Global Edge School KPHB vs Meridian School KPHB vs Vikas Concept School

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nslkpraveen 2016-01-29 10:27:44


Hi Everyone,

I am new to this group. My friend suggested we get really good feedback through this forum regarding schools. In this context, I request your opinions for my kid who will be moving to 2nd Standard.

I visited Meridian School KPHB, Global Edge School KPHB, Vignan BO Tree School and Vikas Concept School.

Can you please suggest which would be better amongst above mentioned schools? w.r.t Good Academics and reasonable number of activities?

Meridian school is asking about 90k fee for 2nd standard along with donation of about 65k including caution deposit.
Global Edge is asking about 60k fee for 2nd standard along with donation of about 35k including caution deposit.
Vikas Concept school - 47k fee, donation around 40k
Vignan Bo Tree school - 50k fee, donation around 40k

Is Meridian worth the fee they are charging?
Global Edge I heard teachers keep changing regularly and academics are not so good.
Vikas and Vignan -- Didn't much feedback about this.

or do you recommend any better schools around Kukatpally area who can give admissions to 2nd class?

Appreciate your feedback at the earliest.


Parent56 2016-02-08 09:26:54


Meridian is not worth at all the fee they are charging. You need to save money for higher education and special classes in higher classes, account for that money. 


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