how is orchids international school?

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sjhalani 2010-05-26 12:28:34


hi i am new to hyderabad,actually will be relocating in june end.

i have a son who is 41/2 ,we could only secure admission in orchids international school as we wanted the school to be near hitech city.

can anybody tell me how is the school ,teaching staff especially.

your reviews would be of grt help

thankyou in advance

a worried parent

mickey 2010-05-28 18:19:39


Hi Sjhalani,

Two of my daughter's friends are from Orchids. I spoke to them. They are quite happy with the school. I have seen one of them on Orchids International School ad hoardings. The school is going to shift to a new campus very soon. The old one doesn't have a good playground. I am trying to get in touch with their mother so that i will be able to tell u clearly about the school. I will get back to u soon.

U can also look at Sentia-the Global School at Miyapur , Meridian or Manthan International  at Madhapur where your son can get admission easily.




cind 2010-11-25 21:04:34


how is orchids i am looking to join my son ur message will will help me a lot


thanxs in advance


mickey 2010-11-27 09:19:13


Hi Cind,
Orchids is located in Kavuri Hills, Madhapur. Its a good school. I am told that the fee is around 1,40,000. The old campus didn't have a good playground . I think, the school has now shifted to the new campus.  Please check out.




mickey 2010-11-27 18:06:17


Hi Cind, Get in touch with Nls too to know more about Orchids . He wants to shift his child from Orchids.  You can know his opinion too before deciding about this school.



nls 2010-11-27 23:29:21


Hi Sjhalani & Cind

   My kid was studying here in Orchids for last 2.5 years. Even I could not get admission to school as my relocation happened pretty quick and I missed all teh admission timings.  Admission here went thru pretty easy.. But there wasn't any play ground here at the school. They moved ot new building ( I hesitate to say new campus :-) ) just 500 mts away from previous building.. but the play ground is just little bigger than the basket ball court..   Not very big. I am more pissed off with teh school on few parameters:

   1. The school timings are from 9 to 4...  adn with their van routes and teh pick up points, my kid starts at 8 am and reaches home at 5 pm..   ( just 6 km away from school)..   it/s like any SW engineer ofice timings ..   I told this few times to teh school authorities, but no luck.

  2. The communication on any changes or events happenning at school is very poor.. we have to keep repeatedly asking for info.. our experience has been very bad on this front. for a school collecting so much of money and calling international school, I expected much better stands of keeping teh parents angened adn communicated..  But  did nto get it much. I get the fees due date notices pretty much with 100% acurate details :-)

  3. There are some minor ones too.. I am sure must be there for every school.. 

Disuss with them clearly..  if you both are working parents, then these timings might work better for you.

Meridian or Chirec are also good schools for you to consider.

I will be glad to provide more specifics, if interested.


NLS Murthy

nlsmurthy AT gmail DOT om






cind 2010-12-01 09:31:48


Hi NLS Murthy,


Thanks for ur information i stay at miyapur and iam hose wife at present even iam planning to go for work, i don't want this life style for my kid the timmings are totally too bad. How is jain heritage, DPS, Kennedy Global and silver oaks any idea on this schools? are u going to change the school for ur kid. How will be prerana waldrof school?

If u know any good schools plz let u know iam in hunt of schools.

Waiting for ur response.

Thank u



mickey 2010-12-01 11:31:39


Hi Cind,
Prerna is good. Many parents have suggested this school in this forum.

Silver oaks , i guess is near Cement factory.  Check out the reviews of Jain Heritage in the below links.



nls 2010-12-24 08:58:11


Hi Cind

  recently there were few changes at Orchids, with new principal and few admin management changes. Things seem to be improving. Communication has improved with email and SMS promptly coming in to convey the message. This time when I went there for geting the certificate and payteh fee, I was pleasantly surprised atthe new guy at the reception handling it elegently. So please visit the school once.. definitely there are positive changes seems to be happenning. I am glad they realized now




jaid 2011-02-27 21:41:58



Moving to hyd and wnet to oRchid and found them extremly cooperative. Met the principal - Mrs Mona who seemed really in contorl of things and saw a bit of thier digital classrooms which was very cool .

Have taken the  forms but not decided as of yet .   


Aishu123 2013-02-05 21:19:52


 Hi, I need Some Info About Orchid Internatinal School .

Is there 11th and 12th in this school? 

whats the fee structure?

Any International Syllabus?

need review abt the seconary education of that school and also parents of this school Plz reply and help me as i am in a dilema.




ethen 2013-12-07 21:47:11


Hi Mickey,

Between Orchid, Gitanajli and Manthan, which one would you recommend for LKG admission of my son in June 2014.

my Son is born on Feb 4th 2011 and will be 3.5 years by June 2014.  He is quite active, communicates in English well for his age.

I was successful in getting okay in orchid and manthan. Geetanjali was informed to come around Jan 2nd 2014, worry for geetanjali is his he will fall short of some 35 days.

i get some good corporate discount at Orchids school and zero discount at Manthan. Geetanjali fee is normal so no problem if I can get admission.

ShyamKumar 2013-12-08 12:42:05



I am looking for PP1 admission for my son, between Kennedy global school, Manthan, Merridian, which one is recommended. Please suggest.


ethen 2013-12-08 14:43:53



i have been to manthan and orchids for PP1.

Hindu News Paper reported parents filing court case on meridian for indiscriminate fee hikes. Therefore didn't even look at that.

Manthan is asking the following fee for PP1

Donation (called admission fee) : 50K, caution Deposit 25K and school fee with bus and food 1,13,500. Food is compulsory...they do cook on top floor at the same building...I strongly see this as a risk to kids as many accidents in the past occurred due to cooking in the same building. Yearly fee hike 10%

Coming to Orchids International: Donation 50k, if you are from the tied up corporates you get some discount. 
Tution fee : 75K, transport (optional) 36K, Food optional (26K) and yearly expected fee hike 10-12% 

i personally liked the way Orchids has kept the premises and was very nice and warm in welcoming me.....Manthan was equally good....but no discount o. Donations...while orchids does offer some comfort.

i am yet to make my mind...checking few others and Orchids....I have ruled out Manthan due to Kitchen on the top can cause fire accidents.

you can email me further for doubts sravi24 at gmail 


furby 2013-12-08 22:47:07



We moved from USA and joined my kids in Orchids this year. I feel like the amount we are paying is not worth for that school.
I didn't see any difference between the normal school and this school.
I feel like for the initial phase it is ok but not for the long term.

jay2101 2013-12-25 12:39:12


Thanks for Info on Orchids. How is it with regard to the academics? I was looking for a good CBSE school for my son for Grade 9. I too liked the premises.

BRana 2015-09-08 14:51:50


Can someone please throw recent development of Orchid ? we are planning for 1st Grade Mid Term admission for my Son. 
How education system at Orchid ? How kids are motivated for extra activity ( Basket ball etc ) . 
I will request existing parents to share your opinion about Orchid - Jubiliy Hills branch.
btw..we can consider any recommendation for Mid Term admission ( Budget for Kids education is near to 1 lk )  


khowala 2016-12-13 16:19:34


Hi Bhavesh Did u put ur son in Orchid International in Hyderabad? What is ur feedback for the school

11schoolhunter 2017-02-26 17:29:03


Hi can you please provide feedback on Orchids international for nursery admissions? Is it good school. I am planing for Orchids or Phoenix greens. Please suggest which is better.

Amena1234 2017-09-08 11:54:13


Hi My daughter is in grade 8 need to shift her in grade 9 ...plz suggest some good cbse school

SnehaGuptha 2017-11-17 17:01:54


Hi My kid is in pp2 in Orchids international.standard had decreased alot ..there are teachers changing regularly n they blame kids as non performer.. they don't have proper play ground and activities excursions..I am planing to change him this year

dipik 2017-11-21 11:55:48


hi sneha

i was planning to shift my kid in pp2 in orchids international school jubilee hills but after your review i need to think again. plz give me brief idea about the school and fee structure. your feedback is really valuable. thank you in advance.. plz tell me your selected good school list.

monicaveera 2017-11-23 10:19:49


my daughter is studying in that school.. its the worst .. after SA 1 which took place in september they r giving the report cards only after 2 months.. they haven't given the things which they charge u even though half the academic year is over.. the transport arrives 10-15mins late & goes fast to reach the school.. i can go on with the complaints.. its pathetic..


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