Returning to India with a high school daughter - request for help with schools

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AnuVemuri 2020-06-22 15:54:39


Hi Visumohan,

We are planning to move to India, my kids will require admission into 9th and 7th grades, currently they are pursuing IGCSE curriculum(Cambridge). Would like to discuss about curriculum and more so about the move and other concerns.

Please do contact me at 

Will be eagerly waiting for your response.


Shirni 2020-08-25 22:49:15


Hello sir,I am a school hunt for my Ur quieries and replies.learnt that u joined d.p.ds.csn u provide feedback by the school may be it can help m

 Former member 2020-09-03 21:41:11


There are multiple options but I suggest Samashti International School. Nice Infrastructure, Fee less compared to other schools around. Nice and Supportive Staff. Mainly Quality of Education and Values are a big plus for this school. My Child is studying here for 2 years. 

PSKRT 2020-09-04 15:21:51


I recommend Samashti International School, my son had studied there after returning to India. 

Vanaja2021 2020-10-24 01:38:16



we are moving from USA to Hyderabad I may,2021 with a 7th grade and 4th grader.Our list includes  Samasthi,Manthan,Rockwell schools.

Any feedback regarding these schools is highly appreciated.planning to take CBSE

1.)How many languages will be there In CBSE?
2.) when does the admissions start?
3.)can we hold the seat until May,2021
4.)CBSE vs igcse?


venkat0428 2020-11-01 04:22:18


I am in a similar boat planning to move 2021 with kids going to 8th and 6th.. Any feedback on SilverOaks, Oakridge and Kennedy .. My thought is to start with IB/Cambridge then move to CBSE later

skbreddy 2021-01-08 09:31:11



We are in the same boat planning to move this summer and we are looking out for schools in and around Gachibowli, kondapur, Tellapur etc. My older son would be in 4th grade and younger one would be in 2nd grade. Read a lot in google and spoke to lot of schools in understanding the curriculum. Well the Cambridge curriculum is more like how kids learn here in USA like project based learning, practical learning. we were looking for schools who offer IB, Cambridge and CBSE and of course 5 days a week.

Here are few schools which we listed and talking to them.

Samashti International School - we are in touch with admission counselor yet to receive the academic and fee structure detailsCBSE affiliation - STEM approach educationBelow fee structure is posted on their websiteRegistration fess: 500/-Caution Deposit: 10,000/-Grade 2 - 1,09,000/- Transportation - 0-10kms - 25,000/-Food - 20,000/-Grade 4 - 1,22,000/- Transportation - 0-10kms - 25,000/-Food - 21,500/- Admission fee details not mentioned on their website.
MANTHAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL - we are in touch with admission counselor yet to receive the academic and fee structure detailsCBSE and IGCSEBelow fee structure is posted on their websiteGrade 1-5 - 191,000/- Transportation - 0-15kms - 44,000/-Food - 30,000/-Admission fee details not mentioned on their website. Food and Transportation is optional and fees will rise by 8 - 10% every year.
Meru International School - Spoke to admission counselorThey have IGCSE and CBSEIGCSE till 5th grade and kids can choose if they want CBSE or IGCSE from 6th grade.5 days a week till 4th grade and from Grade 5 the 1st and 3rd Saturdays are working half day25 students per class 1:10 ratio so they have 3 teachers per class until 3rd grade and 2 teachers per class from 4th grade.Music - VocalSports - Cricket,, Foot ball,  Badminton and other AthleticsFees Details:Registration fess- 1000/-Caution/Security Deposit - 5,000/-Books and uniform - ,10,000 - 12,000/-Learning kits grade 1-2 - 1,900/-Learning kits grade 3-5 - 2,500/-Annual fees - 2,04,930/-Transportation - 0-10kms - 40,000/-Food - 37,400/-

We are also thinking of Oakridge International School Gachibowli - contacted them waiting for the details. 
Hopefully we would select one among Manthan, Meru and Oakridge since these schools has IB,IGCSE  and CBSE and teaching approach is more like USA.

Appreciate if you could share your insight as well...



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