Ganges Valley for higher students

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Deepth1 2016-01-05 20:25:34


Hi All,
Could any one give me the feedback on the ganges valley school for the higher grade student. I am planning to join my kid who is going to be 7th grade. 
thanks a lot in advance.

mom987 2016-02-05 12:06:45


Yes i agree , Infrastructure is good ...but no quality education for the fees we are paying. My kid is studying since three years now in grade 2 but she didn't know the basic concepts of maths, poor communication in english... for .Hindi the worst teacher....have very big grounds but of no use they won't allow children to play ....teachers are not at all trained ....and principal won't address parents concerns at all....don't care attitude....all false promises....for 4 subjects they are unable to teach.....worst school i have ever seen in terms of academics.... they won't ask even if my child is absent for a proper sms for home works....lot many concerns.....
parents be aware of GANGES Valley school.......


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