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radhe 2010-05-06 16:20:47


 hai guys,                                                                                                                                                             i am dr.radhika and i want to know information abt preschools.i want the school to b hygenic,good student -child ratio and extra-curricular daugter just completed 2yrs on apr 14 .and i want to join her june .so plz kindly inform me .in and around banjara hills,jubilee hills,srinagar colony .according to her school even i have to change my residence.right now i stay in madhura nagar .kindly inform as soon possible.                                                                                                                                                                    radhi

mickey 2010-05-06 22:38:19


Hi Dr.Radhika,

Kidzee at Road no 10, Banjara Hills , next to Evlas is very good . It is suggested by Some14U( Mrs. Gautam)  in her blog. Her son has studied in this pre-school. She has recommended this to many parents in this forum even for day care. So may be u can have a look and also connect with her through parentree's inbox. You can see her blog in the following link




some14u 2010-05-07 13:04:32


Hi DR.Radhika,

                                    ya Mickey is very true . KIdzee is a nice School. u can see this link n get more details .

personally also i like this school . My son studied there n i m verymuch satisfied with it. the principal is also very nice n supportive . the staff n the studies r also excellent . sp . i liked their sylabus n way the principal handels the theings aroung n extra activites n all. they also have day cre n other activites. they have transport . n i think u too will get  as i also stay in srinagar colony . u wont belive even the van driver is too good n kids enjoy with them.

u can really look for it its really good atleast i expreinced it best ..... i got some excellent memories by them of my  kids childhood.

if u want i will let u know some more details or let u number or so.

ok till then take care.



some14u 2010-05-07 13:12:50



           i forgot to mension very important thing taht Kidzee school is good n all but as Mickey also told , the school  which i m talking about is at Banjara hills Rd no 10 . next to Evlas . only this  brranch is good ......... n this is what i felt. as there r many branches around. i only suggest for rd no 10.




radhe 2010-05-10 00:22:36


hai mickey andsome14u,

                             thanx  a lot for giving me valuable information bcoz there r so many schools and its really tough to  go to all schools and check .iatleast if i know some good schools i can go there and check.i will check the website and i stay right now in madhura nagar and i will shift to srinagar colony ....still looking after the abt eurokids in BH road no 12.any i dea abt that.i think mickey is doin a grt job ....keep it up by giving good suggestions.the work u do is really priceless and wonderful .really helping lots of people like us.thanx once again.bye both of u tc


radhe 2010-05-10 00:27:07


hai,some14u,                                                                                                                                                        give me ur  mail id ,i will contact u .                                                                                             


some14u 2010-05-10 13:41:32


Hi Radhe

                     Do check ur inbox  in this itself for my mail id .

About euro kid i will tell u one thing is that the sylabus in this school is very slow comparative to others . i have 2 kids  from our apartment . n i found that the studies r quite slow. atleast i felt it. my son studied in kidzee n comparative to that it was slow. one other kid in around 7 or 8th class he left the school as the sylabus does not cope up with 10 in last i dont know the details the boys mother told me this . does not cope up means comarative to other she found that his son will face problem in 10th n 12 too. so this is what i felt n heard so i shared it with u . otherwise the eurokid is good.

ok then check ur inbox of parentree ok.

till tehn take care








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