Pls suggest nursery for 2016-17 gachibowli kondapur area.

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rajnidear 2015-12-08 16:52:47


Hi I am looking for school admissions for my kid for next year in nursery. I visited eurokids gachibowli found it to be OK OK. Also saw globe toters and liked it. It's fees is however 1l plus so bit concerned. Can some parents of globe share their experiences. Pls suggest other schools in this area around gachibowli kondapur

anamom 2016-01-04 23:41:53


I had put my daughter in Globe Toters last year when we moved to Hyderabad, so she has been in GTG for two years.
I am very satisfied with the school, teachers, syllabus and breakfast provided in morning. They do a lot of activities, celebrate all festivals and have field trips once every 2-3 months
My daughter also uses their extended day school EDS (Day Care) facility until 6pm, I am extremely happy with the care they take at EDS, hygiene they maintain and are always open to questions and suggestions. Food quality provided to the kids in EDS is satisfactory, they provide lunch and evening snacks to kids enrolled in EDS.
Yes the fees is a little on the higher side but there are no additional or hidden costs, they dont ask for any extra money for any event in school.


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