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gullu5 2016-03-02 18:14:12


Hi Mickey,
Can you please provide me a review on the slokha birla school which is newly started in LB nagar?

mickey 2016-03-02 21:02:22


Hi Gullu, It is too early to tell anything about this school as it has started last yr. It is an initiative of Birla Edutech. It looks quite promising though. Birla Edutech's 'Open Minds' in Hyd is doing very well as such.
I came across afew kids and parents too who were very happy and didn't mind the long commute.
Keeping in view of 'Open Minds', I think Shloka too will pick up gradually. 

Did you speak to any parent here?

LB Nagar is becoming a hub of Global and International schools.  DSE( Delhi School of Excellence) is also opening its Intl school here shortly. 



prabhavmom 2016-03-03 15:30:28


hello mickey,
feeling glad to discuss with u. plz plz plz.... clear my confusion. 

I have taken admission for my son in johnson grammer school ICSE, LBnagar for class 2.
present he is in class2 only in a normal school with state syllabus. but according to his date of birth he falls short of one month to qualify for class 3. he is born on july 25th 2009. they denied admission for class3. v thought it doesn't matter to put him in class2 again , so that the base would be strong. Moreover teaching methodology in the present school where he is now is not upto the mark. they just ask the child to read the given question and answers. my son has got only bookish knowledge. concepts are not generalized. There are no extra curricular activities in this school. Teachers pressurize the students just to study. keeping all this in mind v decided to give our son a good schooling where he can gain thorough knowledge besides njoying the extracurricular activities. got a good feedback when enquired about JGS. 

After taking admission certain doubts are cropping up in my mind...

-should i insisted for admission in class3?
-is he in the appropriate class according to his age?
-How it will be if the school is not up to the mark (what am i supposed to do then)?
-I heard a common notion "ICSE" is tough!!! should i change the school after class5?

Actually i wanted to join my son in JGS ,habsiguda. but, my god, when enquired, they bluntly answered "come in march to c if there r any vacancies". then v dropped an enquiry in LBnagar branch, v got the admission. Also plz do let me know how&when to apply for JGS ,Habsiguda. May b this info would be useful in future. y becoz , may b after 3 to 4 years JGS lbnagar branch would b having only upto 5thclass. A new building is being constructed in kuntloor. they move from 6th to 10th to this one. 
v stay in chaitanyapuri , Dilsukhnagar. it will b convinient for us to travel to habsiguda(or nacharam) than kuntloor.
Please mickey plz give your valuable advice. Expecting an early reply. Thanks in advance.

mickey 2016-03-04 00:34:01


Hi Prabhavmom, 
Going by ICSE school  age norms, yes, your child needs to be in Grade 2 for the next academic yr 2016-17.
I think you have joined him in LKG/PP1 when he was 3 yrs old. As he was born in July, he wouldn't have even completed 3 by then. The ideal age is 4 for LKG. ICSE schools generally admit kids into LKG /PP1 at the age of 4.
Unfortunately, different schools and Boards have different age norms which makes Parents all the more confusing. The State Board schools admit kids into LKG at 3 and hence your son has been asked to repeat class 2 now when u r seeking admission in an ICSE school.
As the syllabus is very vast in higher grades, the Board fixes such age norms so that children don't get stressed out and are able to cope up. I would rather say ICSE syllabus  to be vast than tough. It lays more emphasis on languages and social science too.

Have you you paid the fees in JGS, LB Ngr? Is your son ready to repeat class 2? 
If you think your son is exceptionally brilliant and he could cope up in higher grades, you can request the Principal to get him admitted in grade 3. 

Nowthatyou have already taken admission , I don't want to disappoint you. In case you change your mind and plan to change his school after 6th or so, you could opt for State Board as well. The State Board is equally good and is at par with CBSE now. Classes 6 -9 are getting papers from the Telangana Board which tests the logical, conceptual and analytical skills of the child.  The questions are no longer from the exercises. A child has to be thorough with these concepts and the whole lesson in general. It is also following the CCE pattern. Maths and Science is excellent in State Board which gives them a strong foundation for cracking various entrance exams. You only need to put him in the right school where equal importance is given to extracurricular activities and communication skills. Lot of reforms have been introduced  in State Board now. 
CBSE schools set their own paper till grade 8.

Did you find out about the age norms in St Joseph's in Asmangarh( Malakpet) . It is also an ICSE school. 
May I know where you son is studying currently?

If you feel, JGS is the right school for your son, don't have second thoughts. Let him continue there till 5th. 
Ifthe school is planning to shift students from 6-10th grade to Kuntloor, confirm with the management so that they don't keep you in dark. Are you ready to change the school again after 5th? 

Getting into JGS, Habsiguda purely depends on vacancies. You need to follow up with the school. There is a lot of stress on students as such. You could check out reviews of this school in this forum. 

So pl think it over and decide. 



diddu 2016-04-18 12:19:46


Uploaded image

Hye Mickey and Gullu,
Pleas give reviews to parents as they want there kids in safe hands too!!!
please look out the images too>.
i went for admission into shloka aditya birla, its closed and there is some issue too.
please check the image

baji54 2016-04-19 14:59:56


HI Mickey ,

          I have read many reviews of yours about various schools in various locations of Hyderabad City and glad to say that most of the parents consider your suggestions to decide upon their kids school. Following my friends path , I would like your review/suggestions/comments on HPS Ramanthapur school for my princess to get into Class I within 2016-17 yr.

          I though to chose this school among KV and others as I live at Dilsukhnagar and this is very much established with a good vicinity to all national level competitions such as olympiad , paper presentations , other extra curricular activities etc and is very nearby to my home where she would not see much issues in commuting to school. But as an odd in all evens , I am hearing this school is not upto the mark related to studies and kids safety and the attitude of kids would not be shaped up in a good manner . I went to school and liked the big campus compared to KV I & II nearby , however , I didn't get any proper response from office staff regarding admissions or staff or study pattern . I am really confused about deciding the best school that is near to DSNR and badly seek your suggestion in this regard.
           I also heard about Shloka Birla school at LB nagar but since it started very recently I cannot dare putting my kid under experiments.


mickey 2016-04-20 10:21:45


Hi baji54, 
You could consider Mount Litera Zee (CBSE) school in Hayathnagar or Johnsons  Grammar( ICSE) in LB Nagar & RamaDevi  ( ICSE) near Ramoji Film city as suggested by Drreddy. RamaDevi Public school would be very far for a class 1 child. 

HPS Ramanthpur is a very old and established CBSE school. My brother- in -law has also passed out from this school...:)....long back. I spoke to a parent  yesterday evening whose child studies in this school. He didn't complain of  academics and teachers and was quite happy with the school. He said  the school was good upto Class X but didn't recommend it for Classes 11&12. It has many extra-curricular activities, sports  and encourages children to participate in inter- school competitions.  If your child gets a seat in HPS, do go for it. You could also talk to other parents when you go to school during working days. As all schools are closed now  for summer vacation, you wouldn't find any parent in the campus  to get feedback.


mickey 2016-04-20 11:09:38



Admission into class 1 is done by drawing lots. Class 1 admission must have been over in HPS by now. Try to find out from office if you still stand a chance. 

Try to get reviews from other HPS parents too by starting your own discussion thread here. You could see a few reviews of HPS in this forum. If time permits, go through  my blog and know other parents' opinion/ thoughts too of selecting a school.


mickey 2016-04-20 11:11:53



If you have liked the school and if it satisfies most of your requirements, I think you should go for it. No school  can be 100% perfect. 

Another school which you could consider for your child  is DPS ( Delhi Public School)  at Nadergul. It is a new school and has the same management of DPS Mahendra Hills and DPS Nacharam.
This year it  has  classes from I to V which will extend with each passing yr. 
If you are looking for schools that provide all round development with affordable fee structure , prefer KV 1&2 in Uppal. 

Other CBSE schools in Uppal are Johnsons Grammar and Little Flower. 

Hope this helps.


mickey 2016-04-20 11:22:38


hi baji54,
As my reply was long, I was unable to
post here. I tried couple of times to post my reply in the thread but it wasn't going through and hence replied in 3 posts. Hope thats ok.

Usually there is no problem
with the length of the post. I will have to check with Parentree- Coordinators. 

Hi Diddu,
Thanks for the update regarding Shloka. I too heard of it.....I have recommended Birla's 'Open Minds'  at Kollur.

baji54 2016-04-20 17:14:13


HI Mickey ,

           Thank You very much for the valuable suggestions. From this feedback , I am almost setting up my mind to get admission into HPS , Ramanthapur. My mistake , my kid is in PP2 this year , so I actually want admission into Class I for 2017 - 18 academic year and I believe notification for admissions is yet to come for 2017 - 18 ac yr.

I see that Mount litera Zee school is upto class IX , please correct me If I am wrong. I would visit Johnsons grammar & Little Flower schools also to get an over all view.
Could you also please share your opinion about Shloka Birla school at LB Nagar in comparison with HPS Ramanthapur ? 


mickey 2016-04-21 13:15:04


Hi baji54,
Shloka at LB Nagar is nowhere close to HPS. It is a new school and has some affiliation problems too. If you know telugu, you could read the newspaper clipping posted by diddu in this thread. HPS is way ahead and beyond comparison with Shloka-LB ngr.

baji54 2016-11-29 15:45:23


HI Mickey,
                         Hope you remembered our discussion related to HPS , Ramanthapur . I have applied for class I and are waiting for lottery results. Meanwhile , I also tried in Johnson Grammar School ( CBSE ) nacharam which is on the way to DPS nacharam. My kid cleared the written test for class I and they gave me the due date as Dec 3rd to pay the fee - (67K).
                          Now the confusion started , I heard JGS ICSE is good but not CBSE. I have seen the school campus and i can say it is better though the locality is not seemed to be the high class.
                          I am desperate to hear from you and any other parents in this blog so that I can take right decision.Please suggest.


5348 2016-12-13 23:44:29


can any one suggest abt shloka school, lb nagar? Is it really good compared to GIIT

mady51 2016-12-22 22:39:30


I have visited the school couple of times to join my son in PP1/K1 whatever. School infra is good. I saw they are utilizing the sports well with the grounds they have. And for pre education, it was good in the classrooms.  You can look at the facebook link to get better idea on the school on going events they are conducting -

I only have 1 issue, someone posted a paper clipping about this school in some post like this school is not having any affiliation or some kind of stuff. If anyone can confirm that there is no problem with the affiliation, then its a good try.
And last but not least, the fee structure would be appr 1L per annum so need to think about this also, as what is that this school is offering to students for this huge amount of fees when compared to other schools.

sriramswar 2016-12-23 00:25:02


Hi Mady,
You can ignore that paper cutting issue.. they are quite common and will get resolved eventually and especially it is a Birla Edutech school.
1L is reasonable now-a-days. Now think of other factors. We will discuss this offline :-)

VenkyBio 2017-08-22 21:18:08



Can anybody please provide me a review on the slokha A birla school which is in LB Nagar? I'm planning to join my kid in LKG and getting the following options which is near to my home.

1.Shloka -A Birla School LB Nagar

2.JGS LB Nagar

3.Akshara International School

or Any schools near to L B Nagar/Nagole


kkmiryala 2017-11-06 20:14:49


eThis Year, I was inquired below schools for my two Kids  for 2018-19 EY( 1st standard for elder daughter & LKG for my Younger daughter)

1) Jhonson grammer school ICSE, Mallapur,Nacharam
     - Said my child get least preference since staying far(l.b.nagar 11km) and they will prefer only who is coming from 2.5KM radius
2) Jhonson grammer school CBSE, Nacharam
    - Its too expensive( one lakh for 1st standard) and school primises were not really good
3) Global india international school, Peerjadiguda, UPPAL
    - Its very good and much re-putative school. However Its too expensive. Around 150K include admission fee for 1st standard. But i heard they are very good at extra curriculum activities.
4) Jhonson grammer school ICSE, L.B.Nagar
   - I heard from N number of people to NOT to join in this school as it lost it standards now. And last year some allegations on this school as one girl child got abuses by Teacher(as seen by news channels and news papers)
5) Shloka - A birla school
     - Its very new school and too early to get reviews on it. I didn't get any reviews for this school. However my relatives kids were studying here and they were satisfied with there education methods and growth. Cost around 100K all includes for 1st standard. This school is very near to me (2.5 KM) so if i optout for transport it cost around 80K(include admin fee& security deposit) and 50K for LKG
6) Mount Litera - Zee school, Hayat nagar
 - This is also one of the good choice for me. Since my Kids were studying in KIDZEE, there is no admission fee and fee include transport is just less than 50K for 1st standard. for others its around 75K. This school also good at extra curriculum activities. But only worrying part is 38 students per class.
So Dear parents,hope this post is useful, who is looking admissions for next year near around L.B.NAGAR and uppal.


Sarayu18 2017-11-06 22:03:37


Thanks a lot for your information. Even am looking for admission for my child in 1st std. Can you or someone please provide me review about Little flower school UPPAL CBSE? Thank you

tcsr23 2017-11-08 11:29:27


Hi @kkmiryala,

Can you provide more details about Mount Litera Zee School, Hayatnagar. How are the academics? What is the one-time admission fee and annual fees?

kkmiryala 2017-11-09 23:44:05


Hello Srinivas,

for 1st standard they are asking admission fee as 22k. tution fee 36K. Books & dress extra around 10k. No other charges. Transpotation depends on distance.

I head, Academics wise they are good and this school established since years.

kkmiryala 2017-11-09 23:48:55


Hi Sarayu,

reg LFS Uppal, for 1st standard they said they could say only after 21st feb 18. Admission enquiry will start from 18th Nov 17.

tcsr23 2017-11-12 06:06:41


Thanks for info abt Mount Litera...i visited Litera n Sloka Sloka Birla is just a year old, classes r neat...they are spacious too..not sure abt academics

Priya999 2017-12-03 15:58:56


Hi Mickey, We stay at chaitanyapuri, daughter is studying in ukg in naagarjuna iit olympiad school.should we continue the same school.we are satisfied with pre primary.but Don't know abt the acedemics of higher classes.pre primary teachers,acedemics wise is good.telugu slokas are taught. I filled enquiry form in Johnson grammar school,lb nagar.i read reviews abt jgs that it was a good school a decade has not a great it true. Please suggest a good school for my daughter in dilshuknagar,lb nagar areas. Thanks

Priya999 2017-12-03 16:09:56


Hi Mickey, We stay at chaitanyapuri, daughter is studying in ukg in naagarjuna iit olympiad school.should we continue the same school.we are satisfied with pre primary.but Don't know abt the acedemics of higher classes.pre primary teachers,acedemics wise is good.telugu slokas are taught. I filled enquiry form in Johnson grammar school,lb nagar.i read reviews abt jgs that it was a good school a decade has not a great it true. Please suggest a good school for my daughter in dilshuknagar,lb nagar areas. Thanks


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