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arip 2016-01-13 18:19:53


Dear Parents,

I have been reading your posts and some of them were old. I thought to check with you if you have any feedback for a good school in Kukatpally area.

I am currently staying in kukatpally so would prefer a school in this area only. But, can change my premises if a better school is available in any other location like gachibowli / ameerpet

My kid is now in a local play school and is in nursery. I am not satisfied with his progress and thinking to put him in a good decent school where his skills can be sharpened further.

All your advices will be much much appreciated.

I came across the following schools from my research

1) oakridge school (High cost, and I may avoid this due to the same reason)
2) Oi PLay School
3) blossomsplayschool
4) EuroKids
Please advice!!

iamkms88 2016-01-18 21:16:41


Oi sucks and hps and bachpan too, go to kaushalya global else compare curriculums of each school, activity based learning is always good


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