Need affordable good CBSE School with school Transport Near Bandlaguda Kalimandir

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Kiran8 2015-12-08 16:44:32


I recently moved to Kismatpur near Bandlaguda Jagir KaliMandir. I am looking for good CBSE schools(Max budget 50K) with school Transport for my 3 year old kid. 

I know BVB NIRD is a good school, But it doesn't provide transport and we don't want to opt for private transport.

Could you please suggest some good CBSE schools along with term and transport Fee details that meet my requirement ?


Kiran8 2015-12-17 14:38:24


I recently visited TIME school and find their transportation fees too high for even 0.1 to 3 kms. Also the academics fee will be suddenly increased by around 26 k from Class I(Total around 85K only for academics).
Could some one suggest any other CBSE alternatives with Lower Fee ?



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