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Jamuna123 2010-06-02 16:09:54


Dear All,

I have read a lot of posts by the members in this forum and congratulate all for sharing useful information amongst the members.

I would be shifting to Hyderabad with in a months time. I need to find a good CBSE school in and around Banjara hil for my daughter/class 5.

My husbands work place will be near Banjara Rd no 1 . somewhere near GVK 1 mall. I will need advice on a good residential complex also to hire a house on rent.

Kindly give me your valuable advice


Jamuna, Bangalore

Jamuna123 2010-06-03 12:01:05


Dear All,

Can somebody help me out on this


Jamuna Bangalore


mickey 2010-06-03 16:56:52


Hi Jamuna,

You can check out apartments in Erramanzil colony. This is behind  Hotel Taj Krishna. You can try in Anand nagar colony, Padmavathi Ngr too. These are near  Erramanzil.

There are many apartments and am sure you will find it  here. The place is also good and would be close to Banjara Hills as well as GVK mall. We have stayed in Erramanzil for almost 4 years. The best way is to engage a car and look around personally for some to-let boards and enquire the watchman/security.

P Obul Reddy is a CBSE school which is in Banjara Hills. But i doubt if you could get admission  in July  when u come .You can always try in case there is a vacancy. You can also get in Meridian. But its an expensive school and will cost you around 1 lakh.

You can try in Sister Nivedita or Slate in Ameerpet. The distance would be around 5 km from Erramanzil.

As of now admission tests in BVB(Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) and JHPS (Jubilee Hills Public School) in Jubilee Hills and  Chinmaya Vidyalaya (Begumpet) are also over.

You can try in DAV Public school in Banjara Hills.

Normally for higher classes, forms are given  in the month of Apr/May depending on the vacancies followed  by entrance tests.

Call up these schools and find out the status before u visit these schoolsOnce u come down, u can have a look at the schools and take a final decision.    (P obul reddy  BJ Hills)   Tel : +91-40-23544934.  

Ph: +91-40-23548584/ 23607797 JHPS 
+91-40-9948222791, 23420561, 23420562 ( Sister Nivedita) ( This is the website of DAV Kukatpally)
DAV-040 -23065024 U can get the numbers of Obul Reddy and Sister Nivedita from its website Rgds, Mickey



Jamuna123 2010-06-09 10:06:39



Thanks a lot Mickey for your inputs. I had been to Hyderabad for daughter's admission and she got through at Meridian school.  I could n't find a suitable housing complex in the limited time. The area you mentioned behind Taj Krishna looks good. But my worry is that Then I will have to cross the bussy road no1 on my two wheeler to drop the child to school. Else pay Rs 22000 for transport fees to the school. Do you recommend any area near the school so that I can avoid roads with heavy traffic




mickey 2010-06-09 17:46:57


Hi Jamuna,

I spoke to one of my friends who stays in that area. You can check out personally when u come to Hyd. You will be able to find some flats near by. The rent would be 12 to 15 K for a 2 bedroom flat.  Whats your budget ?

Banjara Hills is an expensive area.

Even if u take in Erramazil or Khairatabad, the traffic is not that heavy as compared to Punjagutta or Ameerpet. I think you will not face much problem once u get used to it.

Anyway I told my friend to look for some flats near to Meridian. I will let u know, in case she finds any.



Jamuna123 2010-06-16 10:44:32


Dear Mickey,

Thanks a lot for the help you have been rendering to me.

My budget is 15K and may be able to strech a little more if I find a complex with better amenities. From the little I have seen, I felt the houses in Banjara hill are typically a stand alone building with 10 or 12 apts in the building. That does not have any place for children to play around and so.

If I can get a place where the community living is good and with some amenities it would be great.

Kindly let me know if your friend could help us out




mickey 2010-06-16 11:55:04


Hi Jamuna,

The areas which i have mentioned above would be an ideal place. Behind Hotel Taj Krishna.

You can search in Anand Nagar colony, Venkata Ramana colony, Erramanzil,Padmavathi Ngr. These are all near Erramanzil. There is a community centre in Anand Nagar  where tennis coaching is given. Apart from this , there are Aerobic classes by Mira in the mornings. This year Meridian conducted its summer camp in Anand Ngr colony community centre.  There are music and dance classes in Mahila mandali which is in the community centre premises. Royal Music academy is teaching guitar/kybd and violin to children in Mahila mandali.

There is another Music Academy (Brace) behind Taj Krishna. You will also find Priyanka school of Arts where children love to draw/paint and also do oil boards. Adults can enroll too for various courses. The fee is also economical.

I found Erramanzil /  Hill top colony very convenient as my daughter could cater time to many activities apart from studies.

You can find a house in and around this area when u come. I have asked my friend also to look around Meridian in Banjara Hills. The rents are going to be higher in Banjara Hills.  If you are staying at Banjara hills , you will find Saptaparni , an activity centre which is very well maintained and offers many activities such as Music, dance , pottery, different workshops etc. It is just beside Kalpa School. The fee is defiintely on a higher side.

I think it would be better if u could see the places personally and then decide. You just engage a car and go around . That is the best way. I will get in touch with my friend to know if  she has found any to-let houses.





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