The Future Kids School vs KENNEDY HIGH the global school in Hyderabad

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Arakan 2016-02-02 05:45:40


 I am new to Hyderabad and looking for the schools to join my son and daughter in 9th and 5th.

 After some background work, selected these two schools "The Future Kid's School" and "KENNEDY HIGH the global school" in Hyderabad
 not sure which one is the best in those two schools.
 Can anybody please give advise or feed back.


Arakan 2016-02-05 05:26:17



can anybody  pls give  advise.




NishIri 2016-02-06 14:09:40


Hi Arakan,
you have rounded off to 2 good schools. I don't hav first hand experience, I came to know abt these schools while enquiring for my kid for pp1. 2 of my colleagues kids study in these 2 schools and both are equally happy. 

I think Kennedy have option of various boards like IB/ICSE whereas future kids is ICSE. Ur kids being for higher classes, the same as my colleagues kid (7th standard) in future kids and he is quite satisfied.


challenge 2016-02-06 18:48:20


Future Kids is a very good school.If you want your child to grow without pressure and Enjoy schooling,this is the right choice.My daughter is going to future kids from 9 years,I am very satisfied.

Arakan 2016-02-09 11:25:12


Thanks Nishiri and challenge.

Can you please help to provide the fee details of 5 th and 9th of Future Kids School  and  KENNEDY HIGH the global school .


tsuresh 2016-02-10 14:42:26


Hi Arakan,

I thought of join my kids in Future Kids for 3rd & 5th.
Yesterday when i call them, they said admissions were closed.
Could you please let me know when you inquired for the admissions in future kids ? did you got the admissions ?



PReddy 2016-02-10 17:16:59


As per my discussion with them in Jan-16, they said that they will take enquiries in Apr for the Admissions of Next year. Strange enough :)


tsuresh 2016-02-10 18:40:25


Hi Pavan,

I would like to speak to you regarding this, if possible could you share your contact no.


challenge 2016-02-10 23:02:46


It is not strange,as the number or strength is fixed in all classes,new admissions depends on withdrawals,which they get to know only by April.

PReddy 2016-02-11 01:53:16


Agreed. But why do they keep the cut off for registrations only in the first half of the year? When I visited in Jan end, they said they are not entertaining any new INQUIRIES altogether... If there are any withdrawls, they will come to know in March/April and they shld allow for at least Enquiry

Vk8883 2016-02-11 16:48:20


Today I have visited Kennedy school.receptionist responded well,took a school visit.swimming pool,and all other extra activities were good(accompanied by teachers).but for kids they were supplying water by the same glasses without washing.i felt unhappy in this matter.(I don't know y they were not using water bottl s provided by parents). for music...I could c only a single ground is good..for basket ball,football,cricket,long infrastructure is good. I would like to join my kid for I am thinking of Kennedy or vignan botree.i don't have sentia as they don't have nursary.i am confused for Kennedy by review of parents 4 to 5 yrs back.can someone give information on teachers behaviour it so bad or improved(hope it should b improved as the reviews were 4 yrs back)

narasimha67 2016-02-19 10:20:59


hi vk. my close friends son was in kennedy for three years and he was liking the school but his academic performance was going down. problem is because of teaching staff there. this year i convinced him to join vignan bo tree where my two kids are there. same facilities for sports but his son koushik is scoring better this year.  -NS

Vk8883 2016-02-25 13:16:25


Thanks narasimha for ur review regarding vignan u have any idea about sanskriti school in kondapur tulip estate

narasimha67 2016-02-25 23:53:01


sorry, i don't have an idea about sanskriti school. -ns


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