Slokha Birla School at LBNagar

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Priya999 2017-12-03 16:11:28


Hi Mickey, Please share your views regarding Johnson grammar school,lb nagar. We stay at chaitanyapuri, daughter is studying in ukg in naagarjuna iit olympiad school.should we continue the same school.we are satisfied with pre primary.but Don't know abt the acedemics of higher classes.pre primary teachers,acedemics wise is good.telugu slokas are taught. I filled enquiry form in Johnson grammar school,lb nagar.i read reviews abt jgs that it was a good school a decade has not a great it true. Please suggest a good school for my daughter in dilshuknagar,lb nagar areas. Thanks

prabhavmom 2017-12-04 10:48:20


hello Priya999,
Johnson grammer school, LB nagar is good. My son is in 3 rd standard now. but the problem is they may shift from 5th to 10th to the newly built school campus in kuntloor. I don't know exactly the location name. But heard that from next year itself they are starting the new branch. So, here in LB nagar JGS, there will be till 4th. I too stay in chaitanyapuri,DSNR. Now i am thinking what to do...School is really good. But if i had to send to that new campus , i am worrying about the distance.
I have no idea about Naagarjuna school. I hope that must be a good school academics wise for the higher grades.
Definetly Mickey would suggest better regarding Naagarjuna school. I feel  u better continue with the same school. 
Good Luck.


Priya999 2017-12-04 22:19:30


Hi Mickey, Please advise

Priya999 2017-12-04 22:20:35


Hi prabhavmom, Thank you so so much

shail7 2018-09-18 16:53:09


Johnson grammar CBSE Nacharam is also not has lost the standard which they had ....Now it's just a money making education.just a stress on all our parents.children are completely demotivated.You will see only exams without the complete workout in the class.which is very very scary.even I'm looking for schools.Heard Unicent, santilos global school and Bhasyam Bloom's r good .... donno how to find out about academic part.please help me with good school for grade 7th Thanks!!Ÿ˜Š

ysowmya 2018-09-28 02:42:16


Thanks for complete detail information regarding each school around L.B.nagar.

jaysa 2018-12-05 19:51:31


Hello friends,

We are moving from US to Hyd . We have plans to settle at Nagole and looking for good schools arnd Nagole.we came across Shloka school. Kids will be moving into 6th and 4th grade.
Could you please give your comment and feedback on this school..Abt fee, extra curricular, teaching methods and discipline at school.

Thanks in advance,

shail7 2018-12-06 07:02:25


Hi, Please dont go with sloka birla as it's jus a activity school, please go with global indian, unicent, DPS or HPS.all these schools are good...

prisha23 2018-12-06 08:01:28


Shaily mam more on global indian

shail7 2018-12-06 11:44:46


Hi Sir, it's good.great infra and good education. Regards Shailaja

DrPavithra 2018-12-06 12:02:17


Hi Shail7,
Can you please provide me with review on Niraj Public School. I am planning to join my kid in lkg this year. Please suggest any other school also.
Thank you.


Horsleyhills82 2018-12-12 23:56:41


Hi... cn u help me with good school fr my child stying 1st now... He is nw in AKIS L B Nagar bt nt soo happy with it. Any idea about Pallavi Aware School in L B Nagar.. its part of pallavi schools/DPS nacharam.. Regards Rao

Horsleyhills82 2018-12-13 00:00:16


Jay... sloka is nw school.. dont just go by the infra.. teaching staff attrition is quite high in these schools.. DPS /RPS are good in terms of staffing.. but thy r quite far.. Regards Rao


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