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sandeepkm 2010-05-10 22:40:51



We are planning to shift to Hyderabad this June. Extremely worried about the availability of seats in schools in The Pearl City. My son is going to the third standard.

Today we spoke to Manthan International School, and were told that there might be a seat available. What is this groups opinion about this school?

If any one has seen the school, could you please update on the following:

1) The infrastructure

2) Availability of playground

3) Any input on the teaching methodology







mickey 2010-05-11 00:27:08


Hello Annapoorna,

Though I have not seen Manthan International at Madhapur , i have read positive reviews about it by Renushorey in this forum in the following link


You can also connect with Renoshorey  in her blog or parentree inbox. It's a pretty new school . You don't have to worry about admission here. You can  admit your child after seeing the school in June.

Don't pay any fees in advance for International schools. U can get a seat easily if you are ready to pay the hefty admission fee. In Manthan, the fees is not that exorbitant as said by Renu.

The teaching methodology at primary level (Grades 1 to 5) is CIPP ( Cambridge International Primary Programme) .You will have to verify as it is mentioned in its website that it is still in the process of affiliating with CIPP.  It is a very good methodology.

At middle school the students are taught CBSE and IGCSE. In class 8, a student can opt for either CBSE or IGCSE.

If you decide to join your kid, you also have an option to block a seat by paying some token amount after talking to the Admin Counsellor/Management. There are schools like Sentia where a few NRI parents have blocked through their relatives by paying 5K. But don't be in a hurry to block without getting convinced.

I will also call up tomorrow and find out the current  admission status of Manthan and let u know whether you really need to block a seat or not.






mickey 2010-05-11 09:51:54


Hi Annapoorna,

I have posted the BVB Atmakuri number in another post  where u have asked for the same. Hope u have seen it.




sandeepkm 2010-05-11 11:46:00


Thanks Mickey,

I checked with BVB, but they say that there is no vacancy. Asked me to check in last week of May.

Could you tell me how far Madhapur is from Jubilee Hills? In terms of distance and time for travel?

Coming from Bangalore, we are concerned about the heat factor also.








mickey 2010-05-11 18:28:55


Hi Annapoorna,

Madhapur to Jubilee Hills is hardly a distance. The distance from Manthan International, Madhapur  to Jubilee Hills check post is around 3.5 to 4 Km.

You can also check out google maps http://maps.google.co.in/

Go to the directions tab and type both the source and destination. You will get the directions along with the distance.

I couldn't call up Manthan today. I will let u know tomorrow.




SitVick 2010-05-13 10:35:57


Hi There!

I am another worried parent who would be shifting base to Hyd from Banglore and am looking at schools close to Uppal.

Can anyone help?

I contacted Manthan International yesterday and they said from Uppal it would take around 45mins to Madhapur where the school is located.

Any recommendations? Also since we would shift only by July, is there any possibility that we take the admission and the kid starts going to School July onwards?

Are there any other schools closer to Uppal or Genpact in Habsiguda that are open for admissions even now?

Please help






mickey 2010-05-13 18:14:33


Hi Sitvick,

Manthan International at Madhapur  would be too far for you. You will get admission easily. As the new academic year starts in June, may be u can come down for 2-3 days , go around the schools and finalise the admission. As such when I spoke to the admission co-ordinator today, she said there wouldn’t be any problem even if you approach them in mid June. There will be a formal assessment for the child when he or she comes. As it’s a new school, u will not face any problems.


If you take admission in the month of June, your child can start attending from July onwards. That should not be a problem. Your child will be able to cope up as it would be just a month or so after the new session starts. Most of the schools are re-openeing on 14th or 15th June'10 in Hyderabad.

You can also opt for Global Indian International School. It will be close to Uppal.

Tel: +91-040-27218181 Mobile: +91-9177097097, 9177037037.  The fee structure is also given in its website www.giishyderabad.org


In which class are u looking for? Which board do you prefer?
U can  try schools in Sec’bad too as it will be close to Uppal.

Schools in Kompally  like SVIS (Sadhu Vaswani Internatinal School), DRS International  would be around 35 min drive from Uppal.


Go to google maps (http://maps.google.co.in)  and give your source and destination in get direction tab.You will know the distance between different places in Hyderabad/Secunderabad.



mickey 2010-05-13 18:20:25


Hi Annapoorna,

I spoke to the Admin-Incharge today of Manthan International. She says that you  can get admission easily even in the month of June. There is no need to block the seat.

There will be a formal interview / assessment of the child. The fee structure is already given in its website. www.manthanschool.org   It will be around 1 lakh





sandeepkm 2010-05-14 07:56:36


Dear Mickey,

Thanks a lot. You have been a great help.

Am planning to visit Hyderabad in the last week of May. Will keep you posted.






SitVick 2010-05-14 13:12:25


Hi Mickey,

Thanks a ton for the info.  As suggested by you shall log on to the 2 sites provided by you and as you said, I should come down for 2-3 days and checkout the distance et and then finalize.

BTW, I am looking for admissions to the 4th Grade.

Thank You...




mickey 2010-05-15 09:17:28


 Hi Sitvick,

You can also see Kotwals in Marredpally www.kotwalschool.com and St. Anns. 

St Anns (Sec'bad) follows ICSE and is only for Girls. You have to however find out the admission  status.      www.stanns-secunderabad.com.

Also Check out

www.svishyd.in   (International sadhu vaswani school at kompally )




The fee os SVIS is nominal . It would be 52K for classes 1 to 5. It seems to be good and GSarvan, a parentree member has admitted  his two sons  here recently.


DRS International is also in Kompally and a bit expensive.

www.drsinternational.com  (The fee structure is given in its website)

Keep GIIS as your first preference as it is close to Uppal.. If you don't like for any reason , look for other schools.


Take a look at Manthan which u seem to be interested in, GIIS, SVIS, DRS, Kotwals and then decide according to your budget, distance and other amenities.





vjmrhyd 2010-10-26 09:21:16


 I came across this site and just browsing and found about Manthan school in Madhapur.


We recently moved to Hyderabad from St.louis MO and I looked at good number of schools and spoke to many parents. I wanted to put my Daughters(6yrs and 11yrs) in school where they really care about the childrens overall development.

Kennedy , DRS,Silver Oaks , Oak Ridge ,DPS Sri Nidhi  ,Chirec and Manthan.

After talking to these schools I thought Manthan is the best choice for my younger one

and admitted her there , now she is in 1st grade.

Spoke to Principal and Director Mr.Reddy.

He sounded pretty focused and showed me the school and explained about their Teaching Methodology. How they work to help the teachers to train them .

Acedemics, and extra curricular activities Music ,sports that we liked and my little one is really enjoying ,My daughter was telling me that they are comming up with a new play ground with tennies court and basket ball court.When i was there (I am in US now packing things) attended the Parent teacher Confs and felt very comfy that my daughter is not missing much.

I liked the teachers as they explained me clearly about my daughters progress that made me feel like they are really focusing on her and giving extra work and challenging her and they are adjusting the level of intensity and helping her where she really needs help.

Even though they are new they are building a good foundation for kids. Campus is not in acres but what i felt is they are effectively using it.

Library , play ground music lessons ,communication skills and presentation skills more focus on Kids ability what they can take and they can't are some interesting facts along with their Teaching Methodologies. They hired good staff and i think they are qualified enough. 

One more interesting fact is the director who take care of the campus is an IIM grad who is looking after most of the things to execute effectively .He is working hard.

I might sound biased but these are the facts. I can give my number if some one want to chat with me.

What i feel like we are getting more than what we pay to the school when compared to the other schools. I met 7 parents who moved from US to HYD on Parent teacher conf day and all seemed to happy with the school . 

Hope these might help in choosing any school. And as a parent you have to do your own home work. Talk to the teachers , management and parents.

Good luck




mickey 2010-10-26 12:17:04


Hello Vjmrhyd,

Very interesting review about Manthan International.

Thank you for sharing with us. Your review will help many parents to take a decision. Many of them have rejected this school  bcoz of lack of playground.

Is the school going to shift to another place ?  Where are they planning to have playground and sports ? Is it in the same campus or a new one ?



pavanhyd 2010-10-26 18:52:28



I am new member of parentree. Today I enquired at manthan madhapur, they are ready with  tennis and basket ball court. The new branch is yet to start in gachibowli and the admission from 2012 batch.




mickey 2010-10-26 19:46:22


Hi Pavan, Thanks for that update.  Rgds,Mickey


vjmrhyd 2010-10-27 03:32:09


Hi Mickey,

You seemed to be all over and i hope you are one way or the other realted this portal.its good for the many parents especially for returning NRIs. Good information about schools.

Regd Manthan Scool , the school has Play Ground , there is a  Kids Play area and mini Basket ball court In addition to this they  acquired the land adjacent to the school In Madhapur itself .There  they are comming up with the Tennis Court and Basket ball court .

I recently got an email from the school saying they acquired 5 acres of land in Tellapur and Starting consturction there. It looks like in Tellapur Campus they are planning for right from pre-school thru 12 th grade. they said the Madhapur Campus will be open and continue their operations in both places.

How come parents are refusing or rejecting the school  just becasue they don't have huge playground.What is the point in having huge palygrounds if it is not used by the Kids effectively. My daughter went to school here in St.louis MO and she never complained about the recess time or place and infact she is having fun there and  she is excited to get into the school every  morning.

I definitely suggest you to visit the school and tell me if i am wrong also most of the Parents are trying to get information from unbiased sources so your visit to the school will certainly help parents who are really doing their  home work for their kids future.

They do care for our Money ,Time and Kids and more importently they know why many parents are comming to Manthan.

I would happy to share any information just send me an email.As I am in US so there would be delay in responding to your Queries.




mickey 2010-10-27 10:15:35


Hi Vjmrhyd,

Thanks for your prompt response . I have liked this forum very much and  just doing a voluntary service in my free time and help out parents in whatever way I can.

Parentree is a community where information, advice and tips flow from parent to parent, so everyone benefits from each other's experience which is the best part of it.There are many groups and blogs related to parenting, curriculum, child development , nutrition , schooling , sports ,emotional development and behaviour etc where we can participate and start our discussion threads too.

If  I am going towards Madhapur anytime, i will visit the school  for sure. 

Thanks and Regards,



seematul 2010-11-19 08:43:48


Please check our Blog on Parentree.

We recently relocated from US and got our kids admitted here.



Harsha75 2010-11-19 18:12:01





srks 2011-01-08 00:56:22


Hi Vjmrhyd,

Where did you put  your 11year old kid?





abhyagni 2011-01-09 10:06:24


 Near Uppal, you can look at Johnson Grammar School which is  nearby to Genpact. My son is studying there in 2nd standard CBSE its a good school.


seematul 2011-03-20 08:19:06



We suggest that you go for it.

The school is good on all accounts as stated and responded above and we are satisfied the way our kids have got adjusted after returning from US last year. The teachers are great, management is responsive, quality of education is good, lot's of activities involving both students and parents.

Manthan is relatively a new school, so seats are not going to be a problem. Assuming that your son will be going to 4th grade, he will easily get through. Challenge is there for classes upto G-II.

Seema & Atul


parent2 2011-11-11 14:17:17



I understand that you got your child admitted in Manthan. Can you pass me your email-id as I have a specific concerns to put my children in a school.

My son is in 4th and daughter is in junior KG and we moved back from US in April.


vjmrhyd 2011-11-13 15:22:17


Hi there,

Here is my email address  jvontela@yahoo.com .


Send me your concerns and will try to give you my stand .

BTW welcome to HYD.



vjmrhyd 2011-11-13 15:24:36


Here is  my email address jvontela@yahoo.com .

will try to answer your concerns . BTW welcome to HYD.


madhoo4 2011-11-28 20:40:45



your review about manthan is soo helpful.....can i send you an email....i need more info

about the school








GRhome 2013-03-27 12:05:10


We moved back from the US 2 years back and we could not be happier with Manthan. Both our kids adjusted well and we are very pleased with the understanding staff and teachers.


Satish Damodaran


Byron 2013-03-29 12:40:26


you can try Johnson grammar school located in Hubsiguda. Uppal to Madhapur Joureny is tiresome


Poem 2013-10-05 15:04:58


Today we visited this school for my son's admission for 1st standard for 2014-15. The school facilities are good. Play area is moderate. Over all we found it to be a good school. They focus more on phonics. My son is not exposed to phonics in his pre-school, so school was reluctant to get him admitted. It was unfortunate that we couldn't get admission here. But point to note is the teachers and assistants are good. During assessment teacher made my son quiet comfortable before asking any questions. We found teacher to be very well trained to interact with kids and understand their needs.

Though we couldn't admit my son here, i would surely suggest this school for other parents.


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