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aprayaga 2016-01-01 11:46:53


Hi All.

We've shifted to Hyderabad recently and reside in Miyapur. I need info about the following:

1) Can some parents who have admitted their kids in DAV Kukatpally/Miyapur school please give an unbiased feedback? Your review will really help me in taking an informed decision.

2) What is their admission timeline and fee structure?

3) If you could suggest some good alternate schools (not too costly internationals) in Kukatpally/Miyapur area that would help.

4) My daughter is born in March 2013. Will the CBSE schools allow her admission for LKG in academic year 2016-17? There is conflicting info in some of the education forums. So, please clarify if she might have issues when taking up her class X board exam.

Your feedback and inputs will be of immense help.


ckp1 2016-01-12 12:37:46


1. I have no personal experience with DAV school but what I heard from other parents is that it is an okay kind of school. Good in academics but okay in other aspects (poor communication skills etc).

2. I believe the admissions are in progress currently. They have about 50k admission fee and tuition fee seems reasonable (don't remember) but it is much less than other schools.

3. There are many schools in and around kukatpally, nizampet, bachupally and miyapur. If you are looking for schools with reasonable fee you may consider Vignan, Vikas, Sentia (they will come around 70k including all). Other schools may go beyond 1 lac.

4. She is not eligible for LKG this year for most schools. My son was April-2012 born and he was not eligible for LKG last year. You may get admission in some schools but it is not recommended. It may create problems in future if you choose to change a school.

Sowmya1 2016-12-20 14:12:52


hi ckp1, which school did u opt finally?

pinesh 2016-12-20 14:37:47


As per public feedback and from other parents, DAV is one of best schools to admit our kids.

They already started issuing forms for LKG.

For UKG onwards, parents need to contact school in Jan 2017 onwards.



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