming mostly IT/ITES employess) will try somehow to meet the increased fees but in few cases, the increase is more than 50%. Is this justified? Coming to the cost of the fee, Govt., has fixed the fee of the Engineering course to 1.1 lakh rupees (Engineering colleges are also owned by Private individuals and also require huge land parcels) then why not the fee for Primary education? Can someone tell me:   a)what a PP1 kid will learn more or the school will teach more than that of an Engineering college does?    b)Does a PP1 kid require more infrastructure/Lab/Library/Skilled teachers than an Engineering college does?    c)Does the schools Pay the teachers more than the salaries of good engineering colleges??Then why is the fee in a PP1 is more than couple of lakhs in some schools and on a avg, the Fee is about One Lakh rupees???? The cost of admission in PP1 in a particular school is 5.5 Lakh rupees and on an average in most of the schools it is more than 1.5 Lakh. Does it make any sense at all.....????
Leave about Engineering college...Why is that the fee for a particular class in a particular Franchise much more than of its peer frachisee's in Metro Cities inspite of Hyderabad Real estate cost is lower when compared to those respective metro cities? Pls go through the below link...http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/School-fee-in-Hyderabad-higher-than-most-metro-cit...
2. Following laid down Govt rules n Regulations.
Now coming to the second point. Schools are supposed to be abided by the rules and regulations of the Govt. More than 90% (probably I can say 99%) are not adhering to the laid down rules of G.O's # 1 and 91. a)They Cant collect any Admission Fee/Donation Fee. They are only supposed to collect 5,000/- and that too as Caution depositb)The cost of Application form should be only 100/-c)The cost of Registration should be only 500/-d)School Uniform, books, stationary should not be mandatory to be bought in schools...If at all they are sold at school they should be sold at discount to market pricee)Maximum Profit allowed is only 5%f)50% of the school fee paid is to be paid as Salaries to the teachers etc and etc
Now please tell me can you ever think or imagine if any school is following these rules??? No, Not even a single rule is being followed and not even to the closest...deviating from the rules by few hundreds percentage.

Bottom line is, most of the schools are just cashing on the sentiments/weakness of gullible parents, who are not protesting enough to all these violations because of what ever reasons. I personally feel that the time is ripe enough to bring these unfair practises down....There is a PIL going on in High court and I must say this was possible only because of HSPA. I'm not bold/knowledgeable enough or spare time to do these things....but when HSPA had already started it then why don't I support them???? This is my point.

Also, for kind info of everyone, there is also recent news that schools in Delhi are returning the excess amount that they had been collecting recently.


SriniX 2016-04-26 19:33:00


Dear PReddy;
I am not denying any point of yours. I am very much closely observing the Education system India from my school days in a remote village. Most of schools and colleges permissions are given to political leaders who didn't get a political berth. That way the leaders were made in and grew in INDIA. Behind this these schools and colleges are good source of income to the parties during election time. The schools and colleges were setup as education trust which is a trash. There is no trust to do seva here, this is the beginning of political career. That means these education trusts generate political leader for INDIA.  Another important point I  heard is these educational institutes become a good source of income during agitations and bundh for parties. So my conclusion is that politically we cant convince anyone. The only hope for many is Courts, law, acts... but for some reasons I don't. When the govt increased the fee in IITs as Rs.2,00,000 , I believed the education system india is dead . Govt in India is no more doing Seva, it is doing Business . The people didn't felt any shame and no agitation when the govt is introduced dynamic pricing for tickets and encashing demand supply.....The people are so greedy, selfish..etc so the govt too.

Sorry for the off topic and wish you all the best. But my humble request to parents is don't waste your hard earned money by paying huge amounts in these schools and joining them. Please choose the nearest and best schools to your home or office which is convenient to you. There is nothing that the kids learn much in primary schools



PReddy 2016-04-27 14:01:39


Dear SriniX,

Agree with your comments


PReddy 2016-04-28 12:20:48


Hi All,
It is amazing to know that with in 5 days of operationalization of Missed Call campaign, there are more than 75,000+ calls.
The numbers speak to themselves and this alone shows the current state of affairs as how aggrieved the parents are...
Hence, parents pls support HSPA ..Urge all of you to register with them and get the latest updates


mickey 2016-04-28 15:24:34


Hi SriniX,
I respect  your opinion and what  you said is absolutely true however  it is high time  parents raise their voice against  the unreasonable fee hikes which are not justified at all. Many mediocre schools are joining this rat race now as there is no proper regulatory body.  Schools that are allowed to make 5% profit are making upto 70-80% now!!

Agree with PR Reddy. Engineering education and even other undergraduate and post graduate courses from top colleges  in Telanagana State are much cheaper than Primary School education!!! 
Just hv a look at the following figures of few schools...

Uploaded image

There are other schools too which are in Govt's radar now.
let's hope that govt takes strict action against all the erring schools. 

mickey 2016-04-28 15:26:23


Hi PReddy, 
That's amazing ! Way to go..HSPA

PReddy 2016-04-28 17:02:48


Dear Mickey,
Thanks...BTW 51% annual increase in Chirec is un-imaginable hike... Do you have any link for this so that we can post it at the HSPA FB Page so that the entire world knows about it.



maddymadhu 2016-04-28 17:07:46


I have a friend whose kid in chirec from the past 2 years. She informed me that the fee hike is nominal year on year it should be less than 8%.
The fee listed might be against the new admissions.




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