Good Affordable School near Telecom Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

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tripshan 2016-03-22 14:39:03


I've just shifted to Hyderabad from Nagpur. I'm staying at Telecom Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.
My son will be joining UKG/KG-2 from this session.
Earlier he was studying at Narayana Vidyalayam, Nagpur; it was a CBSE board school.
Me & wife searched the entire Gachibowli, Telecom Nagar and Hitech City area for the school.
We found 2 kinds of school:
a. very costly (tuition fees above 1 lakh) with good or average education
b. below average schools
At present we are paying 40 per annum for my son's tution fees at Nagpur for class KG 1.
Can you advise good schools with affordable budget near telecom nagar (within the radius of 5-6 kms) where we can send our kid. We are comfortable with both ICSE and CBSE boards.
Thanks in advance.
Shantanu Tripathi

mickey 2016-03-24 01:12:15


Hi Tripshan,
Yes, many schools in that area have high structured fees. Did you visit Prerna Waldorf and Manipal Hillside?  I think the fees along with books and uniform is between 65-70K excluding transport. 
You could consider Maharishi Vidya Mandir  or Sanskriti in Kondapur too.

You  could also prefer pre- school chains like Bachpan or Euro kids for this yr and try for BVB on rd 71, Jubilee hills , BVB- Atmakuri on rd no 45  Jubilee Hills and P Obul Reddy for class 1. 
These schools  are affordable  and easy on pocket too. However getting admission is a bit tough.

tripshan 2016-03-24 14:48:19


Thanks a ton Mickey.
Waldrof is something which we are not comfortable with since it's new to India and not yet in tandem with traditional system.
Can you advise what will be the the fee structure of Manipal Hillside ?
We've planned to try for BVB or KV from class 1.


mickey 2016-03-24 17:18:16


Hi Shantanu,
Fees for class 2 is around 68K. With books  n uniform it is around 75K. Transport is 25K. One of my friends daughter is studying here and she gave me an approx. figure. For UKG, it would be less. The school is working on the transport issue and it would be sorted out soon. 


Reachlekha 2016-04-05 16:08:23


Hi Shantanu & Mickey,

I am also looking for good montessori schools in the same area (i.e Gachibowli) for my 5 years, daughter.

Can you please help me identify Montessori schools with higher grades in and around Gachibowli.



mickey 2016-04-06 15:25:41


Hi Lekha, Blue Blocks is a good Montessori school in Gachibowli. 

tripshan 2016-04-12 17:12:26


Mickey thanks for all the support. We have finally settled in Madhapur and has shortlisted 4 schools Manthan, CGR, Green Gables and Orchids We will b sending our son to any of these schools for this session only. Next year we'll try for KV or HPS or Bhavan's

mickey 2016-04-12 19:01:54


You are welcome Tripshan...:)
All The Best !

Reachlekha 2016-04-13 12:35:23


Thanks Mickey.. But Blue Blocks has only until 5.5 years... They don't have higher grades like Pebble Creek :(

Do you know any Montessori schools with higher grades (until 10th) around hitech-gachibowli area?



mickey 2016-04-13 15:11:17


 Hi Lekha, 

 Sorry. I am not aware of any Montessori school which has higher grades in Gachibowli. I missed seeing your post fully as I was in a hurry. Most of the schools follow this system only in Pre-primary. 


brilok 2016-06-05 14:42:53



You don't have any elementary Montessori schools in gachibowli, we have all already searched for it.
Only pebble creek and pregnya has till 10 th grade, which are very far.

If you are keen on elementary Montessori then try Medha Montessori, they have till 5th grade currently and expansion is going on for higher grades at a different location.
Other option is Sriram Montessori, which is not very good.

 Would like to know if you have researched on Walldorf ( non traditional schools)


deep82 2021-11-15 19:25:23


Hi would you know what is the fee structure in Medha montessori or Waldorf

Mammashuntforschool 2022-04-18 11:29:58


Hello. Looking for schools around Gachibowli. Which school did u finally join? Give feedback about the same. Need suggestions on good schools for my son in 4th grade

AdviAnvi 2022-11-24 15:27:57


Have u come e across any one


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